designing my own zombie wargame

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maybe I told this before but I am not a real war-gamer.
That is to say I hardly ever played one, once Mordheim, once Necromunda.
Mostly I am too stupid to handle all the different rules and modifier calculations in the existing war-games.
But my son and I have been making our own games, including wargames, since years. We must have drawn a few hundred cards by now.

So I want to try putting my own set of war-gaming-rules together. This time I am not planning on making scenery (trying to stop myself)

I want to make a game using more ore less with the fighting mechanics of Mini Gangs Gateway, those are really easy.
I want to set the game in a post apocalyptic zombie infested world where you have to go scavenging to survive (so mechanics where you can find food, weapons, medical aid,...)
It would be nice if it could function as a co-oparative game as well as fighting other groups, and of course everybody fighting zombies.

And to top it all of, or to make it even more impossible to design, it would be super if it could work in campaigns also. So if at the end there is a possibility to upgrade your group.

Something like: 'Across the dead earth' or 'All things zombie', but not as complicated mixed in Mini Gangs Gateway, but not as easy, mixed in with Zombicide but not as co-operative, more all out war.

I had made up a post writing down al the rules I collected so far but could not post it (error number....)

I'll try again later on, first see if this part comes through...


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Ok an other try...

This post will be changed and edited until the rules are more or less fixed.

To avoid confusion I will use the term +1 modifier or - 1 modifier. This means +1 = you can adjust the D roll by 1 in your favor, - 1 modifier means less chance of a good roll.


So the main objective is to keep as much persons in your group to stay alive, or even better try to find enough resources to upgrade your gang's equipment or abilities or even attract new members to your gang. Remember at the end of the game you will also need credits/food to upkeep your gang (2 credit p.p.).

How do you find these resources ? Well... by looking for them. Inside rooms or cars. Some buildings have several floors that can be searched.

When entering such a place you must roll a D20 on a 'what 's in the room roll'
*1-4: there is a zombie in the room (or more ?, 1 = 1 zombie on a roll of 2 = 2 zombies, etc...)
*5-12: you ve found loot, roll on the D66 loot list.
*13-16: there is a survivor but he is not friendly and will attack you in your next turn. Next turn: roll initiative to see who goes first, you or the unfriendly survivor.
*17-20: you found a friendly survivor who will join your gang

Loot (from the D66 loot list ) can be (detailled list below)
Credits: can be used to upgrade your team, after the game, every 5 credits give right to 1 purchase (of your choice) of the D66 loot list in the after match.
Or can also be food (food gives better chances on finding a friendly survivor, that 's the D20 'whats in the room' roll, if you offer food you can change the stats into: 15-20 = friendly survivor. In campaign modus you can also use this (1) food to upkeep (1) person(s)
Or new weapons (flamethrower, chainsaw, grenades,...)
Or upgrade to your arms (scope, armor,...)
Or medicine
Or tools

You can also earn 'credits' by killing:
*Zombies = 1 credit (I got plenty of zombies from the game Zombicide, but you can use other mini's for it or bottle caps or buttons,...)
*Enemies = 2 credits
*Monsters: loot depending on their stat cards
*Grabbing objective markers, and keeping them in the team until the game is over (there are 2x 1, 2 x 5, and 1 x10 worth) Only 3 loot objectives will randomly be placed on the board (and without knowing what they are worth) you can plunder an enemy's loot also, plunder is one action.

Each gang starts out with, f.i., 3 or 4 members, They all have, more or less, their specific qualities.
In 'normal conditions' each turn 2 actions per figure.
All models can, in one action choose between following:
* Crawl (if injured = 5 cm),
* Jump over a gap, max. 5 cm.
* Steal things,  When defeating an enemy in C.C. you can afterwards rob him of his/her possessions (check their stat cards for loot), takes 1 action to search and plunder the victim.
* Pass something to a teammate during the game takes one turn.
* Open a door silently takes an action also.
* Hotwire a car (but you need petrol to start it), stand base to base with the car for at least one complete turn.
* All models can go into 'overwatch' = no movemement during this turn, shooting in turn when model comes in lign of sight +1 on bs roll, when shot at (out of turn) overwatch models get to shoot first (but this time at normal BS).
* All models can drive a car (car rules below)
* Heights, when you jump down more the 10 cm you have to do a 'save' check (to see if nothing is broken) roll D6,1,2,3 or 4 is good, otherwise go to 'Crawl injured'
* Heights, when you jump down to fight an enemy below (counts as charge) you get a +1 modifier on the fight roll (WS).
* In cover (means more the half of the figure is not visible) the attacker gets a - 1 on B.S.

