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Jason was inside of the gym working out like crazy. He did have many things on his mind at this movement. He was about to make a debut in a few days over at Pro Wrestling: Uprising. He was about to step inside of the ring at a company where no one knows who is parents were.


There were few people that only knew of his parents. That would be Devin Hearst. He didn't have that much of relationship or anything with my parents but he knows of them for been a part of another company that EWC happening to be working with around that time.

Then you have Kurt Newman. He truly knows who his parents were because they were the pain in his ass when he was there. His father was once his boss and his mother was the one that made him tap to earn her shot at the EWC Champion around that time.

But he will be stepping inside of the ring with one person who knows his mother very closely. That would be the one and only high flyer himself "The Aerial Specialist" Krimzon Blaze. He was someone his mother walked with down at Combat Zone Wrestling. They were great friends and his mother until this day still see him as a close friend.

Jason thought, on the other hand, see him as a man that let down his mother. There were many chances he could have to stand up for his mother but he has never done that in his eyes. He seeing this match with Blaze as the universe way for him not only to get ahead for himself but also to get payback for his mother.

Ruthann wearing a pair of blue jeans and a regular shirt on was watching in the doorway her son closely pushing up the weights up and down.

"So you getting ready for your two big matches you have coming up?"

Jason pushes up his last set placing the weight up on the bar sitting up. He sat there grabbing the towel off the side using it to wipe the sweat off his face. He places it around his neck standing up with a smile as he walked over to his mother.

"You got that right... I need to prove something in both of them, mom."

Ruthann reaches over as she gently places a hand on her son's cheek with a soft smile.

"Well, I don't want to distract you but come on have a little something to eat before you get back to routine. I have to treat you like your father. You and him is so much alike when it comes to big matches. So, come on I have food ready for us in the office."

Jason nods softly following his mother into the office. He sat down at the desk watching his mother very closely. He knew she also had a match this coming week herself. She sat down in the chair opening up the food but stop for a bit. She closed her eyes softly squeezing her hand tightly shaking it a bit. She opens her eyes with a soft sigh looking up at Jason.

"Come on you should eat before it gets cold."

Jason took the food from his mother as he made his own plate with a bit of a smirk.

"You know I can make my own plate!"

Ruthann laughs softly as she nods.

"I know you can but let your mother treat you like a kid for once in her life. Since you know I haven't done that in past much because of the fact of been on the road. So let me enjoy these moments when I can."

Jason knew his mother wish she could have been there with him but she was on the road as a wrestler working with the same company as Blaze around that time. He never was mad at her because he knew she was doing what he loved to do that is wrestles. He smirks a bit looking over at her.


Ruthann looked over at him while she was eating.

"You know Blaze isn't going to be just a walk in the park. I trained along with him and worked with him. Jason, I know you will be able to give him a run for your money but don't let his stats fool you. Right now Blaze is at a point of his career. He tired of people using his past against him. He is tired of people seeing him not as the "it" guy. I just want you to be ready to face someone in that type of state but you don't have only him to think about. "

Ruthann pulls out a folder as she places it in front of her son. Jason starts to look over the folder a bit checking out some of the stuff.

"Victor is a powerhouse. He will try to put a stop to you both because he wants to prove to everyone. He is more than just a tag team wrestler. He wants to walk out of that match as a champion.If Victor could walk out as the PWU Phoenix Championship. That will make him a double champion wish I think he would love to be."

Jason looked down at the picture of Victor and could tell he was a man of full strength. He was so focused on Blaze in this upcoming match. He will make sure he doesn't estimate him. He looks over the notes his mother had about Victor with a soft nod leaning back in the chair.

"Mom, I have studied some of the tapes on Victor. I know need to be on watch with him. He has a lot to prove there but I also have too. I need to walk into that company and walked out as champ. I need to do just that because of who I am. I have to back up the shit I have been spilling for these weeks leading to my debut match. I need this win not only because of that. I need to show people I am not in the shadow of Ruthless Aggression the former EWC Champion and Jaden X Hunter the Undisputed Champion. This place isn't EWC! I can go somewhere else and make a name for myself! I am my own person! I am just as great as your two. I need to do that!"

