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National group to assist in search for C.B. woman


SYDNEY — Police have joined forces with a national missing children’s society to escalate the investigation into a missing Glace Bay woman.

Sgt. Ken O’Neill, lead investigator in the case of Brett Elizabeth McKinnon, says the Missing Children Society of Canada has resources that will help the Cape Breton regional force, including a $10,000 reward for information leading to the 20-year-old’s whereabouts.

"We have liaised with the society. Any information that we gather we will share with them in hopes of resolving the case," Sgt. O’Neill said Thursday.

"We’re still treating her as a missing person," he said.

Ms. McKinnon was reported missing by her mother on June 8. Police launched an investigation shortly afterward. Her bank account hadn’t been touched and there’d been no communication with family or friends.

But in August, a former Glace Bay resident came forward to say she had spoken with Ms. McKinnon at a campground in Ontario. The resident said the young woman was with two males and a female and appeared fine.

The missing woman had lived in Ontario for two years before moving back to Nova Scotia and settling in Glace Bay in the spring of this year with her then-boyfriend. The two shared an apartment until Ms. McKinnon left in May.

Sgt. O’Neill said Thursday that he interviewed the woman from the campground and he "is confident in what she told us," but there hasn’t been any contact between the missing woman and her family since June.

"It is unusual that she hasn’t called," he said.

Asked if foul play is suspected, Sgt. O’Neill said: "No. We won’t go down that avenue unless we get more information to suggest that."

The case has remained open since the summer, with Ms. McKinnon’s photo and description listed on a countrywide police information service, so if her name is entered into the system, she is identified as a missing person, Sgt. O’Neill said.

The Missing Children Society of Canada is posting flyers with Ms. McKinnon’s photo where she was reported last seen in Ontario and in locations where she lived, which may jog someone’s memory. The posters are also being distributed in Cape Breton Regional Municipality, he said.

"We look at cases in a slightly different way," said Liz Ballendine, spokeswoman for the non-profit organization based in Calgary that uses retired police officers to track down missing children.

"We are looking at cases like Brett’s on a daily basis. This is all that we do so the expertise that we lend is an extra pair of hands for police who are already stretched with a number of different cases," she said Thursday.

The society works on roughly 500 cases a year, she said. In 20 years of operation it has closed 5,200 cases with a 95 per cent rate of locating the missing person.

"We don’t ever close a case until we are 100 per cent sure that the person in question has been accounted for. In this case, we don’t feel she has yet been accounted for," Ms. Ballendine said Thursday.

Ms. McKinnon is described as five-foot-four and 120 pounds with long blond hair and hazel eyes. She has a quarter-shaped birthmark on her right wrist.

Anyone with information can call Cape Breton Regional Police at 563-5151, Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or the Missing Children Society of Canada at 1-800-661-6160.

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Thank's to Cbc.ca...... A woman who disappeared from Cape Breton six months ago was apparently in Summerside, P.E.I., last month.

'He not only said he [saw] her, he spoke with her.'
— Sgt. Ken O'Neill

Brett McKinnon, 21, of Glace Bay, was last heard from in June, but she has been sighted twice in the last month.

"The Summerside sighting was a sighting where the man came to us, he shared information [about] a personal friendship with Brett McKinnon," said Sgt. Ken O'Neill of Cape Breton Regional Police.

"He gave us some details about her background that convinced us, or at least made us feel confident, he knows Brett. He not only said he [saw] her, he spoke with her."

O'Neill said at the time of the sighting, the man was not aware McKinnon was reported missing.

In addition to the Summerside report, someone is also claiming to have seen McKinnon back in Cape Breton this week.

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Police are asking anyone who knows where she is to contact them or for McKinnon herself to contact her family.

The Missing Children Society of Canada, a group set up to help search for runaway and abducted children, has put up a $10,000 reward for information about McKinnon's whereabouts.
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Reward offered in search for Glace Bay woman

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Police search for missing Glace Bay woman
Last Updated: Friday, July 14, 2006 | 1:32 PM ET
CBC News

Police in Cape Breton have launched a search for a young woman whose family hasn't heard from her in more than a month.

Brett Elizabeth McKinnon, 20, last spoke to her mother on June 8.