* Run (2x 10 cm = max 20 cm) makes noise ! or
* Walk (all models, f.i. 10cm and shoot) or (only
* Some models, leader and fighter, can charge = 20 cm + fight is possible
* Sneak/crawl (5 cm) no noise
* Shoot (check their Ballistic skill = B.S.), range: mostly 30 cm unless stated different.
* Sniper, shoot from above, if more then 10 cm above victim then the range doubles.
* Fight (check their Weapon Skill = W.S.), 

* If attacked in Close.Combat. (by monsters or other) you get the chance to fight back, even if it's not in your turn.
* Monsters or zombies also get the chance to fight back if attacked out of their turn (zombies can make max. 1 fight action per turn, monster can, depending their stad card have several attacks per turn)

first step: You have a successful combat actions when rolling on or under your BS or WS.

second step: *MAKING A KILL (only needed on humans not on zombies)
Roll D6
1 = no trouble
2 = no trouble + crawl (1 turn = 1/2 movement, get up next turn)
3 = wounded + crawl down (1/2 movement, get up when healed)
4 = wounded + crawl down (1/2 movement, get up when healed)
5 = wounded + crawl down (1/2 movement, get up when healed)
6 = out of action. (This figure is out of this game and consulting the 'dead is not dead' list at the end of the game to see what happens with this character in the next game)

MIND YOU: if a figure is wounded + crawl,  his W.S. drops - 1

Character specific actions/stats

* Only A Healer can heal (go base to base with 'victim', on a D6, 5 or 6 he stays crawl , on low 1,2,3,4 he's healed) a healer has Weapons Skill  2 and Ballistic  Skill 1, a healer can also heal zombie bites.
* A Leader can Charge (move 20 and still fight) , WS: 3 BS: 3
* A Fighter can also Charge and has WS: 3 BS: 2
* A Shooter will have: WS 2 and BS 3
* A Survivor's WS and BS depend on him or her being a shooter, healer or fighter (roll D6 , 1 or 2 you get a  healer, 3 or 4 is a fighter, 5 or 6 is a shooter)
* A Zombie has WS:2, B.S.:0 (normal zombies move = 8cm, if these are finished then the runners come = 16 cm after these the fatties enter the game = BS 0 WS 4 at the end the abomination, it has: speed = 16 and WS 4)
* A Monster has WS 2, but can have more then 1 attack per turn (check their stats also for movement) Monsters have more then one life also (check their stats on card)

Of course it needs some Z spawn rules.
Each turn they spawn at 2 spawning points at the edge of the board (placed at the beginning of the game). Roll a D3 at each place to see how many (or you can use a D6 an divide in 2)
*Monsters move as zombies. 1 Monster spawns per turn (roll a D6 to see which one, and a D6 to see where)

Zombies/Monsters are attracted by noise (markers) , these markers stay 1 round (actually we don't use these markers any more, usually it is obvious where the zombies will go). So first they react on noise then sight then following the herd.
Zombies have: Move 8 cm, WS: 2, BS 0

On a succesfull Zombie attack
you get a 'bitten token' on your stat card. 2 times bitten = infected, roll to see in how many rounds you will turn.
A healer can remove one 'bitten token' per round when in base-contact with the victim.

* If you kill one Z (shooting or fighting) you can go on killing other Z's (in this case more then 2 fight actions per turn, per figure, is possible). If you miss it stops there.

No noise token when:
opening a door normal way (taking an action turn to do it silently),

A noise token when: running (2 x 10 cm = 20 cm), busting a door with an ax (move and open en move, max 10cm, is possible), firing a gun, grenade, sound of a car, sound of a chainsaw, ..., all these noises (and more ?) lures Z's from all over the board.
If everything is silent Zombies go for victims in line of sight if they don't they see humans they follow 'the biggest herd in sight'.

