A local tragedy.

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Static fills your screen as the uncomfortable hiss and screech that normally comes along with it makes it's way to your ears. You can see very littly through the distortion and you can hear even less but there are things you can make out. A woman, a news anchor behind a desk talking. In the corner is an image of a person but you can really only see the long hair and the bright smile. You listen and and certain words being spoken hit you as the clips change.

Local High-School wrestling star.

Accepted to ****.

Lots of friends.

Always nice to me.

Taken into custody.

Murder and rape of ******.

Nineteen years old.

Life in prison.

The static takes over to a point where you can't get anything from the screen but eventually after a few moments more start rolling. The set up is much the same but only now the news anchor is a man and the picture up in the corner, while still looking like the same person as before, has lost it's smile. You pick single words out of the audio mess this time but they're more than enough to tell you the story.


Six years.






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