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"The public perception of the climate problem is somewhat schizophrenic. On the one hand, the problem is perceived to be so complex that it cannot be approached without massive computer programs. On the other hand, the physics is claimed to be so basic that the dire conclusions commonly presented are considered to be self-evident."
- Richard S. Lindzen, Ph.D. Professor of Atmospheric Sciences, MIT

Obama's EPA to Skyrocket Household Energy Costs by $680 Annually to Fight "Global Warming" (PDF) (Energy Ventures Analysis, November 2014)

Global warming consensus claim doesn’t stand up (The Australian, March 25, 2015)
Global warming 'pause' may last for 20 more years and Arctic sea ice has already started to recover (Daily Mail, November 2, 2014)
Climate Is Changing, And Some Parks Are Endangered, But Humans Aren't The Cause (National Parks Traveler, October 26, 2014)
NOAA Reinstates July 1936 As The Hottest Month On Record (Daily Caller, June 30, 2014)
The scandal of fiddled global warming data (The Daily Telegraph, June 21, 2014)
The claim of a 97% consensus on global warming does not stand up (The Guardian, June 6, 2014)
The Myth of the Climate Change '97%' (The Wall Street Journal, May 26, 2014)
UN climate change expert reveals bias in global warming report (Fox News, May 20, 2014)
McNider and Christy: Why Kerry Is Flat Wrong on Climate Change (The Wall Street Journal, February 19, 2014)
Why climate change is good for the world (The Spectator, October 19, 2013)
A cooling consensus (The Economist, June 20, 2013)
Academic warmists celebrate book burning at San Jose State University (American Thinker, May 4, 2013)
Climatologists are no Einsteins, says his successor [Freeman Dyson] (The Star Ledger, April 4, 2013)
Open letter to UN Secretary-General: Current scientific knowledge does not substantiate Ban Ki-Moon assertions on weather and climate, say 125-plus scientists (Financial Post, Canada, November 29, 2012)
Global warming stopped 16 years ago (Daily Mail, UK, October 13, 2012)
A Cool-Headed Climate Conversation With Aerospace Legend Burt Rutan (Forbes, September 9, 2012)
Global-warming fanatics take note: Sunspots do impact climate (The Washington Times, September 6, 2012)
Apocalypse Not (Wired, August 17, 2012)
Environmental Alarmism, Then and Now (Foreign Affairs, July/August 2012)
Study: Climate Change Skeptics Know More About Science Than Believers (The Blaze, May 28, 2012)
49 former NASA scientists go ballistic over agency's bias over climate change (Financial Post, April 11, 2012)
Global Warming Models Are Wrong Again (William Happer, Ph.D. Professor of Physics, Princeton University, The Wall Street Journal, March 27, 2012)
No Need to Panic About Global Warming (Signed by 16 Scientists, The Wall Street Journal, January 26, 2012)
- Concerned Scientists Reply on Global Warming (Signed by 16 Scientists, The Wall Street Journal, February 21, 2012)
UN Embarrassed by Forecast on Climate Refugees (Spiegel Online, April 18, 2011)


:o Actual Commercial Endorsing Killing Climate Skeptics Released by Environmental Activist Group (Video) (4min)

School Children 'Blown Up' for Not Fighting Climate Change in Controversial Ad (Fox News, October 4, 2010)


:omg: Climategate

"I've just completed Mike’s Nature trick of adding in the real temps to each series for the last 20 years (ie from 1981 onwards) and from 1961 for Keith’s to hide the decline." - Phil Jones, Director Climatic Research Unit (CRU)

"The fact is that we can't account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty that we can't."
- Kevin Trenberth, Lead Author IPCC (2001, 2007)

Climategate U-turn as scientist at centre of row admits: There has been no global warming since 1995 (Daily Mail, UK)
BBC: Do you agree that from 1995 to the present there has been no statistically-significant global warming?

Phil Jones: Yes, [excuses removed]

Call Your U.S. Congressman to Defund the EPA

:realmad: Obama: "Cap & Trade Will Cause Electricity Rates to Skyrocket" (Video) (3min)

:realmad: Obama Admin: Cap And Trade Could Cost Families $1,761 A Year (CBS News)

:realmad: Duke Energy CEO: Cap-and-Trade Plan Would Raise Electric Rates 40% (The Wall Street Journal)

:o Australian Senate Rejects Cap and Trade (Bloomberg, August 13, 2009)

:o Australian Senate Rejects Carbon Plan a Second Time (Bloomberg, December 2, 2009)

:o Canada senate kills climate bill ahead of UN summit (BBC, November 18, 2010)

:o U.S. House Defunds UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (NewsBusters, February 19, 2011)

:o New Hampshire House votes to repeal cap-and-trade program (BusinessWeek, March 30, 2011)


FACT: The temperature has only increased 0.7°C in the last 100 Years (IPCC)
FACT: 89% of U.S. temperature stations are biased by +1 to +5°C (SurfaceStations)

"There is a clear attempt to establish truth not by scientific methods but by perpetual repetition."
- Richard S. Lindzen, Ph.D. Professor of Atmospheric Science, MIT

:yeahright: Give Me a Break: Global Warming (Video) (8min) (ABC News)

B) Unstoppable Solar Cycles (Video) (10min)

With the release of Al Gore's propaganda movie 'An Inconvenient Truth' and with the help of the media the public has been driven into a mass hysteria based not on science but lies. You will learn that there is no empirical evidence that man-made CO2 is the primary cause of the mild 0.6c increase in temperature over the last 100 years, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is not pollution, pollution has nothing to do with global warming, Al Gore and his movie are a fraud, there is no "consensus" on the cause of global warming, the earth has been warmer in the past then it is today, the land based temperature stations are biased and their temperature records have been "adjusted", Antarctica is not melting, Arctic sea ice cannot effect sea level, sea levels are rising millimeters not feet, computer climate models are worthless, polar bears are not endangered or dying, droughts and hurricanes are not caused or made worse by global warming and there is extensive evidence of natural causes for global warming such as increased solar activity and orbital variations.

