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Aug 29 2007, 09:02 PM #1

After constantly running into so many things that require CSS (mostly this board and WordPress), I finally decided to start learning it. I'm going to use ScrollBoss as the test subject since it's less dependent on my custom PHP theme stuff that's used a lot with Illmosis. Plus, ScrollBoss has more variety in content and has EVERYTHING that Illmosis has so I can just copy the finished ScrollBoss stuff and dump it over there.

I figured I'd start with one of the main sections that people actually look at: the sprites. I gave the sprite tables their own class that still needs a bit of work. Once I have everything nailed down there, I'll apply that to the sprite edits section. After I upload the new version of the sprite area, I'll need some feedback on how it looks on your computer, if the sprites look okay and all that good stuff.

The link will be here once I get things uploaded. There won't be much new material this week, though.

edit: Once again I can't get access to my site. At all. Needless to say that the update will be delayed until tomorrow. On the plus side, I had extra time fix some issues with the CSS and convert the sprite edit section to the new format. BUT STILL.

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