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Project Name: Bingo!
Creators (and Co-Creators if any):albinopygmy
Estimated Release Date: 2016/01/03
Description of Project:
  • This project features two macro-enabled powerpoint files, a bingo caller, and a card generator. With these two files, you can play as much Bingo! as you can with you and your friends. These files will provide you with unlimited Bingo! cards to print out, and then call out numbers at random.
  • Features of these files:
    - Able to choose how many cards to generate
    - Choose whether or not to use "FREE SPACE"
    - Input a card number (to differentiate from the others you have previously generated)
    - Preset card pattern generator. This provides multiple patterns to decide how players will win for the next game.
    - Choose which balls to load into the caller. This avoids calling numbers that are not part of the winning pattern.
    - Countdown for the amount of balls left to draw.
    - See all the previously drawn balls. This helps to verify whether a Bingo! is successful or not.
    - Easy reset
Genre: Classic Game
Description of how it will be done:
  • MACROS! and a bit of animation
Screenshots (1 PPT & 1 PPS):

Download files here!

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Looks great!