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[Jerry is backstage in catering, he looks well-dressed, so well-dressed it looks like he's compensating for something. He has a dress jacket, a gold chain, and a pair of sunglasses. He is holding a glass filled to the brim with some whiskey in it. Richie is wearing an oversized Golden State Jersey looking over at Jerry in confusion.]

Richie: Who you dressin' to impress?

Jerry: The fans, who pay to see this face. AND... some people at this party up north, which is like right now. Call in sick, we gotta hit this party.

Richie: Don't you have a match against Triple B tonight? You gonna no show that match?

Jerry: You got it.

Richie: Man... If you wanna impress the fans, instead of wearing these tacky ass clothes, how bout you show a lil bit of dedication and wrestle?

Jerry: Zip it, just do me a favor, call in sick.

[Richie shakes his head.]

Richie: Whatever, by the way, the cameras are rolling. The fans can see how you act right now. You oblivious jackass.

[Richie points to the subtly positioned cameraman, causing Jerry to promptly spit out his drink at Richie, and then turns to the camera. Getting ready to suck up to the fans who despise him. He looks at the cameraman, and tells him to buzz off.]

Jerry: Hey, you're trying to turn these fans against me by making me look bad on camera! Not happening, junior. Buzz off!

[The cameraman is heard walking away, but the camera continues to record, presumably on a stand or tripod of some sorts. Jerry stares in at the camera in awkwardly, as the fans see him through the titantron. The feed of Jerry's face is met with boos. Jerry is uncomfortable with the camera being there, and the situation is just bad PR, but if Jerry cuts the feed abruptly it would look even worse.]

Jerry: Hey... PRW fans... Glad to see you through this camera, and I'm sure, you're glad to see me, the face you pay to see!

[After some slight booing, there's an awkward silence.]

Jerry: Alright man, cut the feed, more bad PR is the last thing I need.

[Rather than cutting the feed on the camera, Richie defiantly hops into the shot, and waves to the PRW audience.]

Richie: Before I cut the feed... Jerry, you got any plans for Summerfest?

Jerry: What the fuck dude why would you ask that- [Jerry looks back at the fans through the camera.] Uh, well, I'm gonna.. Uh... Sign some autographs... And stuff..

Richie: Are you gonna wrestle?

Jerry: You dick- I mean-! Of course. I guarantee to everyone in this arena I'm wrestling at summerfest... Shit! No I don't! I mean- I do! Argh- Cut the feed!

[Jerry smiles uneasily, before hastily covering the lens, inadvertently leaving the audio feed on. The fans can still hear Jerry and Richie]

Jerry: The hell was that all about? Asking questions like that to the fans? Now I might actually have to wrestle at Summerfest! Not cool! I had this golf club booked and everything! Why'd you have to put me on the spot like that?

Richie: Come on, you're a bonafide athlete, wouldn't kill you to wrestle, I was just tryna get you booked for summerfest. Plus, you could've just said no, instead you had to suck up to the fans.

Jerry: ...Dick move.

Richie: You know what else is a dick move? Leeching cash off a PRW contract, and then not competing, at all!

Jerry: Ah, don't gimme that crap. You're an agent, your job is to get me a contract, what I do with the PRW contract is my business, not yours.

Richie: Camera's still on, by the way, you covered the lens, but you didn't turn it off.

Jerry: FUCK!

[The camera is promptly picked up and crashing noises are heard. The camera is destroyed after yet another camera mishap, but the fans can already hear the tension between Jerry Richardson and his manager as well as the lack of dedication Jerry has for PRW.]

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