The current man-made global warming hysteria is largely driven by the environmentalist movement in an attempt to reshape western society away from capitalism by implementing state control (socialism) over private energy usage (Carbon Taxes, Cap and Trade). These environmentalists wish to get rid of the suburbs, SUVs, single family homes and return western society to a neo-urbanistic state of living. This is because the current environmentalist movement is filled with ex-communists and neo-socialists who have long ago abandoned science and replaced it with their politically motivated environmental "religion". Don't believe me? Go ask any "environmentalist" - socialism or capitalism? No, not all scientists even those who support man-made global warming theory seek these politically motivated intentions but their position has been distorted and exaggerated for political gain by extremists. I have created this page to help shed light on what you have not been told.


Anita Dunn - Obama's Communications Director:
Anita Dunn: "I turn to Communist Killer Mao Tse-Tung as my Political Philosopher" (Video)

Carol Browner - Obama's Climate Czar:
Browner is an environmental radical – and a socialist (The Washington Examiner)
Browner: Redder than Obama Knows (Fox News)
Obama climate czar has socialist ties (The Washington Times)
Obama Climate Czarina Was Member of Socialist Group's Environmental Commission (Fox News)

John Holdren - Obama's Science Czar:
Obama's Science Czar Considered Forced Abortions, Sterilization as Population Growth Solutions (Fox News)
Obama's science czar suggested compulsory abortion, sterilization (The Washington Examiner)
Obama's Science Fiction 'Czar' (RealClearPolitics)
Obama Science Czar: Redistributionism as the cure for American exceptionalism (HotAir)
The Mad Scientist at the White House (Fox News)
White House Science Adviser Advocated 'De-Development' of the United States (CNS News)

Ron Bloom - Obama's Manufacturing Czar:
Ron Bloom: "I agree with Mao" (Video)

Van Jones - Obama's Green Jobs Czar: (Resigned - September 5, 2009)
Van Jones, 'Green Jobs Czar', a self-described 'communist' (The Examiner)
Van Jones, 'Green Jobs Czar', wants eco-capitalism (Breitbart)
Green jobs czar signed 'truther' statement in 2004 (The Washington Times)

Obama to Declare Carbon Dioxide Dangerous Pollutant (Bloomberg)
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is Not Pollution (Popular Technology)

Obama Says He Will Control Your Thermostat (Video) (1min)
Big Brother to control thermostats in homes? (WorldNetDaily)


ABC: Give Me a Break: Global Warming (Video) (8min)
Apocalypse? No! (Video) (1hr 26min)
Bullshit! - Environmental Hysteria (Video) (29min)
Bullshit! - Being Green (Video) (29min)
CBC: Doomsday Called Off (Video) (44min)
Climate Catastrophe Cancelled (Video) (25min)
Climate Chains (Video) (22min)
CNN: Exposed: Climate of Fear (Video) (42min)
George Carlin - 'Saving The Planet' (Video) (8min)
Global Warming: The Other Side (Video) (58min)
Policy Peril: Straight Talk About Global Warming (Video) (40min)
The Great Global Warming Swindle (Video) (1hr 14min)
Unstoppable Solar Cycles (Video) (10min)
What is Normal? A Critique of Catastrophic Man-Made Global Warming Theory (Video) (55min)

Climate Change - Is CO2 the cause? (Video) (36min) (Robert M. Carter, Ph.D. Professor of Environmental and Earth Sciences)
Climate of Extremes (Video) (60min) (Patrick J. Michaels, Ph.D. Climatology)
Deconstructing Global Warming (Video) (55min) (Richard S. Lindzen, Ph.D. Professor of Atmospheric Science, MIT)
Global Warming - Some Real Science (Video) (33min) (R. Tim Patterson, Ph.D. Professor of Earth Science)
Global Warming - Where is the Alarm? (Video) (36min) (John R. Christy, Ph.D. Professor of Atmospheric Sciences)
Our priorities for saving the world (Video) (17min) (Bjørn Lomborg, Ph.D. Professor of Environmental Economics)

* More Videos

AGW: (Anthropogenic [Man-Made] Global Warming)

"More informed respondents both feel less personally responsible for global warming, and also show less concern for global warming" - 2008 Texas A&M University Study

Alarmists keep ringing the bell (Richard S. Lindzen, Ph.D. Professor of Atmospheric Science, MIT)
Don't Believe the Hype (Richard S. Lindzen, Ph.D. Professor of Atmospheric Science, MIT)
Global-Warming Myth (Patrick J. Michaels, Ph.D. Climatology)
I Was On the Global Warming Gravy Train (David Evans, Ph.D. Carbon Accounting Modeler, Australian Department of Climate Change, 1999-2010)
The Amazing Story Behind the Global Warming Scam (John Coleman, Founder of The Weather Channel)
The Case for Skepticism on Global Warming (PDF) (Michael Crichton, A.B. Anthropology, M.D. Harvard)
The UN Climate Change Numbers Hoax (Canada Free Press)
What happened to global warming? (BBC)
The Skeptic's Case (David Evans, Ph.D. Carbon Accounting Modeler, Australian Department of Climate Change, 1999-2010)

