Staff, Management, Administration, all found here.

You will also find the "Taken" lists, if people do use pic bases and theme songs they don't create that is... ;)


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Name: Melanie Gabrielle
Picbase: Olivia Wilde
Theme Song: “Where Did The Angels Go” by: Papa Roach
Roll: Owner/Head of the board

Name: Martha Jones
Picbase: Halle Berry
Roll: Legal department of PWU

Name: Claudia Seraphina
Picbase: Elizabeth Olsen
Theme Song: “My Curse” by: Killswitch Engage
Roll: GM

Name: Will Gonzales
Picbase: Ryan Reynolds
Roll: Ring side commentator

Name: Stan Summers
Picbase: Michael Clarke Duncan
Roll: Colour commentator

Name: Gary Hawkman
Picbase: Johnathan Coachman
Roll: Lead backstage interviewer

Name: Anna Marie Ambrosia
Picbase: Ashlynn Brooke
Roll: Backstage interviewer

Name: Ryan Lacroix
Picbase: Benjamin Burnley
Roll: Backstage interviewer