2009 Vanderfluit,Jim 10-8-2009

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2009 Vanderfluit,Jim 10-8-2009

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Search for missing man called off
Published Monday October 12th, 2009

Police say the search for missing Fredericton man Jim Vanderfluit has been put on hold indefinitely.

Sgt. Paul Battiste said Sunday that no diving attempts were made over the weekend.

"Nobody is actively searching at this time," Battiste said. "Officers are certainly still keeping their eyes open for any leads."

Battiste said he didn't know whether the decision to call off the search would be reassessed.

Vanderfluit went missing Thursday at about 11 a.m. when he left his home to check on his kayak, which was docked by the Nashwaak River.

A police diving team searched the banks of the Nashwaak River and the St. John River on Friday. They were joined by a search helicopter, fire department boats and the York-Sunbury Search and Rescue team.
Police said the search didn't yield any new information.

Vanderfluit, 50, was last seen wearing a yellow hoodie, blue jeans and workboots.

He's 5'7" with a slight build, sandy blond hair and a grey moustache.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to contact city police at 460-2300.


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N.B. family searches for missing kayaker
Published Monday November 23rd, 2009

Carolyn Flanagan is still looking for answers in the disappearance of her uncle, Jim Vanderfluit.

Since the 50-year-old man went missing Oct. 8, Flanagan said she and her family have spent most of their weekends searching for evidence about what happened.

Vanderfluit was last seen when he went to check on his kayak on the Nashwaak River.

He was wearing a yellow hoodie, blue jeans and work boots. He is about 5'7" with a slight build, sandy blond hair and a grey moustache. This weekend, about 10 people, including family, friends and local kayakers, continued to search along the banks of the Nashwaak River. On Saturday, they recovered a small piece of a kayak. Flanagan said her uncle, Peter Vanderfluit, Jim's brother, identified it as part of the missing kayak.

Flanagan said it was one of several small kayak pieces that have been recovered over the last couple of weeks.

She said the pieces were easily identifiable because of their distinctive colour.

"The kayak was bright blue," she said. "My uncle Peter used to own the kayak, and he knows exactly what it looks like."

Flanagan said it was frustrating for her and her family to have so little information as to what may have happened to her uncle, but she was encouraged that something more might turn up after finding the pieces.

"Every time you think you see something your heart skips a beat," she said. "I'm still optimistic. I'm glad we found some pieces of the kayak.

"It gives me a little bit of hope."

Flanagan said she plans to continue looking for any traces of her uncle until winter sets in. She's asking anyone from the public with experience carrying out a search or operating a kayak to help. She said it's difficult for her to co-ordinate searches from her home in Moncton.

"The more people that can get involved, the better," Flanagan said. "We also have a Facebook group called Let's Find Jim Vanderfluit, and we're encouraging anyone with a kind word to share about Jim to join."

Flanagan is asking anyone interested in helping with the search to contact her at 506-870-0672, or by email at cflanagan28@live.com.



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CTV Atlantic
Published Friday, Aug. 24, 2012 6:15PM ADT
Last Updated Friday, Aug. 24, 2012 6:47PM ADT
Almost three years after he disappeared, the search for Jim Vanderfluit resumed today in Fredericton.

It was a small search led by family members still desperate to find the remains of the kayaker lost on the Nashwaak River in 2009.

“This is probably our last time to try to do something, because we have done everything that we could think of,” says Vanderfluit’s niece, Carolyn Flanagan.

The 50-year-old man disappeared on the Nashwaak River in October 2009. His damaged kayak was found, but his body has never been recovered.

After almost three years of searching, his family is desperate to find him.

"When you have a loved one that dies, you have a funeral; you put them where you want them to be and that's where they are,” says Flanagan. “If you want to go there and put flowers, you have that area that you know where they are. We don't know where Jim is."

The family has chosen to dig along the river, with the help of an excavator, because cadaver dogs brought in from Maine had focused on the area in previous searches for Vanderfluit.

While dogs that were working on the case today, and those that have combed the area in the past, have indicated finding traces of human remains along the riverbank, there is no guarantee the remains are still there.