Climate Money: The Climate Industry: $79 billion so far – trillions to come (PDF) (Science and Public Policy Institute) - [Archive]
Funding Flows for Climate Change Research and Related Activities (PDF) (Marshall Institute, February 2005) - [Archive]
Funding Flows for Climate Change Research and Related Activities (Marshall Institute, February 26, 2015) - [Archive]
The Climate Funding Trough; The Canadian Example (FCPP, March 16, 2010) - [Archive]

A Global Warming Primer (PDF) (National Center for Policy Analysis)
A Skeptic’s Guide to Debunking Global Warming Alarmism (PDF) (US Senate Environment & Public Works Committee)
A Skeptical Layman's Guide to Anthropogenic Global Warming (PDF) (Climate Skeptic)
A Skeptic's Guide to An Inconvenient Truth (PDF) (Marlo Lewis Jr. Ph.D.)
Climate Issues and Questions - 3rd Edition (PDF) (The Marshall Institute)
Global Warming FAQ (PDF) (Competitive Enterprise Institute)
Global Warming Quiz (PDF) (Richard A. Keen, Ph.D. Professor of Climatology)
Journalist's Guide To Global Warming Experts (PDF) (The Heartland Institute)
Legislator's Guide to Global Warming Experts (PDF) (The Heartland Institute)
The Cocktail Conversation Guide to Global Warming (PDF) (The Marshall Institute)
The Skeptics Handbook (PDF) (Joanne Nova, B.S. Microbiology, Graduate Diploma in Science Communications)

Fallacies about Global Warming (PDF) (Science & Public Policy Institute)
Five Biggest Myths about Global Warming (The Washington Examiner)
Global Warming Economics: Facts vs. Myths (PDF) (Competitive Enterprise Institute)
Global Warming: Fact and Myth (S. Fred Singer, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Environmental Science)
Global Warming: Science vs. Nonsense (PDF) (Executive Intelligence Review)
Global Warming Myths (Friends of Science)
Green Myths On Global Warming - Debunked (The Association of British Drivers, UK)
Heartland President Debunks Global Warming Myths (The Heartland Institute)
Myths and Facts About the Environment (National Center for Public Policy Research)
Myths of Global Warming (National Center for Policy Analysis)
The Global Warming Myth? (John Stossel, ABC News)
Top 10 Climate Myth-Busters for 2007 (Steve Milloy, B.A. Natural Science, M.S. Health Science)
Top 10 Environmental Myths (PDF) (U.S. Chamber of Commerce)
Top 10 'Global-Warming' Myths (Human Events)

