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Morgain Lee Fagan

Joined: October 12th, 2016, 1:47 am

June 10th, 2018, 3:36 pm #1

Name: Morgain Lee Fagan; The Handmaiden of Destruction
PRWTwitter handle: @SouthofSane
Age: 24
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 152 lbs
Bill from: Gadsden, Alabama

Theme song:
Base Picture:

Physical description: Stockily built but still womanly, Fagan’s body looks like an athlete’s but operates and does things like a madwoman’s; which she most definitely is. Her hair is the color of muddy charcoal and is dropped down and messy looking. Cold piercing greenish brown eyes complete the madwoman look she sports.

Style of Dress: Dark leather top with grungy and tight denim pants, worn down and stained grappler boots. Wears a pull up face mask to the ring.

Personality: Violent and deranged, Mogain is madly intuned with Mordrad’s mission; perhaps even feeling a perverse love for him.

Basic Moves:
1. Running short arm clotheslines
2. Knee & elbow strikes
3. body/head roundhouses
4. Kickboxing combos
5. Flying crossbody
6. Eye and face rakes
7. neckbreaker/ddt variations

Signature Moves:
1. In His Name (rebound spear)
2. Sinister Suplex ( wrist clutch exploder suplex)
3. Southern Harm ( whiplash neckbreaker)
4. Lady of the Legs (inverted leg drop bulldog/Lotus lock combo)
5. Shattered Sanity (running double knee to sitting/rope hung opponent; targets head or abdominals)

1. Fagan To Black ( jumping inverted cravate neckbreaker aka the jumping cutter aka the Ace Crusher)
2. Hangman’s Knot ( Inverted cravate choke/ body scissors combo )

History: Morgain grew hard and grew up mean in the sticks of Gadsden,AL. An absentee mother and all around asshole of a father lead her to know little affection in her early life. She received little more after the state came in,did their job, and put her in the foster system at 12. Fagan’s bad attitude saw her bounce around the system for the four years.

By some miracle, or perhaps simply to save some headaches, she was emancipated at sixteen. She promptly dropped out of school and took to the vagrant lifestyle; embracing it's freedom and chaos like a hug from her nonexistent mother. Lean years followed but in time she found both solace and a paycheck in the world of underground bum fights. She excelled by sheer force of will alone, becoming a feared presence in the warehouses and backrooms of the South.

On one such “outing”, of which she was quite successful, she was observed by a strange but alluring man: Kevin Mordrad. After her brutal and blood filled victory; Morgain was approached by Mordrad and offered an opportunity; an opportunity to leave the grime and grit of the underground and to taste the bright lights and splendor of the PRW. He promised her greater foes and more blood. He promised her chaos and carnage to slate her bloodlust. All that he asked for was her loyalty and her help in cleaning the PRW of the “wrong” kind. She accepted and thus her training; secret even from Mordrad’s closest allies, began.


Former: 1 x Internet Champion, Current: Undisputed Champion