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PW:U Phoenix Championship
Current Champion: Gabriella McKenzie

Title History:
Gabriella McKenzie (March 2016-May 31st, 2016)
Victor (May 31st, 2016-current)

Background Information:

When you walked into the ECCWF, your first target was the Rated X Championship. It was hardcore, it was very commonly defended (weekly or bi weekly, usually), and it was incredibly competitive. People like Click, Stefan Lajoie, Amy Drew, Edward Stevens, Ripley, Lara Magdalena, Dark Tiger, you name it, ECCWF and PW:U talent were all over it. But, one summer night, a young lady by the name of Crystal Hoffman said enough was enough, and the Rated X Championship was, well, buried. Her name was Crystal Hoffman, and she brought in the Coastal Championship.

When PW:U went underground, the Coastal championship for lack of a better term disappeared. It wasn't that it was ugly or unwanted, it was simply that we wanted to focus on the World, International, and Tag Team championships. We put the Coastal Championship on hiatus, and focused our talent on getting better and better, while we lived in the underground.

And then, one February night, a man named Marc Douyard dropped the Coastal Championship off at the start of the show, and announced that the Championship was going to become active once again. It was going to be replaced and revived under a new name, and the winner would be given the prestigious championship when he or she won the tournament that night. A new belt would follow, but that night, glory belonged to Gabriella McKenzie.

She was the first Phoenix Champion for PW:U, and her win ushered in a thought we hadn't thought of in a while. If she could be the Phoenix, couldn't PW:U?

We're back, the power is back, and so is the Phoenix, thanks to the Mirage.


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