Misled on Climate Change: How the UN IPCC (and others) Exaggerate the Impacts of Global Warming (PDF) (Indur M. Goklany, Ph.D. U.S. Department of the Interior, 2011)
A Climate of Belief (Patrick Frank, Ph.D. Chemistry)
A Natural Limit to Anthropogenic Global Warming (PDF) (William Kininmonth, M.Sc. Retired Head of the Australian National Climate Centre)
Anthropogenic Global Warming: A Skeptical Point of View (PDF) (Anthony R. Lupo, Ph.D. Professor of Atmospheric Science)
Carbon Dioxide is not the primary cause of global warming (PDF) (Allan M.R. MacRae, B.Sc., M.Eng.)
Carbon cycle modelling and the residence time of natural and anthropogenic atmospheric CO2 (PDF) (Tom V. Segalstad, Ph.D. Professor of Environmental Geology)
Carbon Emissions Don’t Cause Global Warming (PDF) (David Evans, Ph.D. Carbon Accounting Modeller)
Climate Change (PDF) (Neil Hutton, Ph.D. Geology)
Climate Change: Driven by the Ocean not Human Activity (PDF) (William M. Gray, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Atmospheric Science)
Climate Change is Nothing New (PDF) (Lance Endersbee, Professor Emeritus of Engineering)
Climate Change Re-examined (PDF) (Joel M. Kauffman, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Chemistry)
Climate Science: Climate Change and Its Impacts (PDF) (David R. Legates, Ph.D. Professor of Climatology)
Climate Science: Is it currently designed to answer questions? (PDF) (36pgs) (Richard S. Lindzen, Ph.D. Professor of Atmospheric Science, MIT)
CO2: The Greatest Scientific Scandal of Our Time (PDF) (Zbigniew Jaworowski, M.D. Ph.D. D.Sc. Natural Sciences)
Environmental Effects of Increased Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide (PDF) (Arthur B. Robinson, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry)
Global Warming: Correcting the Data (PDF) (Patrick J. Michaels, Ph.D. Climatology)
Global Warming: Experts’ Opinions versus Scientific Forecasts (PDF) (Kesten C. Green, Ph.D., J. Scott Armstrong, Ph.D. MIT)
Global Warming - Is Carbon Dioxide Getting a Bad Rep? (PDF) (Joseph D’Aleo, M.S. Meteorology, CCM, AMS Fellow)
Global Warming Is Not Happening (PDF) (Christopher Monckton, Mathematician and Former Science Advisor to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, UK)
Governments and Climate Change Issues: The case for rethinking (PDF) (David R. Henderson, Ph.D. Professor of Economics)
Is the Climate Really Changing Abnormally? (PDF) (Ross McKitrick, Ph.D. Professor of Environmental Economics)
Is the Earth still recovering from the "Little Ice Age"? (PDF) (Syun-Ichi Akasofu, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Geophysics)
Is the Sky Really Falling? A Review of Recent Global Warming Scare Stories (PDF) (Patrick J. Michaels, Ph.D. Climatology)
Limits to existing quantitative understanding of past, present and future changes to atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration (PDF) (Richard S. Courtney, Expert Peer Reviewer, IPCC)
Low climate sensitivity and other inconvenient truths (PDF) (Luboš Motl, Ph.D. Theoretical Physics)
Meteorology and Climate: Problems and Expectations (PDF) (Antonino Zichichi, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Advanced Physics)
Perspectives on global warming science (PDF) (Chris de Freitas, Ph.D. Professor of Environmental Science)
Politics and the Greenhouse Effect (Hans Jelbring, Ph.D Climatology)
Pseudoscientific elements in climate change research (PDF) (Arthur Rörsch, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Molecular Genetics)
Real-World Constraints on Global Warming (PDF) (Sherwood B. Idso, Ph.D. Soil Science)
Satellite and Climate Model Evidence Against Substantial Manmade Climate Change (Roy W. Spencer, Ph.D. Meteorology, Former Senior Scientist for Climate Studies, NASA)
Taking Greenhouse Warming Seriously (PDF) (Richard S. Lindzen, Ph.D. Professor of Atmospheric Science, MIT)
The Acquittal of Carbon Dioxide (Jeffrey A. Glassman, Ph.D. Applied Physicist and Engineer)
The Global Warming Scam (PDF) (Vincent R. Gray, Ph.D. Physical Chemistry)
The Increase in Global Temperature: What it Does and Does Not Tell Us (PDF) (Robert C. Balling Jr., Ph.D. Professor of Climatology)
The Lynching of Carbon Dioxide - The Innocent Source of Life (PDF) (Martin Hertzberg, Ph.D. Physical Chemistry)
The Myth of Dangerous Human Caused Climate Change (PDF) (Robert M. Carter, Ph.D. Professor of Environmental and Earth Science)
The IPCC's dubious evidence for a human influence on climate (PDF) (John McLean, Climate Data Analyst)
The Missing Hotspot (PDF) (David Evans, Ph.D. Carbon Accounting Modeller)
The Science Isn't Settled - The Limitations of Global Climate Models (PDF) (Tim F. Ball, Ph.D. Climatology)
There Is No Evidence (PDF) (David Evans, Ph.D. Carbon Accounting Modeller)

Peer-Reviewed Papers:
1100+ Peer-Reviewed Papers Supporting Skepticism of "Man-Made" Global Warming (AGW) Alarm (Popular Technology)


Climate Change Reconsidered - Report (2009) (868 pgs) (NIPCC)

Climate Change Reconsidered - Interim Report (2011) (430 pgs) (NIPCC)

Nature, Not Human Activity, Rules the Climate (PDF) (50 pgs) (NIPCC)
- Reply to RealClimate’s Attacks on the NIPCC Climate Report (The Heartland Institute)

Climate Change Reconsidered II - Summary for Policy Makers (2013) (PDF) (22 pgs) (NIPICC)
Climate Change Reconsidered II - Report (2013) (PDF) (993 pgs) (NIPICC)
- NIPCC Replies to Critics
Climate Change Reconsidered II: Biological Impacts - Report (2014) (PDF) (1062 pgs) (NIPICC)

Civil Society Report on Climate Change (PDF) (100pgs) (Civil Society Coalition on Climate Change)
Global Warming Censored (PDF) (Business & Media Institute)
Independent Summary for Policymakers: IPCC Fourth Assessment Report (PDF) (64pgs) (The Fraser Institute)
Critical Topics in Global Warming: Supplementary Analysis of the Independent Summary for Policymakers (PDF) (124pgs) (The Fraser Institute)
Is the U.S. Surface Temperature Record Reliable? (PDF) (Anthony Watts, AMS Certified Meteorologist)
Surface Temperature Records: Policy Driven Deception? (PDF) (Joseph D’Aleo, M.S. Meteorology; Anthony Watts, AMS Certified Meteorologist)

Al Gore: "The Goracle"

"What a pompous jerk.'s time for Al Gore to get over himself." - Jack Cafferty, CNN, 2007

Al Gore, B.A. in Government, Divinity and Law School Dropout (no science degree)
Al Gore Got a D in Natural Sciences at Harvard (NewsBusters)
The Education of Al Gore (The Washington Times)
The Washington Times wrote:Mr. Gore's high school performance on the college board achievement tests in physics (488 out of 800 "terrible," St. Albans retired teacher and assistant headmaster John Davis told The Post) and chemistry (519 out of 800 "He didn't do too well in chemistry," Mr. Davis observed) suggests that Mr. Gore would have trouble with science for the rest of his life. At Harvard and Vanderbilt, Mr. Gore continued bumbling along.

As a Harvard sophomore, scholar Al "earned" a D in Natural Sciences 6 in a course presciently named "Man's Place in Nature." That was the year he evidently spent more time smoking cannabis than studying its place among other plants within the ecosystem. His senior year, Mr. Gore received a C+ in Natural Sciences 118.

