Update on Marvel 2099 mugen project

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Update on Marvel 2099 mugen project

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19 Jan 2017, 19:29 #1


A Marvel 2099-based game is being worked on. So far just sprites. Here's a guide to what's being done:

Tentative Game Title: "Spider-Man 2099: The Goblin Crisis"

Current Character and spriter/stager list:

Spider-Man 2099 aka Miguel O'Hara (Heka)
Ghost Rider 2099 aka Kenshiro Cochrane (backdragon)
Meanstreak aka Henri Huang (Fate, but may not come back)
Serpentina aka Kimberly Potters (Sky79)
Punisher 2099 aka Jake Gallows (Ghost Killer)

Other discussed playable characters:
Venture aka ? (Backdragon)
Venom 2099 aka Kron Stone & a symbiote (Backdragon)
Heartbreaker aka ? (Backdragon)

Doc Ock 2099 aka Serena Patel (from "Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions" video game) (supaman2525)
Goblin 2099 aka Father Jennifer D'Angelo (Rodimus_2316)

Please come and help if you like, or just check out our work, and post comments. If you want to help by understanding the source material, or would just like to know more about 2099 comics in general, check this board:

LMK if you have any questions.

Thanks, and hope to see you there! :)