Basic masking in PPT 2007

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Basic masking in PPT 2007

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I have a very basic requirement in ppt 2007. I have an image. Which I want to be masked say with a transparent circle. Now as I move mask around with custom animation different parts of the image are displayed.

That's what I do
1. Insert image(say i1) as the background
2. Cover the object with a black rectangle
3. Insert a circle shape. Format shape with slide background fill. Now I can see background image peeping through the circle. If I reposition the circle different part of the image is shown as expected. (However if I apply custom animation on the shape image exposed thru the circle shape does not change). Hence I try a different tactics.
4. Group rectangle and circle object and save the group as a .png picture
5. OPen a new slide and insert the image i1
6. Insert .png picture and apply custom animation on it.
However the resultant effect is not satisfactory.
If someone can provide a step by step tutorial in 2007