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PRW's Roleplaying Guide
First of all, Welcome to PRW.

Professional RPG Wrestling or PRW can be a large and confusing place for people who are new to e-fedding or just new to PRW's style. This is a run down of the forum and how it all works.

Before you do anything, I would advise that you read over the PRW Rules and Regulations that are found Here. Learn these rules, and know them, so that trouble does not occur over mis-understandings. You will also find some other useful information that could help you in PRW.

To compete in PRW you must register your character in the Registration Forum.

Matches and How They Work
PRW is a place where you can set up any thing you want and work your character any way you want. It combines an RP/Promo fed, an Angle Dominant fed and a Match Dominant fed and meshes it into one.

PRW is a turn-based federation. Turn Based means that you post a series of attacks in turn with your opponent/s and referee. Matches work in a series, are written by both yourself and your opponent, and have a referee watching who makes pin counts or submission calls when necessary. A match will generally be ordered like this:-
wrote:1. 1st Wrestler posts an entrance. Mainly a theme song, maybe some Pyro and the wrestler walking down to the ring.
2. 2nd Wrestler posts his entrance and gets into the ring
3. 1st wrestler posts a series of attacks with it's ups and downs. No one likes a dominator so give your opponent some offense as well.
4. 2nd wrestler posts his series of attacks and this time he might cover for a pin
5. The officiating referee, who will be someone from within the PRW community, will call the count. Here he calls a kick out
6. Steps 3-5 continue until the referee calls a 3 count or submission victory.
Note: Pins made within the first two or three posts (depending on time restrictions) will most probably end with a kick out. Signatures and Finishers should therefore be reserved for later on in the match.

There are certain rules that go with matches. The main 4 for posting are:
wrote:1. You must wait 36 hours after your post before you can post again.
2. If your opponent calls for a ref's decision you must wait 12+ hours before you may post again.
3. If you post and a ref makes a call you must wait 36 hours from the refs post before you may go again.
4. If your opponent doesn't show up to the match for 5 days or the designated cut-off date, you are awarded as the winner.
Note: While the above 4 rules are the official rules, common courtesy should be upheld when in a match. Remember that people contribute from all over the world and therefore cannot RP exactly 36 hours after you did. Unless a time limit is fast approaching, you should wait longer than 36 hours before you RP again.

If you are new and are trying to get yourself into a match the best option that is available is to create an Open Challenge in the Fighting Arena. Create a Topic in the Fighting Arena called “[Character Name] Debut Open Challenge” and make an entrance and promo in-ring calling out anyone on the roster for a match. When someone answers the challenge the match goes on as explained above. On the flip side, we encourage all newcomers to answer any Open Challenges already made before creating a new one.

Promo & Backstage Area
If you are looking to post about how much better you are than everybody or call someone out to a match in front of a crowd then post it in the Promo Area. This area is basically the same as what you would find in an RP fed except we don't grade you on them.

The Backstage Area is where you can have confrontations and events mainly seen on the Titantron. You could also try to get your hands on the Cyanide Title explained later on.

The Offices
The PRW Commissioner's office is the in-character office where character's request matches or additional stipulations to their matches.

The office is a good place to continue feuds, involving the Commissioner by getting a feud match on PPV with an added stipulation.

Creating a Feud
The best way to assure that you have continual matches and have a good reason to actively promo would be to set up a feud with an opponent. The easiest way to go about this would be to PM the person you wish to feud with and figure it out with them that way or through a messenger service like AIM or Facebook. A good example of a feud that had a beginning, middle, and end ran like this:---
wrote: 1.   Reason.
A situation sets off the feud. This could be a simple argument or a unprovoked attack. In this case a pitcher to the face and a stolen title sets The Mask to go after Johnny Valentine.

2. Re-Emergence
Valentine makes an open challenge to which The Mask responds to, wanting to get retribution from Dave's Bar. The match goes on until Valentine leaves the ring and destroys Mask's car with a tire iron. This is to escalate the feud and take Mask and JV's heat to a new level.