Extra rules:
* Determine the starting point of each gang with D6 (divide the field in 6 sectors and let fate decide)
* Determine in the same way the placing of the cars.
* Place the 3 zombie spawning points 'even spread' on the edges of the table.
* Each round starts with an initiative roll, the group (zombies included) with the highest D6 score can start, all models of this team act , then the next group goes.

Loot List on D66 (two different colors of D6)
loot is marked with pencil on the card of the character, he has it 'on him' max 2 weapons in hand, max 3 items 'in backpack'.
In the 'after game calculations' * you can - get an item of the D66 list per 5 credits.
                                                         - sell items in your possession on a D3 profit p.p. (sometimes you need to sell your guns to be able to eat)
                                             * you have to pay 2 credits upkeep p.p. in your gang (to keep them fed and fit)

roll: 11-21: you found petrol, if you can reach a car and hotwire it (takes 1 figure 1 turn) you can drive (car rules below)
22: You found the keys to a fully gassed up car and are ready to go !
23: you get a chain saw; walk (max 10 cm) and open door is now one turn, also gives: +1 on WS roll against Z's, makes noise
24: you got a grenade , must be thrown between 5 and 20 cm,  use the  template ( I'll make one out of clear plastic packaging material) do save roll for every human, 5 or 6 is dead, all zombies die, no save rolls for them.
25: bullet prove vest (gives the attacker -1 on his BS or WS roll):
26: box of pills and medical equipment, carrier can perform heals, enough pills to last one game.
31-36: food (if you offer food you can change the stats into: 15-20 = friendly survivor)
41: darn good camouflage outfit, you can move max 10 cm and you still get 'overwatch'.
42:  found jewelry worth 10 credits
43: telescope: BS + 1 mod.
44: silencer, a gun without noise is just the thing in a zombie game
45: long range gun (can do 60 in stead of 'normal' 30 cm IF IN OVERWATCH)
46: big knife, improves the wearer's W.S.+ 1 modifier
51: climbing gear (rope) , you can drop down 30 cm no prob, you can climb 30 cm per turn no need for stairs or ladders
52: Functioning hoverboard, doubles the speed/climb of the person using it, one game long.
53: Smell of rotten flesh perfume, zombies can touch your base without attacking you, if you don't attack them.
54: armor plating for your car, spend 1 person 1 action to instal, people inside the car can't be targeted anymore
55: rocket launcher, you can destroy a complete house or car with it and everybody inside, check shooters B.S., on a hit wounded rolls for everybody separate. But this thing is old and on a 6 blows up in your face, then you get: wounded/crawl)
56: you get a flamethrower (+ template ) kills everyone under it (humans get a 'save roll' = 5 or 6 is dead. check BS of the shooter, roll a 6 it explodes = flamethrower is out of action permanently, shooter makes a save roll (if fail go to wounded/crawl)
61: book: "How to talk to zombies and understand them" worth 2 credits (when you trade it at the 'after match' But... you will have to do a 'save roll' on a 5 or 6 you have to pay 2 credits !
62: Anti Zombie Ointment made out of 100% bio garlic, keeps Z's away guaranteed,(same rules 61)
63: You found a wounded bird and will stay at camp for the next game to take care of it
64: Spend 3 credits on a shrink cause you have a depression.
65: spend 5 credits on booze trying to forget the previous mission.
66: This character steps out of the game and campaign, so this is permanently.

Here are the 'dead is not dead' rules, at the end of the game after match.

Following a campaign battle, roll a 2D6 for each of your Gang members who was put Out of Action and consult the following Chart:
2 - Nope, sorry to get your hopes up, they’re dead.
3 - They will live but have suffered a permanent eye injury. -1 modifier to all To 'shoot' (B.S.) rolls.
4 - They will live but have suffered a permanent arm injury. -1 mod. in all hand to hand combat (W.S.) rolls.
5 - They will live but have suffered a permanent leg injury. -2 cm to their Speed.
6 - They will live but need  time to recuperate, they will take no part in the next battle, re-joining the Gang following this.
7 - They will live but do not have the strength they once had. Save roll -1 modifier, (f.i. now is on 1,2 or 3,instead of  the normal: 1,2,3,4)
8 - They have a serious but repairable injury - pay 5 credits to heal them (if you are unable to pay then they cannot take part in a battle again until this is paid).-
9 - They have a minor injury - pay 2 credits to heal them (if you are unable to pay then they cannot take part in a battle again until this is paid).
10-12 - They are fine and may carry on as normal.

