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Sep 27 2007, 10:09 PM #1

from theScrollBoss news page
As of right now, I'm taking putting ScrollBoss on temporary "blog" mode until December. There's a lot of reasons that I'm doing this that'd bore you, but the main reasons are that I have other projects that need my attention right now and it's a bit stupid for me to add stuff to site while I'm redesigning the site. "What's Blog Mode mean?" It means that this news area right here will turn into a blog where I'll post new ScrollBoss-type stuff. That includes game-related artwork, sprites and anything else I think fits. You may even see some teasers, previews and test-versions of stuff I'll be adding to the site. Hell, maybe I'll even kick a video of something up on YouTube a post a link.
The rest of the story: Those other things that I need to work on turn out to be... everything that isn't ScrollBoss. I've been doing back-and-forth theme/CSS upgrades with ScrollBoss and Illmosis and I want to make sure that I get all that and other things done by November. Once that's done, Illmosis will get an all-around style make-over. I still never finished redesigning my blog, but I'm also waiting for the new WordPress version to come out before I do. Plus, I want some more time for this board including a possible old inactive account purge due to some possible spamming candidates and group project ideas. More on that soon...

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