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Michael Dunahee "Keep the Hope Alive Drive 2008
SUNDAY April 6, 2008 @ 10am
Esquimalt CURLING RINK, 1151 Esquimalt Road
Registration forms & Drop off at Frontrunners or the Esquimalt Recreation Centre until Saturday March 29th
T-Shirts can be picked up on Saturday March 29 from 10am - 2pm @ Esquimalt Recreation Centre

Michael Dunahee Fun Run 2007
Sunday April 1st 2007
9:00 a.m. registration; 10:00 a.m. start
Juan De Fuca Recreation Centre
In Esquimalt, just off of Esquimalt Road

Unconfirmed by this url: There's usually a dance in Esquimalt, on the Friday night before the Fun Run.


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Police dismiss Milwaukee link
Rob Shaw, Times Colonist
Published: Thursday, January 08, 2009

Victoria police, and their American counterparts in Milwaukee, Wisc., have
dismissed a link between missing Michael Dunahee and a possible U.S. child

"We want everyone to understand we aren't concerned with this," said Det-Sgt.
Al Cochrane, the Victoria police officer who has investigated hundreds of tips
on the Dunahee case the last few years. "But we are still working on the Dunahee
file and it's still an active investigation."

Michael Dunahee was four when he disappeared on March 24, 1991, from a park
at what is now University Canada West in Victoria.

Victoria police Sgt. Grant Hamilton checks documents related to the Michael
Dunahee missing person case that are on file at the police station.
Darren Stone, Times Colonist

Milwaukee TV station TMJ4 reported Tuesday that U.S. police found a missing
person poster of Michael inside the Milwaukee home of Vernon Seitz, 62, who
confessed just before dying to killing two children in 1958.

Search warrants revealed police found "missing" flyers of small children from
nearby states and communities, along with news articles of missing children.

Milwaukee police never contacted their Victoria counterparts, and both
sought to distance themselves from the story yesterday.

"We have no information to substantiate any allegation that the deceased
was involved in any missing children cases or homicides of children," said
spokeswoman Anne E. Schwartz. "We have exhausted all possible angles in this
case. If we receive credible information that warrants investigation, we will
pursue it."

The Milwaukee branch of the Federal Bureau of Investigation declined to

Michael's mother, Crystal, said Tuesday the finding seemed insignificant.
"It's a poster," she said. "We sent out hundreds and thousands of posters
Canada and North America."

It's not unusual for pedophiles to collect posters of missing children, said
Cochrane. For example, Victoria police are talking to police in Regina about
Darren Philpott, a now dead sexual offender who videotaped his abuse of
numerous children, in an effort to determine why he had a Michael Dunahee
button and missing poster in his home.

But the real impact of the Milwaukee story will be felt on Cochrane's desk,
where he is expecting hundreds of new tips as a result of heavy international

The Milwaukee tip is number 575 since March 24, 2006, when police put out a
new call for help on the case. Every tip needs to be individually investigated
and cleared by Cochrane, who works the file part time on top of duties in
financial crime.

It is laborious work. Prior to an interview with the Times Colonist yesterday,
Cochrane took a phone call from a woman who said she'd dreamed about a
suspicious house and felt it was linked to the Dunahee case.

Nonetheless, Cochrane said police remain closer than ever to solving the case.
He said they've progressed on a number of active leads in the past few months,
have "strong circumstantial" evidence, and their prime suspects remain alive.

In particular, Cochrane wants to find a woman who worked for a real estate
company in 1991, with an office at the corner of Kings Road and Quadra Street.
She initially came forward to talk to police but has since been unreachable and
may have useful information. "If I could find that woman I'd be really happy,"
said Cochrane.

-- With a file from Canwest News Service

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Police asked him for a blood sample because he looks like Michael Dunahee, who vanished 22 years ago
By The Province, The Province July 24, 2013

Police asked him for a blood sample because he looks like Michael Dunahee, who vanished 22 years ago

In this split image, an age-enhanced photo of missing Michael Dunahee from the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children appears on the left. The Canucks.com forum member who calls himself Canuckels posted the photo of himself on the right.