At Vanderbilt divinity school, Mr. Gore took a course in theology and natural science. The assigned readings included the apocalyptic, and widely discredited "Limits to Growth," which formed much of the foundation for "Earth in the Balance." It is said that Mr. Gore failed to hand in his book report on time. Thus, his incomplete grade turned into an F, one of five Fs Mr. Gore received at divinity school, which may well be a worldwide record.
Gore's guru disagreed (Financial Post, Canada)
Roger Revelle & Al Gore (Video) (5min)
The Revelle-Gore Story: Attempted Political Suppression of Science (PDF) (Politicizing Science: The Alchemy of Policymaking, Chapter 11, 2003)

Drug Addict:
Dope-Smoking Al Gore Flunked Out of Grad School (NewsMax)
Gore Smoked Pot as Senator, Friend Charges (NewsMax)
'Gore Pressured Me to Lie About His Drug Habit,' Friend Claims (NewsMax)
Gore was avid pot smoker (The Guardian, UK)
Media Bury Gore’s Lies About Pot (Accuracy in Media)

Al Gore: The Sex-Crazed Poodle (Human Events)

Al Gore and Global Warming - Is He a Hypocrite? (Video) (10min)
Al Gore Takes Private Jet (Video) (7min)
Al Gore attends 'Green' Ball in SUV (Video) (TMZ)
Al Gore, Environmentalist and Zinc Miner (The Wall Street Journal, June 29, 2000)
- Zero on Zinc: The mining double standard (National Review Online)
Al Gore is No Conservationist (The Washington Post)
Al Gore, polluter? (WorldNetDaily)
Al Gore Refuses to Take Personal Energy Ethics Pledge (US Senate Environment & Public Works Committee)
Al Gore snubs Earth Hour (Watts Up With That)
Al Gore: Occidental Petroleum Connections (The Wall Street Journal)
Al Gore: The Other Oil Candidate (CorpWatch)
Al Gore's Inconvenient Stock Portfolio Exposed (The Earth Times)
Al Gore's Inconvenient Toxic Waste Dump (NewsMax)
Bush's Ranch House 'Far More Eco-Friendly' Than Gore's (CNSNews)
- George W. Bush's eco-friendly ranch compared to Al Gore's energy-expending mansion = True (Snopes)
Eco-warrior Al Gore serves up endangered fish at daughter's party (Daily Mail, UK)
Environmentalists Attack Gore's Dishonesty (NewsMax)
Gore and Enron: Controlling Hypocritical Authority (National Review Online)
Gore's Elk Hills/Occidental Oil Scandal: Bigger Than Teapot Dome (NewsMax)
Gore’s Entourage Lincoln Town Car Outside Global Warming Speech Idles w/ AC Cranking for 20 Minutes! (Canada Free Press)
Gore's Oil Money (The Nation)
Gore Hits the Waves with a Massive New Houseboat (Pajamas Media)
Gore's home energy use: more than 20 times the national average (Tennesse Center for Policy Research)
- Al Gore's 'Inconvenient Truth'? -- A $30,000 Utility Bill (ABC News)
- Al Gore's Inconvenient Electric Bill (Fox News)
- Al Gore's residence uses considerably more energy than the average American home = True (Snopes)
Gore’s personal electricity consumption up 10%, despite "energy-efficient" home renovations (Tennesse Center for Policy Research)
- Al Gore's Epic Hypocrisy (Fox News)
- Gore's Mansion Uses More Energy After 'Going Green' (CNSNews)
Gore isn't quite as green as he's led the world to believe (USA Today)
Hypocrite Gore Should Practice What He Preaches (The Tech, MIT)
Integrity in the Balance: Al Gore's Record On the Environment (CorpWatch)
Meet the real Al Gore (WorldNetDaily)
Old-Growth Timber used to Rebuild the Veranda of the Vice Presidential Mansion (Newsweek)
Stunning Pictures of Al Gore's New $9 Million Mansion Media Totally Ignored (NewsBusters)
- Sea Level Rising? Gore Buys Multi-Million Dollar Oceanfront Mansion (The Heartland Institute)
Whose Ox Is Gored? The Former Vice President's Environmental Exaggerations and Hypocrisy (The Wall Street Journal)

Al Gore The Sage (Video) (7min)
Al Gore, Ethanol and the Food Crisis (Video) (7min)

Gore's 10 Errors Old and New (PDF) (Science & Public Policy Institute)
Lies, Damned Lies, and Al Gore on Climate (PDF) (Science & Public Policy Institute)
The Gore Lies (National Review Online)

Nobel 'Peace' Prize:
Gore Deserves Nobel Prize for Propaganda (CNSNews)
Nobel Committee Bypassed Holocaust Savior for Al Gore (NewsBusters)
The Science of Gore's Nobel (The Wall Street Journal)

Al Gore Pushes 'Pollution Tax' (NewsMax)
Gore Warns on 'Subprime Carbon' Industry (Fox News)

