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Jesse Drive
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Seasoned Professional
Jesse Drive
Seasoned Professional
Seasoned Professional
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5:01 AM - Mar 13, 2018 #1

Its cold. Wet. A sickening gust of wind now and then only makes it that much colder. Tonight, especially in this area, isn’t going to be a fun place to be.

A barrel with a fire only huddles a few of the less fortunate just to keep warm. To the left of them just a massive metal garbage can and then, it becomes complete darkness. The dimmed street lights start to flicker and goes out only for a split moment only to return to its original dimmed lighting. A gust of wind comes in sending chills down the men with the barrel neck.

“Looking for me?”

A voice carries from the dark ally only intriguing the PRW staff reporter to go down into the darkness. Looking down hiding behind the trash can is none other then Jesse Drive. With his back against the wall he hides from the street. A familiar place an alleyway is for the Outcast, however, with a warpainted face and fur hooded jacket on just sits there relaxed.

“I know right, I have all the money in the world, a family, a bigger house then I need, and yet I’m down in this dark ally. Surrounded by trash, unfortunate lost souls, and the bitter darkness I sit here and just feel right at home.”

JD looks up to the reporter and waves him to sit. As he faces front to front with JD, it’s the eyes of the Outcast that can only draw you in.

“Its funny. I thought the best year of my career would make me all high and mighty, no, not for me, not for Jesse Drive. I bought the house, a huge house, have the family, made the hall of fame probably by fluke, then tried and failed. Again. I FREAKING FAILED AGAIN! Why? Why? I don’t know, probably its because I’ve never been all high and mighty, nah, not JD, I’ve been the people whose lives live in this alleyway. The people who have lost a piece of there soul to the deepest depths of whatever you believe in. The people whose lost there way, the people who have been misunderstood, abused by society, chewed up and spit out only to be stepped on. Sure, I have a nice car, that I don’t drive because I take the bus. I walk. The possessions don’t prove a mans worth, in the end, at one point or another in life you end up, in a place like you’re in tonight.”

“My name carries accolades, championships, and a legacy! But it doesn’t mean shit does it. Why!!!! Because, it, doesn’t, prove my character. Therefore, I hang in the alleyway with people who survive. That’s right, with fellow survivors who have overcome the obstacles life has put in front of them. They still breath, they didn’t find a way to get killed off or erased from memory. They breath, they live, the fight, but most importantly, they survive.”

Dropping his head, the Outcast takes a deep breath in. The cold cement sends chills up Drives spine making him twitch. Stretching it out, Jesse Drive just looks back at the reporter.

“Its what I’ve always done. Survived. I was on top of the world at one point, thought I was out of places like this, not me, no, somehow, I always end up back here. I guess its become normal to me, you know, places like this.”

At that point JD points up and twirls his finger around. The reporter only looks both ways before coming back to the eyes of Jesse. The blood vessels pumping making the white in his eyes pop out. The warpaint dims off the lights and reveals Jesse’s stone cold look.

“There is a lot of things I am. We all know at any given night I put on the match of the night. I’m talented like that, no, I am gifted like that. We all know that I am as tough as they come and have the best superkick of all superkicks called the straight drive superkick! We all know that I will go to war with anyone who messes with me, and especially my family.”

JD leans in.

“Ya know I can do that too. I’ve left blood across this world proving that. I’m not here for that. As long as you know I survived, ignore me, and just stereotype me as you would one of these people in this alleyway. Glance, look, but walk away right after.”

Leaning back Jesse puts his back against the wall.

“Yeah, with all the riches in the world, it feels the best when normality hits, and I just am that guy, hanging out in the alleyway.”

A cat knocks over a trash can startling the reporter. Instantly JD starts his sick cackling laugh as the reporter fights of a gust of wind to get the hell out of that creepy ghetto alleyway.

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