Hysteria 8/22/16

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Presents: Hysteria
8/22/16 live from Lewiston Opera House in Lewiston, NY

Match 1:
Krimzon Blaze vs Tiffany Lewis

The bell rings and Krimzon is incredibly quick with a dropkick to Tiffany. She rolls and gets back to her feet but Krimzon isn’t letting her get any breathing room as he’s already on her and hits her with a tornado DDT. Tiffany once again gets back to her feet and Krimzon looks to hit a roundhouse kick but Tiffany dodges with a matrix evasion. As she stands up though she’s hit with a pele kick. Krimzon goes to cover.



Krimzon goes to hit a springboard leg drop but Tiffany manages to counter with a dropkick. Krimzon crashes to the mat. Tiffany sets him up for a snapmare and low dropkick which is successful. Krimzon gets back to his feet and is hit with a springboard facebuster. Tiffany grabs Krimzon and rolls him over then looks to lock in the Sands of Time! Krimzon fights back trying to avoid it and TIffany looks determined to lock it in but Krimzon kicks and punches his way out avoiding it. Tiffany charges for a rolling clothesline but Krimzon avoids the move and hits her with a russian leg sweep. Krimzon then quickly grabs her and hits The Mighty Death Pop! He covers.




Winner: Krimzon Blaze

Match 2: (#1 Tag Team Contendership)
Jordan Monroe and Oliver Monroe vs Ripley and Victor

Jordan and Victor start with trading shots, Victor catches Jordan with a belly to belly for a two count. Tag to Ripley. Ripley with a huge leg drop gets a two count. Jordan ducks a big boot attempt and hits a spear for a two. Tag to Oliver who comes off the top with a flying clothesline for a two. Oliver thinks but “Caught Looking” Ripley moves. A spine buster gets a two count for Ripley who tags Victor back in

WG: This is for the Tag Team Contendership!

SS: Winner goes onto “Justice Today” to face Spade Keys for the belts.

[i]Victor with a Spinebuster gets a two on Oliver. Oliver spins out the “Tongan Death Grip” and nails a side Russian leg sweep for a two. Tag to Jordan. Jordan hits a complete shot for a two. Jordan thinks Boa Wrap but Victor Drop Kicks out of it. Victor with a hard Samoan drop gets a two before he tags Ripley back in. Ripley with a hard elbow gets a two

WG: Ripley in control of Jordan here.

SS: These two are on the move!

Ripley lifts Jordan on to his shoulder, Oliver reaches in and tags Jordan’s foot as Ripley drops Jordan with a hard shoulder breaker. Jordan rolls out of the ring and Ripley from out of nowhere hits the “Mark of Failure” and gets the pin![i]

Winners: Ripley and Victor

Segment: He speaks!
Will Gonzales: We have word from the back... that someone would love to speak to all the fans here at Pro Wrestling.

[i]The screen goes black as the crowd look up on the tron on the stage as Petrified-Fort Minor came blasting over the speakers. The crowd was chanting Jason name as his face appears up on the screen. He is wearing a hood over his head as he spoke.

For those who don't know who I am. I am Jason Jaden Park Hunter. The seed of two of the greatest wrestlers in history. At this moment I wish I could have been stepping inside of that ring. I would love to display what you be in stored by me but tonight they just couldn't fit me on the card.

He smirks as the crowd just start to boo as he grins.

I know.. I know that is so sad but that ok because I will be making my debut soon. It will be next card for this company. It doesn't matter whoever they place inside of that ring against me with. That person will wish they never step inside of the ring with me.

He licks his lips with a grin.

They will see… why they call me... Prince of Wrestling...

See you next time.

He winks at the camera as his theme song came blasting over the speakers. The crowd starts to chant his name till they go to commercial.

Match 3:
Jackson Justice vs Ryan Keys

The bell rings and the two circle each other in the middle of the ring. Ryan makes the first move going for a clothesline but Jackson ducks it. Jackson counters with a russian leg sweep. Ryan gets back up but is met with a clothesline from Jackson knocking him back down. Jackson then sets Ryan up for a sidewalk slam but Ryan fights his way out and manages to hit a DDT. As Jackson shakes off the counter he’s hit with a running hurricanrana from Ryan. Ryan gets Jackson up and irish whips him into the corner. Ryan then grabs Jackson and tosses him into the ring post. As Jackson gets out of the corner Ryan goes for a corkscrew dropkick put Jackson manages to dodge it. Jackson is quick and grabs Ryan before he can do anything and hits him with a gutwrench suplex. Jackson then stalks Ryan as he tries to get back to his feet and once he does Jackson hits him with Shattered Bottles! He covers.




Winner: Jackson Justice

Main Event: (Non-title)
Caleb Storms vs Dallas Christian

After an initial back and forth, Dallas Christian backs Caleb Storms against the ring ropes. From here, Dallas hits a running Knee Smash before connecting with an impressive set of triple rolling double underhook suplexes. Dallas then rolls Caleb over and covers.

WG:One, two, no!

SS: Caleb is still in this thing but Dallas is looking good!

Dallas drags Caleb back to his feet but this time, Caleb responds with a quick knee to the gut. With Dallas doubled over, Caleb connects with an Irish Whip, followed by a Spinebuster. He locks his arms around the waist of Dallas before throwing him over with a German Suplex. He covers but Dallas powers out. Dallas then prepares to lock in a Figure Four Leg Lock but Caleb escapes. Dallas then looks to lock in a Rear Naked Choke but also can't manage to as Caleb now escapes.

WG:Great back and forth action here.

SS: What a match this is so far.

[i]Caleb rolls out of the ring to catch his breath but this allows Dallas to strike with a suicide dive transitioned into a flying forearm smash. He then throws Caleb back into the ring with force. Dallas goes in for the kill with the “Conviction” but Caleb is quick to push him away and plant him on the rebound with the “Ready for Prime Time”. He rolls Dallas over and covers for the victory.

Winner: Caleb Storms