Al Gore Gets Rich ($100 Million) After White House (ABC News, June 15, 2007)
Al Gore, $100,000 Man (The Smoking Gun)
Al Gore is criticised for lining his own pockets after £3,300 ($6,757) per-minute green speech (Daily Mail, December 10, 2007)
Al Gore, Maurice Strong: Creators of carbon credit scheme cashing in on it (Canada Free Press)
Al Gore’s Carbon Empire: Cashing in on Climate Change (PDF) (Capital Research Center)
Al Gore's Fund to Close After Attracting $5 Billion (Bloomberg)
Cap-And-Trade: Al Gore's Cash Cow (Investor's Business Daily)
Gore-backed Hara sees profit from low-carbon economy (Reuters)
Gore's 'carbon offsets' paid to firm he owns (WorldNetDaily, March 2, 2007)
Gore Cashing in on $6 Trillion Energy Business (NewsMax)
Gore investment body closes $683m fund (Financial Times, UK)
Gore Invests $35 Million for Hedge Funds With EBay Billionaire (Bloomberg)
Gore makes sustainable investment his business (The Age, Australia)
Gore to Rake in IPO Millions (NewsMax)
Gore’s Dual Role: Advocate and Investor (The New York Times)
Global Warming, Inc. (The Wall Street Journal)
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O-10 **** General
O-10 **** General
Joined: 10:19 AM - Nov 17, 2004

10:53 AM - May 29, 2007 #2

An Inconvenient Truth:

"I believe it is appropriate to have an over-representation of factual presentations on how dangerous it [global warming] is" - Al Gore, 2006

"some of the errors by Mr Gore in AIT do arise in the context of alarmism and exaggeration in support of his political thesis." - British High Court Justice Michael Burton, 2007 Ruling

Proof: 'An Inconvenient Truth' is Science Fiction (Video) (1min)

Executive Summary: Science Fiction (Media Research Institute)
Science Fiction (Media Research Institute)

Debunked By Peer Review:
An Inconvenient Truth : a focus on its portrayal of the hydrologic cycle (David R. Legates, GeoJournal, Volume 70, Number 1, September 2007)
An Inconvenient Truth : blurring the lines between science and science fiction (Roy W. Spencer, GeoJournal, Volume 70, Number 1, September 2007)

Al Gore's climate change film 'is propaganda' (The Daily Telegraph, UK, September 28, 2007)
Judge attacks nine errors in Al Gore's 'alarmist' climate change film (Daily Mail, UK, October 11, 2007)

- Al Gore's Convenient Untruths (Fox News, October 11, 2007)
- Al Gore's 'nine Inconvenient Untruths' (The Daily Telegraph, UK, October 11, 2007)
- Al Gore told there are nine inconvenient truths in his film (The Times, UK, October 10, 2007)
- An Inconvenient Lie (WorldNetDaily, December 8, 2007)
- British Judge Bashes Gore Film (NewsMax, October 11, 2007)
- Gore's climate film has scientific errors - judge (The Guardian, UK, October 11, 2007)
- Gore Film Is Partisan, Riddled with Errors, U.K. Court Rules (The Heartland Institute, December 1, 2007)
- Gore’s Nine Lies (FrontPage Magazine, October 17, 2007)
- UK Court finds 9 Inaccuracies in Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth (The New Party, UK)

British High Court Decision on Gore Film, An Inconvenient Truth (The Heartland Institute, October 2, 2007)
- Approved Judgment: Dimmock v SS for Education and Skills (PDF) (Justice Michael Burton, October 2, 2007)
Judge, "some of the errors by Mr Gore in AIT do arise in the context of alarmism and exaggeration in support of his political thesis."

1. ERROR: Sea level rise of up to 20 feet (7 metres) will be caused by melting of either West Antarctica or Greenland in the near future.

Judge, "This is distinctly alarmist, It is common ground that if indeed Greenland melted, it would release this amount of water, but only after, and over, millennia"

2. ERROR: Low lying inhabited Pacific atolls are being inundated because of anthropogenic global warming.

Judge, "In scene 20, Mr Gore states 'that's why the citizens of these Pacific nations have all had to evacuate to New Zealand'. There is no evidence of any such evacuation having yet happened."

3. ERROR: Shutting down of the "Ocean Conveyor".

Judge, "According to the IPCC, it is very unlikely that the Ocean Conveyor will shut down in the future"

4. ERROR: Direct coincidence between rise in CO2 in the atmosphere and in temperature, by reference to two graphs.

Judge, "the two graphs do not establish what Mr Gore asserts."

5. ERROR: The snows of Kilimanjaro.

Judge, "it is common ground that, the scientific consensus is that it cannot be established that the recession of snows on Mt Kilimanjaro is mainly attributable to human-induced climate change."

6. ERROR: Lake Chad.

Judge, "The drying up of Lake Chad is used as a prime example of a catastrophic result of global warming. However, it is generally accepted that the evidence remains insufficient to establish such an attribution. It is apparently considered to be far more likely to result from other factors, such as population increase and over-grazing, and regional climate variability."

7. ERROR: Hurricane Katrina.

Judge, "In scene 12 Hurricane Katrina and the consequent devastation in New Orleans is ascribed to global warming. It is common ground that there is insufficient evidence to show that."

8. ERROR: Death of polar bears.

Judge, "The only scientific study that either side before me can find is one which indicates that four polar bears have recently been found drowned because of a storm. plainly does not support Mr Gore's description."