Car rules
* If you want to drive you will need petrol (roll it on D66 or steal it) petrol last 1 game long, one person will have to spend 1 action base to base hot-wiring the car. If so... your good to go, 1 game long.

* A car 's speed, weapons, armor, how much fit inside, etc... depends on the model, check the stat card belonging to the vehicle for details.
MIND YOU: a car can go double speed but this will be more dangerous, more details below.

*Before starting the car you should appoint a driver and a gunner (drivers and other occupants can, usually, be shot at and gunners qualities depends on he or her B.S.)

* When the car is at end of his FIRST/slow movement always do a check:
- 1,2,3,4 = ok
- 5 = the car is overheated and can 't drive for 1 round
- 6 = the car broke down, one person will have to spend 2 rounds base to base with the car to repair it

WHEN YOU GO FOR DOUBLE SPEED, after done the first movement test, you can go for another distance/fast but at the end of this stretch you have to do an extra test, this time using the tabel below.

- 1, 2 or 3 = ok
- 4 = the car is overheated and can 't drive for 1 round
- 5 = the car broke down, one person will have to spend 2 rounds base to base with the car to repair it
- roll a 6 and the car crashes at this point on the board. Save rolls for everybody inside (max 5 pers.) (5 or 6 is crawl, rest is ok)

* the width of the car is the template for 'running over' Z's or enemies. Z's die, enemy's roll a save (5 or 6 is Crawl, rest is ok)
* You can shoot at the driver, or someone else in the car, when he or she is, at a certain moment in reach/sight (and you are in overwatch or it is your turn). But target is in cover. (-1 on BS) When the driver gets hit he rolls a save (no 5 or 6 , does are bad), if it goes bad the car occupants have to do a 'crash test' = save check.
* You can ram another car, do also a 'crash test' for everybody involved, but the attackers get a +1 modifier on their save roll (meaning they can -1 if they rolled to high for a save, so: 1,2,3,4, or 5 is ok for them).

Added these cards to the rules. As alway cards surpass the rules.

The red markers are objectives worth 'credits', there are : 2 x 1 credit, 2 x 5 credits, and 1 x 10 credits worth. At the start we will mix 'm up en put (number-side down) some of them in play (say...3 credit-tokens, you don't know how much they will be worth)
You need 2 spawning points place them even spread over the board before you roll the gangs positions.
The little yellow ones are noise markers
The little grey ones mark on pers. stat. card, indicate, if infected, how long before turning Z

If played in campaign mode, each member of a gang costs 2 credits to upkeep, to keep fit, in-between battle. If not, he/she leaves the team.
If played in campaign mode characters that survive the game (not put out of action) they get 1 XP per game on their stat card.
This XP gives:
a leader the chance to stop 1 person from leaving his gang (if not enough credits or food to upkeep this person), if he has 2 XP he can do this twice etc...
a healer the chance of healing someone once per game even if he is not in base contact with the victim. Any other person of the gang can perform a healing, when base to base and only for once (has medicine on him).(if 2 XP = twice, etc...)
a fighter gets the ability to become 'enraged' once (when only 1 XP) in a game, meaning he gets WS +2 for one action. If his XP rises so those the number of times he can use this quality.
a shooter gets BS +2 for one action in one game. (the same if his XP rises, so does the number he can perform this action)

Disclaimer: The game rules mentioned in these posts are not to be commercialized, they are intended for my personal pleasure, and of my gaming friends, only.

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This post is about the early start of the rules testing, the rules as they are now do not apply in this example anymore, most of the rules are changed by now. The loot card f.i. are replaced by a D66 list of items.

So I quickly made some cards,
each team has 4 figures to start with (as in Mini Gangs: a healer (cost 2), a leader (cost 4), a shooter (cost 3) and a fighter (cost 5) I made personal stat cards for each of them.

