Location I am hunted by a grue; I head NORTH
Interests Comics: Calvin & Hobbes, Dilbert
Webcomics: Precocious, Dreamkeepers
Youtube: Viking Webcam, Nightcore Reality
Cartoons: Sonic Sat AM, Teen Titans
Christian Cartoons: Secret Keepers, Adventures in Odyssey
Anime Sub
> Cute/Funny/Adventure: Magic Circle
Anime Dub
> Action: One Punch Man,
Americanized Anime
> Adventure: Digimon, Sonic X
> Action/Quest: Card Captors, Sword Art Online
> Shounen Anime: Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Shaman King
Books: Sweet Dream Pie, The Magician's Nephew
Board Games: Munchkin, Risk

> Live Action
> Comedy: The Princess Bride, UHF
> Action: Scott Pilgrim vs the World, The Matrix
> End of the World: The Day After Tomorrow, Supervolcano
> Thriller: Jason Bourne series, Inception
> Fantasy: The Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter
> Sci-Fi: The Phantom Menace (Qui Gon), Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
> Creepy: Coraline, The Ring
> Alien Movies: Contact, The War of the Worlds
> Others: The Forgotten, The Sixth Sense
> Animated
> Cartoons: Robin Hood, Lilo and Stitch
> Anime: My Neighbor Totoro, Digimon: The Movie/Mewtwo Strikes Back/The Spell of the Unknown
> 3D: Wreck-it Ralph, The Incredibles
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Hopeless Wanderer...

You are the Hopeless Wanderer.

You find yourself in a dungeon and are being hunted by a grue. Poor Hopeless Wanderer! If it catches you you'll wish you weren't so helpless.
There is a shiny SUIT of Armor nearby. You see your FAVOURITE FOOD. Behind your FAVOURITE FOOD a MASK lies. Obvious exits are NORTH, SOUTHEAST, DENNYS, and NOWHERES!

What will you do, Hopeless Wanderer?