Full size exploding animation

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Full size exploding animation

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04 Dec 2016, 13:08 #1

I am curious if a picture on a slide could explode to the full size of the slide.

I have slides with several pictures on them. I'd like to have them explode to the full size of the slide to enhance the ability to see the picture.

As an example, if a slide had 4 pictures on it I'd like to be able to explode each picture, in turn, to the full size of the slide, for viewing, and then go on to the next slide.

All I've found to do is to explode it to it's size on the slide.

Appreciate any help.


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23 Feb 2017, 19:21 #2

try grow and shrink in emphasis in animation I think you need to customise it to about 216 percent
and do th same with next picture I have also used desolve out as a explosion
hope this helps