I also made some loot cards (total of 46)

and mixed in extra zombie cards (8), yes even amongst the loot cards there are some zombies hidden.

Other cards are:
(2) cards that read: Jammed, you can 't fire your gun until 'repaired'.
(2) cards: repaired (keep these cards they might come in handy or, as the rest of the loot, trade it, at the end of the game, for credits and buy something else with it)
(2) cards: fancy loot: jewelry, cost 10, each

(3) cards representing 5 credits
(3) cards good for 3 credits
(3) cards when finding give 1 credit

(6) food carts (now you find these cards for free, otherwise, at the end of the game you can buy them, food f.i. cost 2, food gives you a 1 modifier on 'friendship roll' when encountering survivors)

Some, total of 11, loot cards are one-in-a-deck, such as:

(1) climbing rope: no stairs needed, when jumping no test necessary, cost 2
(1) medicine = 1 save roll allowed (more then 3 on a D6 necessary); cost 2
(1) a gun, handy when you don't have one, now a 'fighter' or other character can become a shooter also, the mini that found the loot must put it on it's personal stats cart, but objects can be handed over to each other (if in base contact, counts as an action), cost 2
(1) petrol card, if you have it your gang can drive a car during 5 turnes of the game (hot-wiring a car also takes 1 action), cost 5, (car speed = 25cm) you can crash and kill a person/Zombie, not in cover, with the car, roll D6, if higher then cost of victim = succes, if not roll to see if you crash (more then 3 on D6, save roll for each occupant), car = 3 noise tokens
(1) hockey mask , gives 1 modifier (you can change the number on any D6 1 'grade' op or down in 'fight'), cost 2
(1) silencer, no noise markers when shooting this gun, cost 1
(1) Camo suit, when shot at, if you roll more then 3 on D6 you count as in cover.
(1) booby trap, only the person that finds it can place it (can be handed over though like all objects/credits) Can be placed, once, between each 2 'stable' objects (f.i. a wall, a tree, a car...) not more then 10 cm apart. must be placed somewhere along the route the character with the booby trap has followed.
(1) Ax gives 1 modifier in 'fight' with Z, cost 2, no noise tokens
(1) chain saw, kills 2 Z's in 1 successful roll, cost 3, but gives 3 noise tokens
(1) scope, giving extra reach in shooting, + 10 cm, cost 2 (remember after the game you can buy these items also, that's the 'cost/prize')

To finish I put in (6) food cans, each giving 1 modifier on a 'friendship roll' (when encountering 'survivors'), cost 2, so having food around will help you make friends.

The red markers you see on the foto are objectives worth 'credits', there are : 2 x 1 credit, 2 x 5 credits, and 1 x 10 credits worth. At the start we will mix 'm up en put (number-side down) some of them in play (say...3 credit-tokens, you don't know how much they will be worth)
The 2 big grey markers are spawning points (at the start of the game dice will decide where to put them)
The little yellow ones are noise markers
The little grey ones mark on pers. stat. card, if infected how long before turning Z
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Appears good, but I'll need to reread it again more thoroughly.

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Thank you Tink for taking the time to Tink with me.

Anyway, in stead of re-writing al the rules I edited the texts above.
Should be playable now, I know the rules will be faulty but we don 't really care about the rules, we can make them up/adjust them as we go.

If ever there is a game in this campaign I of course hope to be using my own scenery. I 'll have to use my Mordheim scenery cause in my sci-fi/post apocalyptic scenery the buildings are not as accessible. My Mordheim scenery are ruins so the interiors are easier playable.

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I'm more of a rules maker than a player myself. I really like your illustrations on your cards.

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6:22 PM - Jan 17, 2018 #7

These look good.

Any rules for people turning into a Zed mid or post game?

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Well I did a test game, me playing 2 teams and the zombies.

And at a certain point the zombie is attacking a 'leader' and the leader looses the fight so he goes to 'crawl'. But there are 2 zombies in C.C. so the second one attacks also but misses his roll. In the next turn the leader (his team wins the initiative roll) can crawl onto a ladder into safe.