Police say McKinnon's boyfriend told them the couple broke up at the end of May and he hasn't seen her since.

McKinnon's mother went to police on Thursday after finding her daughter's belongings in the Glace Bay apartment she shared with her boyfriend.

"What's alarming, Brett left behind all her clothes and her bank card," said Const. Gary Fraser, adding her account hasn't been touched since the first week of June.

Fraser said McKinnon never let more than a few days pass without calling her mother.

Police are treating McKinnon's disappearance as a missing-person case, he said.

McKinnon is described as five feet four inches tall and weighing 120 pounds, with long blond hair and hazel eyes. She has a round, quarter-sized birthmark on her right wrist and her tongue is pierced.

Anyone with information is asked to call Cape Breton Regional Police or Crime Stoppers.

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Thomas Ted Barrett of Glace Bay was found guilty Monday of second-degree murder in a case with no eyewitnesses, no cause of death, no DNA evidence and no murder weapon.

Following the verdict, the Crown said it was the totality of the evidence from 19 witnesses that convinced Justice Robin Gogan that Barrett strangled 20-year-old Brett Elizabeth MacKinnon.

MacKinnon's remains were found in 2008 but the medical examiner concluded she had died at least two years earlier. She was reported missing in July 2006.
No cause of death was determined but strangulation was not ruled out. The 40-year-old Barrett wasn't charged until 2013.

Thomas Ted Barrett trial police statement released

Thomas Ted Barrett murder trial hears how Brett MacKinnon's body was found
He will also be tried this fall for second-degree murder in the killing of 21-year-old Laura Jessome in 2012. Jessome's body was found in a hockey bag in the Mira River.

Witnesses had nothing to gain

In delivering her verdict in the MacKinnon case, Gogan said her death occurred in a "dark and brutal drug culture" that may still exist today.

Many of the witnesses in this case were current or former drug addicts who used with and bought their drugs from Barrett.
Crown attorney Kathy Pentz said the judge had to consider that drug use when she was weighing witness evidence.

"It was the totality of the evidence that convinced her of the consistency in the statements," she said. "There was no [collaboration] between the witnesses so she certainly considered it, but concluded it did not impact on their credibility."
Gogan noted that a number of witnesses, with nothing to gain from their testimony, all told similar stories.

'Beyond a reasonable doubt'

Several said Barrett admitted choking or strangling MacKinnon and getting an "adrenaline rush."

Some said he told them there was a body in his bedroom.

Gogan cited testimony from a witness, Chris Andrews, that Barrett told him MacKinnon stole drugs from him so he jumped up, grabbed her by the neck and choked her until her pupils got big.

He said Barrett told him that's how he knew she was dead.

Gogan said in total, the evidence "in my view, establishes beyond a reasonable doubt that Barrett strangled MacKinnon."  

MacKinnon's friends and family breathed a sigh of relief and a few shed tears when the verdict was announced.

Barrett showed little reaction.

He faces an automatic life sentence, but will learn on April 13 when he will be eligible for parole. Parole eligibility for second-degree murder ranges from 10 to 25 years and is set by a judge.

Pentz says at least four people will present victim impact statements, including MacKinnon's mother.

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June 8, 2006 - 19-year-old Brett Elizabeth McKinnon is in contact with her family for the last time

Sometime in early June 2006 – McKinnon is last seen and her boyfriend contacts her family to let them know she has moved out and asks that they collect their daughter’s belongings.

July 13, 2006 - McKinnon is officially reported missing.

Nov. 21, 2008 – Skeletal remains of Brett MacKinnon found by two hunters setting rabbit snares at the old No. 11 dump site, about one kilometre off Brookside Street in the Passchendaele area of Glace Bay. DNA testing was conducted to identify the remains.

Nov. 20, 2010 - Cash reward of up to $150,000 announced under Nova Scotia's Rewards for Major Unsolved Crimes program for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for McKinnon's death.

Feb. 4, 2013 - Thomas Ted Barrett of Glace Bay is formally charged with second-degree murder in the death of McKinnon

Dec. 8, 2015 - Barrett's lawyer Brian Bailey files an application for a publication ban on all evidence presented at the trial.