3. Another Sneak Attack
Valentine holds another Open Challenge with Sniper accepting it. With JV winning the match, The Mask's music goes off and JV heads back up the ramp to his car. Mask pops out of the back seat and a fight ensues. This is more of a comical attack to give variety and more then just the “Wrestler A attacks Wrestler B” formula. It also gives more character development to both JV and Mask.

4. The PPV MatchPost Match
This match was placed on the PPV card after posting a PM to an admin saying what match it was, which title it was for and what stipulation was on it. The match is played out as usual and the ending of this match was planned between The Mask and Johnny Valentine. This ending was done because The Mask's handler was going on Leave of Absence and wasn't going to be able to RP so instead of just doing nothing, a good reason for Mask not being active was put into action so he could make a useful return.

5. 1, 2, 3, 4
A series of posts made by Valentine in the Promo Arena to give some more back story to Valentine all the while keeping The Mask discreetly in the picture.

7. Midget Mask
On the debut episode of Livewire Johnny Valentine has a match against a Midget Mask, easily dominating the match and pinning him. He send a message to The Mask and then leaves the ring.

8. Mask ReturnsEnding of Match
At Clash of the Titans III The Mask returned to PRW and cut a short promo about what happened after he fell from the Copter and summing up where he's been over the last month. They have the match and just as Mask wins the title JV gets back up and attacks Mask hitting his Finisher through a Chair and into Mask's face, reclaiming the Cyanide title.

9. An Unknown?, SuperBattle Entrance, SuperBattle Revealing
For a month The Mask wasn't seen at all. A series of weird promos were posted by an unknown leaving coded messages and a tag line in Italian. “Il vostro regno sara, Il vostro demise”. For a month people speculated over who it might be, some getting into it, some hating it all together. During Superbattle the unknown figure appeared on the Titantron awaiting an entrant. He waited half the match before Lion, The Inquisitor and Johnny Valentine ganged up on Sniper and eliminated him. After Sniper fell the unknown man made his entrance into the Superbattle and eliminated Valentine, revealing himself to be The Mask and then eliminating himself and reclaiming the Cyanide Title before disappearing.

This basically finished off the feud but allowed it to be picked up again at any given moment.
Contendership Ranks
PRW now employs a points system. A basic run down for new people is as follows:
-- You earn one point for each match that you win
----"Wager" matches can have more than one point on the line in which case you win that amount.
-- You need five points to earn an Undisputed Championship match
-- You need three points to earn an X-Division match
-- You need one point to earn an Internet Championship match

Please see the Champions & Contenders section of the Rules for more information

Undisputed Championship – The Biggest Prize of them all. The Undisputed Championship is an amalgamation of The PRW Net Title, The AWR Heavyweight Title and The AWA Heavyweight Title. It has also been joined with many other World Titles but the main three came from PRW, AWA and AWR. Only those that PRW deem the greatest are able to fight for it.

[Currently Inactive]Tag Team Championship – The Tag Team Championships is just that, a Championship for Tag Teams. While PRW doesn't strive in Teams it does have a decent enough group to keep the title going. If you are new and wish to join with someone for these titles, all teams are encouraged and appreciated.

X-Division Championship - The X-Division Championship is a title for the lovers of a good stipulation. Recently the 'X' in X Division has been used as a variable meaning that each match can be contested under whatever rules the Champion wishes to work under.

Internet Championship - The Internet Championship was created specifically to be defended on PRW 24/7. This championship is designed to provide new superstars a chance to hold gold and test the waters before moving up to bigger challenges.

[Currently Inactive]Cyanide Championship – The most Hardcore of them all. The Cyanide Championship is defended under 24/7 rules and has brought the most destruction to PRW and it's damage bill. Currently the Cyanide Championship is competed for during set "seasons". The winner of the season holds the title until the next season begins. If you are looking for a quick title to add to your resume then the Cyanide is for you

Well that is all of the basic rundown you'll need to begin your great PRW career. Just one more thing though....Remember to have fun. This is only a game. If you enjoy what PRW has to offer then I call on you to stay and become friends with some people here, talk and gain a championship. If you don't like it here then I suggest you walk away and find another type of E-Fed that suits your fancy. All we want to see is a happy PRW community and an RPing community. So have fun and enjoy yourself

-PRW Administration

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