2011 - Montreal UID male

Recently discovered unidentified persons living or deceased. Maybe you can help give someone a name and reunite them with their loved ones.

2011 - Montreal UID male

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Montreal police seek help to identify body
By ANNE SUTHERLAND, The Gazette October 1, 2011

He had no identity papers - and a bracelet engraved with Michel, which may or may not be his name.

Montreal police are asking for help to identify a man found dead in early July.

The mystery man, in his 20s, was 5 foot 9 inches, 75 kilograms and had brown eyes and shoulder-length bright orange hair.

He was wearing a baseball jersey - white with red sleeves - brown cargo pants, beige socks and brown sport shoes when he was found. In addition to the bracelet, he wore a Lord of the Rings-type band on one finger and a green elastic around his left bicep.

The Quebec Coroner's Office is obliged to keep an unidentified body for a minimum of 30 days, said spokesperson Geneviève Guilbault.

For the years 2000 to 2010, there were on average three to seven unidentified bodies investigated by the coroner's office, she said.

All manner of tests are done on the body - digital imprints, fingerprints, DNA - but to match DNA, hair or other samples are needed from a family member, she noted.

"If all else fails, we publish the photo; that's the last step and that is what the police are doing now," said Guilbault.

"If we still don't know who it is, we bury the body, at the expense of the coroner, and take note of the exact location in case in the future the family comes forward."

The man has not been reported missing by anyone so police are looking for people who might recognize the photo - the last taken of the mystery man. Police declined to state the cause of death pending notification of his family, if any.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Montreal police at 514-280-2128.