9. ERROR: Coral reefs.

Judge, "separating the impacts of climate change-related stresses from other stresses, such as over-fishing and polluting, is difficult."
- 20 More inaccuracies (PDF) (UKPRwire)

Schools must warn of Gore climate film bias (Daily Mail, UK)
- British Schools Ordered to Offer 'Balance' When Showing Al Gore's Global Warming Film (Fox News)
- So how did An Inconvenient Truth become required classroom viewing? (National Post, Canada)

Al Gore's 'good lies' (Spiked, UK, October 15, 2007)

35 Inconvenient Truths: The errors in Al Gore’s movie (Science & Public Policy Institute)
- 25 Inconvenient Truths for Al Gore (The National Review Online)
- 8 Questions for Al Gore (Roy W. Spencer, Ph.D. Meteorology, Former Senior Scientist for Climate Studies, NASA)
- 6 Inconvenient Truths Indeed (Robert C. Balling Jr., Ph.D. Professor of Climatology)
75 Falsehoods in Gore's An Inconvenient Truth (Book) (Wm. Robert Johnston, B.A. Astronomy, M.S. Ph.D. Physics)

A Skeptic's Guide to An Inconvenient Truth (PDF) (154pgs) (Marlo Lewis Jr. Ph.D.)
A Skeptic’s Primer on Al Gores An Inconvenient Truth (PDF) (16pgs) (Marlo Lewis Jr. Ph.D.)
Some Convenient Distortions in Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth (PDF) (Marlo Lewis Jr. Ph.D.)
Unmasking "An Inconvenient Truth" (PDF) (William Kininmonth, M.Sc. Retired Head of the Australian National Climate Centre)

Al Gore 'Debates' Global Warming (Video) (9min)
Scare Tactics in Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth (Video) (8min)
Marlo Lewis Critiques Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" (Video) (1hr 2min)

Al Gore Is a Greenhouse Gasbag (Robert Giegengack, Ph.D. Professor of Earth and Environmental Science, Philadelphia Magazine)
An Inconvenient Truth exaggerated sea level rise (The Daily Telegraph, UK)
An Inconvenient Truth Review (Black & White, Birmingham's City Paper)
Arctic Climate Expert: Gore's Film Is 'Science Fiction' (Dr. Syun-Ichi Akasofu, Ph.D. Founding Director International Arctic Research Center)
Climate Change Hysteria and Al Gore’s “Chicken Little” Scare Tactics (Frontiers of Freedom Institute)
Climate Change Hysteria and Al Gore’s "Chicken Little" Scare Tactics (Frontiers of Freedom Institute)
CNN Meteorologist: 'Definitely Some Inaccuracies' in Gore Film (Business & Media Institute)
- CNN Meteorologist Applauds Criticism of 'Inconvenient Truth' (Video) (1min)
From a Rapt Audience, a Call to Cool the Hype (The New York Times)
Gore's Film Violates Oscar Academy Standards (CNSNews)
Inconvenient Truths (Patrick J. Michaels, Ph.D. Ecological Climatology)
Inconvenient truths (David Deming, B.S. Geology, Ph.D. Geophysics)
The Truth About Al Gore's Film: An Inconvenient Truth (National Center for Policy Analysis)

Computer Climate Models:

"Today's scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality." - Nikola Tesla, 1934

A computer program can be written to get whatever computer generated results that you want.
Computer climate models are all code based on the subjective opinions of the scientists creating them.

Computational science: ...Error …why scientific programming does not compute. (Nature, Volume 467, pp. 775-777, October 2010)
What Scientists and Engineers Think They Know About Software Engineering: A Survey (PDF) (Computing Science & Engineering)
The case for open computer programs (PDF) (Nature, Volume 482, pp. 485-488, February 2012)

Antarctic Temperatures Disagree With Climate Model Predictions (Ohio State University)
Are Existing Large-scale Simulations Of Water Dynamics Wrong? (Soil Science Society of America)
Climate models don't tell the full story (NWO - Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research)
Climate Models Overheat Antarctica, New Study Finds (National Center for Atmospheric Research)
Dunes, Climate Models Don't Match Up With Paleomagnetic Records (University of Nebraska–Lincoln)
Global warming: Our best guess is likely wrong (Rice University)
Global Warming Predictions Are Overestimated, Suggests Study On Black Carbon (Cornell University)
New Study Increases Concerns About Climate Model Reliability (International Journal of Climatology)
Overconfidence Leads To Bias In Climate Change Estimations (Penn State)
Widespread 'Twilight Zone' Detected Around Clouds, Not Included In Most Climate Change Models (NASA)

Climate change: a model rooster-up (Spiked, UK)
Climate change forecasts are useless for policymaking (Canada Free Press)
Climate is too complex for accurate predictions (New Scientist)
Climate Model Problems in Representing Near-Surface Temperatures at Night (Climate Science)
Computer Models for Weather Forecasting Are Ridden With Errors; No Evidence for Global Warming (Insight on the News)
Dyson: Climate models are rubbish (The Register, UK)
Error strikes 'BBC climate model' (BBC)
Fossils leaves reveal climate model errors (New Scientist)
Garbage in, garbage out (WorldNetDaily)
Global Warming Computer Models Seriously Flawed, Studies Show (The Heartland Institute)
Global Warming Models Labeled 'Fairy Tale' By Team of Scientists (CNSNews)
Satellite observations suggest climate models are wrong on rainfall (BioEd Online)
The MIT modellers violated 49 principles of forecasting (Financial Post, Canada)

