1992 DOE, John 11-28-1992

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The victim was discovered on November 28, 1992 in Newburyport, Essex County, Massachusetts
Estimated Date of Death: 1987-1991
Skeletal Remains
Cause of Death: Undetermined, Homicide not ruled out.

Estimated age: 13-17 years old
Approximate Height and Weight: 5'6-5'10"; weight unknown.
Distinguishing Characteristics: Hair and eye color unknown. No distinguishing marks noted.
Dentals: Available. He had an impacted molar which had grown sideways and out through the jaw. Forensic Anthropologist said it must have been very painful. There is no indication that he ever received any dental treatment.
Clothing: 32-30 Levi jeans, size 11 Reebok Sneakers T-shirt, no logo, no tag
Fingerprints: Not available

The victim was located in a wooded area off Route 95, which runs from Florida to Maine, so it is believed he could have come from anywhere, including Canada.
State Police believe that the youth was a runaway, but his description did not match that of any teen-agers reported missing locally.
He was found just off the SB Rte 113 exit.

A Forensic Anthropologist examined the body, and his age was determined from teeth and from the fact that certain of his bone shafts had not yet fused, which happens at about age 20.

Another way to identify him is through the X-rays of his head and body. If he ever had a skull X-ray, for his head injury, they would be able to match it or rule it out with his X-ray. No cause of death could be determined, though there were no markings on the skeleton, soft tissue injury was possible.

If you have any information about this case please contact:
Massachusetts State Police
Essex County Division
Sgt. Larry Marks
You may remain anonymous when submitting information.

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