Jan. 4, 2016 - The Cape Breton Post and CBC News, represented by David Coles, challenge publication ban sought by the defence

Jan. 8, 2016 - Supreme Court Justice Robin Gogan rules in favour of a challenge to the proposed ban

Jan. 18-2016 – the judge alone Supreme Court trial began and concluded Feb. 5 with the crown calling 18 witnesses and two called for the defence. Barrett did not testify

Mar. 21, 2016 – Justice Robin Gogan found Barrett guilty of second degree murder.

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Witnesses at the murder trial of a Cape Breton man testified Thursday that Thomas Ted Barrett told them he had killed a woman.

Barrett is on trial in Nova Scotia Supreme Court for second-degree murder in the death of Brett Elizabeth MacKinnon, 21, who was last seen in 2006. 

Former girlfriend Krysta Newell told a Sydney courtroom that in June or July 2006, Barrett had a large bruise on his shoulder and back.

About three months later, he told her the bruise came from dragging the body of a girl he had killed around the house, but would not identify the girl.

Newell, who said she began a relationship with Barrett just before she turned 16, said the pair got high on cocaine and crack regularly and sometimes stayed up for five days at a time when they were doing drugs.

She also said she saw MacKinnon at Barrett's house on a number of occasions.
Another witness, Chris Andrews, told the court that he spoke to Barrett about a month after MacKinnon`s body was found in 2008 near Glace Bay. She had disappeared from the area two years before. 

Andrews testified Barrett told him he beat and strangled MacKinnon after he caught her taking drugs. Andrews said Barrett told him he knew when
MacKinnon was dead because her pupils changed and there was no life left. 

Court also heard from two Cape Breton Regional Police officers about the credibility of a woman, now dead, who gave a statement to police recorded on video. She alleged Barrett confided in her that he strangled MacKinnon. 

Const. Keith Power said Sheryl Flynn was arrested on theft charges in 2012 and released to restorative justice. Const. Robert Davies said Flynn seemed fine and of clear mind when she gave the statement. 

Testimony continues next week. 

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Police have charged a Glace Bay man with murdering two young Cape Breton women in separate cases that span six years.
Thomas Ted Barrett, 37, is charged with two counts of second-degree murder in the deaths of Brett Elizabeth MacKinnon and Laura Catherine Jessome, both 21.
MacKinnon disappeared from her Glace Bay apartment in June 2006. Her skeletal remains were found in November 2008 near a nature trail in the town.
Related Stories
Investigators dig for clues in Jessome, MacKinnon murder cases
Cape Breton police hold suspect in double murder
Police name main suspects in Laura Jessome case

Thomas Ted Barrett arrives at Halifax provincial court on Friday, February 1, 2013.

John Wayne Hynes, 33, of Glace Bay is charged with being an accessory after the fact in MacKinnon’s death.

“It’s been torture,” said Francis McKinnon, the victim’s father. “If I get justice for my daughter I would be extremely happy. Maybe there will be some closure, I don’t know.”

Jessome’s body was found inside a hockey bag, floating on the Mira River near Marion Bridge in May 2012.

Morgan MacNeil, 21, also faces a second-degree murder charge in Jessome’s death while Robert Edwin Matheson, 49, and Brian Augustine Deruelle, 37, are charged with being accessories after the fact.

“We have been successful in removing some very dangerous individuals from our community,” said Cape Breton Regional Police Chief Peter MacIsaac at a news conference today in Sydney.

He also said the latest arrest should help the community deal with the “horrific” crimes.

“We hope these results will help bring a small piece of closure to our community, especially the families and friends of these victims, who no doubt continue to grieve these awful tragedies.”

Police say Barrett was already in custody in Halifax when he was charged in the case Thursday.

In a strange twist to the story, Barrett is facing additional charges after an alleged incident at police headquarters.

Police say Barrett attacked an investigator while he was being interrogated, tried to damage video surveillance with a chair and doused a computer with water.

Police say he also threatened to kill the officer and spat on him. The officer was not injured.

Barrett is facing charges of assaulting a police officer, uttering death threats and two counts of property damage in connection with the alleged incident.
He was held in custody overnight and arraigned in Halifax provincial court this morning.

Barrett is due to appear in Sydney provincial court on Monday.