The healer did not do so well he stumbles into a small shack and finds 3 zombies crammed in there.
They attack him, his looses the first fight and goes to crawl (does the test and he is not 1 or 2 = dead (for this game) The second zombie attacks and wins also but the healer again rolls no 1 or 2 so can stay in the game, is not deadly wounded.
At this point I decided that, he wil live, as the rules state, but the second zombie will get a bite out of him. So he is infected now. A roll D6 given in this case a (5) decided that he still has 5 rounds to go until he turns...
Stupid to loose a healer that way because in Mini Gangs the healer is super important, will protect him some more next time...

Other remarks/rules

Noise tokens work, they do steer the zombies. Sometimes I forgot to put them or take them away but no real harm (the tokens stay for only one round)
Zombies react to line of sight but if there is noise they go for the noise but if there is a close combat in sight (with other zombies involved) they go first for the C.C. (to have their part of the chow)
I'm thinking of maybe making: 'opening a door' an action cause I figure you won't have the keys and will have to silently open the door, this takes time (o the other hand in a ruin you sometimes can step over a crumbled wall...
If you have an ax you don't need to stop at the door but can walk, smash the door, and walk some more inside the room (10 cm max). But this of course gives a noise token.

The zombies where by far the most dangerous gang on the board. I had 3 spawning points, think I will use only 2 in the future.

I put in some white markers to show when a room has been searched.

What I was wondering... can zombies walk stairs ? I decided that they can do (fixed) stairs but not ladders.

On the foto the leader had just discovered a girl survivor, she was friendly and came along.
These two then stumbled in the same building but on a different floor onto an other survivor, this one however turned out to be more hostile and started shooting. Since I decided survivors to be cost 2 he was a very good shot (above cost on D6 is a hit) which makes sense because he 's got the element of surprise.. But who of the 2 characters should get the bullet ? A D6 roll could not be more clear then the result: 1 for the girl, 6 for the leader, she is down and rolls a very bad save also, so she is out of the game. Only then the guy who shot realizes he shot his own girl-friend...
Maybe I should change survivors to cost 3 ? Maybe not, if they survived that long a time they must be dangerous, and not all survivors are shooters.
Survivors come, as the zombies, out of our Zombicide box. When encountering survivors on the board you get them as they are fitted in the Zombicide box (that is to say the girl first, then the guy with the 2 shotguns,...) meaning there are max 5 survivors to be found per game (they are either fighter or shooters)

What did not work was the bullet cards. How many bullets should each team start ? At the beginning nobody has found bullets yet so you can 't use your shooters for half a game.
Plus finding loot is not easy, not many 'picture cards' where drew during this 5 round test (maybe 2).
So I will change these 6 ammo cards into:
(2) jammed ! this person can 't use a gun until fixed, cost 0
(2) fixed ! You can keep this card in your inventory one day your game-live may depend on it, cost 2
(2) precious jewelry , cost 10 , each (nice loot to buy stuff after the game)

Well... conclusion ...this could maybe turn out to be a nice game, will sure try it out with some friends and scenery, hopefully next Friday. But if every time I play the game new rules start adding up then that is not a good sign...
(@ Crazy Joe) Making rules is easy but making a game balanced without to many rules is more difficult, so it seems...

Ciao !

Changed the system of noise tokens (no difference between loud = 3 tokens or more silent noises (1 token).
So now all noises get 1 token, easier.

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7:11 PM - Jan 18, 2018 #9

Looks a fun game. The tweaks sound good.

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Warning: this battle reports contains unpainted miniatures !

"First the rumors where distant. But then it seemed that it was true. In a small town in Transylvania a zombie outbreak had occurred. The government had it all under control, they just build a wall around the city to contain, and that was that.
Inhabitants of the city where condemned to survive within the harsh reality of this hell surrounded by impenetrable walls.
Zombies seem to have a spanning point a the old Mezurka's family grave, these eerie characters where also seen at the crypt of the family Kosinski. Don 't tell I have not warned you. "

This is the battle field. The dice decided that both of the gangs would start in the same sector (1 = left bottom corner). Luckily there was a wall between them.
An other coincidence was that all (!) the loot (3 tokens, nobody knows yet what they will be worth) where randomly placed at the first floor of a building in sector 4 (right bottom corner, house with grass roof). 2 cars where placed also but nobody was able to use them.

So... let the game begin !