Ruthann placed a hand on her son's shoulder. She knew he needs this to help push himself in his career. She made her son look into her eyes as she nods.

[font color=red]"Then just do that. Do you hear me!? I know you can and you believe you can but show it to everyone in that match. Send a message to everyone yes those two are my parents but I am just as much deadly as them." [/color]

Jason nods softly as he looks down at the folder of Victor on the desk. He will need to beat them both in this match. He was ready to do just that.


I have two important matches in my life that can change everything for me. At this moment I am going to focus on one of them. That match is to walk into a debut match and walked out with your PWU Phoenix Championship. A title that I know deep down both Blaze and Victor would love to have around their waist.

When I think of the term Phoneix. I think of a magical creature that is a very powerful creature that rose from the ashes. Many people have tried in the past put an end to this creature but no matter what. That creature has always raised among the smoke and ashes and shows no one can and will not keep them down.

I am a person that feel that term fit me perfectly. I am a person that will not let anything or anyone get in my way. I am a person that will do whatever it takes to rise from the ashes to become what I know I am. Do you know what that is?

I am just that damn good.

I will be stepping inside of that ring against a man that has titles around his waist before. I know some things about that. That would be Uncle Blaze but you all know him as "The Aerial Specialist" Krimzon Blaze. One of the best high flyer wrestlers of Combat Zone Wrestling but now he steps inside of the ring over here in Uprising.

I would like to give him a hand for even been in this match but then again. I don't know if he will be able to cut it. Let just face it. He couldn't cut it down over somewhere else. We were in the same company once before. He realized he didn't have what it takes so he took his balls and run all back over to CZW.

While he was at CZW he was making his name know so greatly but then again. It like you get right there Blaze but you never grab a hold of something and take the ring and run with it. You always choke when it comes to actually becoming something. You always choke when it is time for you bring it!

Now do I think you going to bring it here? In our match.

Don't make me laugh.

Please. You wish you could have the talent that is in my little pinkie. You wish you could walk around here display the things I can do inside of that ring. I will admit you can do some great things inside of that ring but guess what?

You not me!

You will not be able to step inside of that ring and do the things I can do. I have become the first champion over at the same company you run away from. There I was the champion till I faced a certain man but did I give up after I lost my title. No! I kept on growing. I am kept on improving.

You on the other hand when it gets too tired you run. You hide. Well right now you will not be able to do that in this match but that if you show up. You and I along with Victor are going to have a dance but it won't be pretty. It will end for you like it always does when it comes to you, Blaze.

You will lose!

Don't worry Victor I am not going to underestimate you. Why should I? You are a champion for this company. Just because of the fact you a tag team champion. It doesn't mean in my eyes you are nothing. It shows you have what it take to be stepping inside of that ring against someone like me.

In a way, you just might be on the same level as me. You just might be able to give me the challenge that I know deep down that Blaze can't give me. I know stepping inside of that ring. I will need to be on the watch for you but I just hope after your tag team matches you won't be tired.

I am hoping you stepping inside of that ring ready to switch it where you will be able to give me the match of my life. I am the type of wrestler that love to do one thing. That one thing is to make history. That one thing is becoming a champion.

If you walked inside of this match just showing a little bit of tiredness in our match. It will be one sad mistake because I will take advance of that and I will walk out as the man. I will walk out as one of the champions of this company.

In order to get to a certain spot in this company. I need to walk out and I will walk out. I deserve the right to be called the company PWU Phoenix Championship because of the fact of who I am.


I am not going to be coming at you as the destroyer of your world.

I am not going to even go to ask if you ready!

I am going to walk inside of that match and do what I do best.

Steal the damn show and show to everyone why they called me.....

The Prince of Wrestling

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