Active Tag Teams List

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Active Tag Teams List

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Current Tag Team Division:
The Titans [Iceberg and V.P. Price] (CHAMPIONS)
The NEW Social Media Players (Calvin Johnson and Jamie Wilder)
The Masquerade (Ami Kaioh, Rose Morrison, Randy Colburn and Jared Kenway)
Ripley and Viktor

Silent Rage (Rachel Rosangela and Lucy Seraphina)
Trouble (Aina Gabrielle and Rhoda Allaway)
The Lajoies (Claude and Stefan Lajoie)
Click and Hawk
One Percent Productions (Kurt Newman and Stefan Lajoie)
The Duo of Justice (Hawk and Claude Lajoie)
The Angel Clan (Melanie Gabrielle, Lucy Seraphina, Uriella Abaddon, Michelle Anxo and Rachel Rosangela)

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