“The chemicals that the dogs are indicating on leech into the soil and even if the body is gone, the chemicals can remain,” says Deborah Palman of Maine Search and Rescue Dogs. “So it's very difficult for us to know if we're actually going to find something, or if it's just those chemicals."

And, if remains are discovered there, there is no guarantee they will be that of Jim Vanderfluit. Flanagan says that is something her family is prepared for.

"The dogs indicate that there was human remains here, the chemicals from human remains are here, so...if it's not our closure, hopefully we can get someone else's closure," she says.

Police say they have no new leads in the case and Vanderfluit remains listed as a missing person.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Andy Campbell

Read more: http://atlantic.ctvnews.ca/search-resumes-...9#ixzz24VKJCyf4


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Fredericton family abandons search for body of missing kayaker
Jim Vanderfluit, 50, last seen in October 2009
CBC News Posted: Aug 24, 2012 12:52 PM AT Last Updated: Aug 24, 2012 6:20 PM AT

Family and friends of Jim Vanderfluit continued to search for this missing kayaker on Aug. 24. (Roy Gjelstad/CBC)
Vanderfluit disappeared on the Nashwaak River in 2009 and his family has continued to try and find his body. (Roy Gjelstad/CBC)

A dog is helping the Vanderfluit family search for the remains. (Roy Gjelstad/CBC)

The Vanderfluit family believes Jim's body may be buried along the bank of the Nashwaak River. (Roy Gjelstad/CBC)

A human remains detector dog from Maine walks around the Nashwaak River on Friday. Dogs detected a scent last year in the area. (Roy Gjelstad/CBC)

An excavator is digging up a section of the riverbank where the Vanderfluit family believes Jim could be buried. (Roy Gjelstad/CBC)

Search for Fredericton kayaker called offThe family of a Fredericton-area kayaker who went missing nearly three years ago unsuccessfully excavated along the riverbed Friday in hopes of finding his body.

Jim Vanderfluit, 50, was last seen the morning of Oct. 8, 2009.

He was heading to his dock, located on the bank of the Nashwaak River, near where it flows into the St. John River, to take his kayak in for the winter and deal with a log jammed against the dock.

An exhaustive air, water and ground search at the time failed to locate him.

Vanderfluit's family hired a firm to continue the search and on Friday, they were using human remains detector dogs and an excavator to try to find him — and to find closure.

But the search turned up empty.

Jim Vanderfluit, 50, was last seen heading to the Nashwaak River. (Courtesy of Vanderfluit family)His family says it was likely their last chance to find any trace of him.

"This is probably our last big effort, this dig," his niece, Carolyn Flanagan, told CBC News. "The dogs indicate there's human remains there, or the smell, or he was there.

"If we don't find anything today, I don't know what else we'll … what other step … maybe we didn't look beyond that. I guess we'll take it one step at a time."

The family has already had Vanderfluit legally declared dead. But they haven't been able to hold a funeral for him because they have no remains to bury.

When Vanderfluit went missing, police had said that the current on the Nashwaak River was running swiftly and it was possible he was swept away, perhaps even carried out into the St. John River.

The Maine-based company hired by his family believes Vanderfluit's body was swept away to an area that later collapsed.

The dogs detected signs that could have come from Vanderfluit on a bend in the river, downstream from his home, said Deborah Palman, a retired forensic expert from Maine and trainer of human remains detection dogs.

Heavy equipment dug up the bank and Vanderfluit's family was sorting through bucket loads of clay, looking for any sign of the missing kayaker.

"If the body washed out of the bank, the only thing left there might be some hair or something very small like that. If we can find that, that'll be a big help. You know, that'll be a piece of the remains," Palman said.

Exhaustive search
In 2009, York-Sunbury Search and Rescue, the police dive team and volunteer kayakers searched almost five kilometres of shoreline along the Nashwaak River.

The Fredericton Police and Oromocto fire boats also combed the islands and banks of the St. John River, while a helicopter searched overhead.

All the search crews found at the time was the lock and key Vanderfluit used to secure his kayak to his dock.

The search was called off the following night, hampered by heavy rains that had increased the river levels and the murkiness of the water.

It resumed Oct. 21 after another kayaker found Vanderfluit's kayak, but his body was never found.

Vanderfluit, a roofer, was "loved by everybody," Carolyn Flanagan had said.