The decades-long cold case of Michael Dunahee’s disappearance garnered much attention Wednesday, after Victoria Police confirmed they had asked for a blood sample from a Surrey man who bears a resemblance to the missing child.

The man, who told his story on a Canucks.com forum, says he was contacted by Victoria Police, who had received a tip that he resembled age-enhanced photos of the missing boy.

Dunahee, who would now be 27, was abducted March 24, 1991 from a Victoria elementary school playground. He was four years old.

Const. Mike Russell of the Victoria Police Department said police don’t believe the man is Michael Dunahee but they are seeking absolute clarification of his identity through blood work.

"This is just a tip that we are working on," said Russell. "It’s one of the thousands in the last 23 years."

He said the blood work is "standard procedure" to rule out the claims.

"We don’t believe it is Michael but just like every other tip we have to investigate it to the ends of the earth," said Russell.

"We owe it to everybody — (Dunahee’s parents) Bruce and Crystal and everyone across Canada who have watched the story for the last 23 years."

He said police are in constant contact with the Dunahee family and they are aware of the recent development.

Dunahee’s mother Crystal declined to give a full interview but told The Province there have been countless DNA tests over the years as is "common practice" for police following up on tips.

While Wednesday’s news may seem like a big development in the case, Crystal believes the latest update is garnering attention likely because the individual posted publicly online about being asked to do the DNA test.

The Surrey man, who goes by the online name Canuckels, wrote at length about being told he resembles Dunahee based on age-enhanced photos of the boy. He posted on July 10 that he had been contacted by police.

"I was contacted by Victoria police because there has been tips that I have a remarkable resemblance to micheal dunahee, I’m freaked out right now and there coming to get a DNA sample!!!

"I’m pretty sure I’m not, but what if I am?!?

He went on to write: "I was contacted by Victoria police at my old work, my old co-workers called me and asked me what I did wrong ... and obviously I didn’t believe them at first, I got a call around middle of the day from a private number and it was them, they told me the micheal dunahee story and explained that people have gave them tips or whatever, and that I resemble him, I match his age etc. so they asked me to meet with them. So I did last week, they got my blood and told me they didn’t know exactly when results are coming but will contact me when they knew."

The man, who doesn’t reveal his real name, posted photos of himself on the forum, along with photos of Dunahee. The posts have since been removed from public view.

"I played hockey from 7 to 21 I went to many different schools when I was young, I remember being at elementary school in grade 1 but not much before I can’t remember exactly where I was living as we moved a lot," he wrote.

"My mother always kept me separated from my family for good reason that I don’t need discuss publicly my dad left when I was young, and here’s a truth my sister is a drug addict that I haven’t spoken too. In years and I can’t go to my moms place as of right now because there’s an investigation into my mothers death, like get a grip I never once said I am him, but I’m obviously curious if they contacted me and want a DNA test … OK."

The Dunahee family continues to maintain a Facebook group that updates the public on the search for Dunahee.

Last year, local publisher Hancock House also released ‘Vanished: The Michael Dunahee Story’, a book that outlines the timeline of events from the time Dunahee went to missing, to the ongoing search today.


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https://www.vicnews.com/local-news/27-a ... l-dunahee/

27th anniversary for the disappearance of Michael Dunahee
Parents hosting annual fun run on March 25
ANNA JAMES Mar. 23, 2018 1:00 p.m.LOCAL NEWS
It’s every parent’s worst nightmare.

On March 24, 1991, at 12:30pm, Michael Dunahee was playing on the outdoor equipment at the Blanshard Elementary School.

Michael was being monitored by his parents who – for a few split seconds – diverted their attention.

Then, he was gone.

It’s been 27 years since that day, and the search for Michael continues.

“There’s always new technology coming out, tools that solve mysteries like this,” said Crystal Dunahee, Michael’s mother.

“He’d be 32 years old now, so we’re looking for a young adult… you’re constantly looking.”

On Sunday March 25, the Dunahee family is hosting the annual 5 km fun run and walk to raise money for Child Find BC.

Participants are to assemble at the Esquimalt Rec Centre at 9:30 a.m. Online pre-registration is encouraged.

Micheal is blond with blue eyes and had begun to show freckles.

At the time of his disappearance, he was 3 foot tall and weighed 51 pounds.