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Oct 13 2008, 07:44 PM #1

Just putting a list here of the definites. This will be updated as more content is added.

MugenBoss stages:

Golden Axe II: Dark Guld stage
- Fixed Transparencies
Marvel vs. Capcom: Spider-Man stage night edit

- Slightly redone and improved graphics
- Fixed Transparencies
- Added MvsC BGM since my BGM remix project is dead.
- Screenshot is NOT final version

Site Archives:
- Last stand-alone version of MugenBoss from 2004. Includes secret download :ibukishifty:

More to come...

edit: date changed to October 31st

new noteworthy definite thing:
- Final Fight-related Street Fighter Alpha sprites get their own page with a lot of added sprites, animations, items, cinema stuff, etc. Current favorite animation: Sodom's X-ISM win pose with the glowing eye.

- completely recoded MugenBoss item system to be more flexible, allow for ADX downloads, links to ScrollBoss GameIndex pages and more.

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