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Hi my talented mates,

I’m teaching myself Power Point by trying to replicate tasks I view in a 2010 Power Point Training Manual pdf file.

In Copying Slides between presentations, I open both the source of
the PowerPoint slides being copied and the destination file that the
slides are being copied into.

On the VIEW menu in the WINDOW group, I click ARRANGE ALL.

I then select the slides I wish to copy (within the source file).

I then right click the mouse and choose COPY.

Here’s where it gets fuzzy for me.

I place the mouse cursor after the first slide (along the left pane) in the destination presentation and choose Paste but noting happens.

I’ve tried this a few times but each time the slides are not copying.

Also…I’m having a challenge with arrow user in the pen-highlighter of the slide show view.
In the slide show view, I can right click and access the drop down menu where I can choose Pointer Options and I see Arrow listed first. But, when I click the Arrow option the whole screen goes dark with tiny lettering displaying “End of slide show, click to exit.”

I’ve tried this numerous times and each time the screen wishes to close and not allow any arrow use on that slide.

How can I correct that?

I’d very much appreciate your insights and suggestions.

Thank you kindly,

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