Climate Models: A Primer (PDF) (The Marshall Institute)
Computer Climate Models are the Heart of the Problem of Global Warming Predictions (PDF) (Tim F. Ball, Ph.D. Climatology)
Computer Climate Models: Voodoo for Scientists (PDF) (Executive Intelligence Review)
Global Climate Models and Their Limitations (PDF) (NIPCC)
Limitations of Climate Models as Predictors of Climate Change (PDF) (David R. Legates, Ph.D. Climatology)
Models simulating global climate don’t capture fine-scale ups and downs of temperature (PDF) (Nature)
Seductive Simulations? Uncertainty Distribution Around Climate Models (PDF) (Myanna Lahsen, Ph.D. Cultural Anthropology)
The Mathematical Reason Why Long-run Climatic prediction is Impossible (PDF) (Christopher Monckton, Mathematician and Former Science Advisor to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, UK)
The Role of Models in Prediction for Decision (PDF) (Roger A. Pielke Jr. Ph.D. Professor of Environmental Studies)
The Science Isn’t Settled - The Limitations of Global Climate Models (PDF) (Kenneth Green, D.Env. Environmental Science and Engineering; Tim F. Ball, Ph.D. Climatology; Steve Schroeder, Ph.D. Atmospheric Sciences)
Three Essays on Climate Models (PDF) (Hendrik Tennekes, Former Director of Research, Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute)
Validation Of Computer-based Climate Models (Vincent R. Gray, Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, Expert Reviewer, IPCC)
What’s wrong with global climate models? (PDF) (George E. Smith, B.Sc. Physics and Mathematics, Lecturer, University of Auckland)

Analyzing Quantitative Models (PDF) (J. Scott Armstrong, B.A. Applied Science, B.S. Industrial Engineering, Ph.D. MIT)
Empiricism Is Not a Matter of Faith (PDF) (Ted Pedersen, Ph.D. Professor of Computer Science)
The Chimera of Software Quality (PDF) (Les Hatton, Ph.D. Computational Fluid Dynamics)
Verification, Validation, and Confirmation of Numerical Models in the Earth Sciences (Science)

Failed Predictions:
Evaluating Jim Hansen’s 1988 Climate Forecast (Roger A. Pielke Jr. Ph.D. Professor of Environmental Studies)
- Temperature Trends 1990-2007: Hansen, IPCC, Obs (Roger A. Pielke Jr. Ph.D. Professor of Environmental Studies)
Ordinary Eyeball: How did Hansen’s Predictions Do? (Lucia Liljegren, Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering)
Thoughts on Hansen et al 1988 (Stephen McIntyre, B.Sc. Mathematics)
- Hansen GHG Concentration Projections (Stephen McIntyre, B.Sc. Mathematics)
- Hansen Scenarios A and B – Revised (Stephen McIntyre, B.Sc. Mathematics)
- Hansen 1988: Details of Forcing Projections (Stephen McIntyre, B.Sc. Mathematics)
- Hansen Update (Stephen McIntyre, B.Sc. Mathematics)

95% Confidence: IPCC Projections Overpredict Recent Warming (The Blackboard)
Climate Models -vs- Climate Reality: diverging or just a dip? (WattsUpWithThat?)
Do IPCC projections falsify? (Are Swedes Tall?) (The Blackboard)

Climate projections: Past performance no guarantee of future skill? (PDF) (Geophysical Research Letters, Volume 36, Issue 13, July 2009)

- Can you program a computer to get whatever answer you want?
- How can imperfect computer code give an accurate answer by running the code for a longer time?
- If a climate model's code is updated how can previous results be relevant?
- If the science is settled why are all climate models not identical?

A Layman’s Explanation of Why Global Warming Predictions by Climate Models are Wrong (Roy W. Spencer, Ph.D. Meteorology, Former Senior Scientist for Climate Studies, NASA)
A Skeptical View of Climate Models (Hendrik Tennekes, Former Director of Research, Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute)
Climate Models and the National Assessment (David R. Legates, Ph.D. Professor of Climatology)
Climate models for monkeys (William J.R. Alexander, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Biosystems Engineering)
Climate Model Predictions and Adaptation (Roger A. Pielke Jr. Ph.D. Professor of Environmental Studies)
Climate Modelling Nonsense (John Reid, Ph.D. Atmospheric Physics)
Completely inadequate IPCC models produce the ultimate deception about man made global warming (Tim F. Ball, Ph.D. Climatology)
Faith-Based Models (Peter Huber, Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, MIT)
How Do Climate Models Work? (Roy W. Spencer, Ph.D. Meteorology, Former Senior Scientist for Climate Studies, NASA)
It's the Climate Warming Models, Stupid! (Gregory Young, Ph.D. Experimental Physicist)
Pondering Problems with Computer Climate Models (Michael Hammer, BE, MEngSc, Engineering Science)
Problems with the Climate Models (Michael R. Fox, Ph.D. Physical Chemistry)
Real Climate Misunderstanding Of Climate Models (Roger A. Pielke Sr. Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Atmospheric Science)
- Comments On Real Climate’s Post “FAQ on climate models: Part II” (Roger A. Pielke Sr. Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Atmospheric Science)
Real Climate Suffers from Foggy Perception (Hendrik Tennekes, Former Director of Research, Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute)
Seamless Prediction Systems by Hendrik Tennekes (Hendrik Tennekes, Former Director of Research, Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute)
The Consistent-With Game: On Climate Models and the Scientific Method (Roger A. Pielke Jr. Ph.D. Professor of Environmental Studies)
Why multiple climate model agreement is not that exciting (William M. Briggs, M.S. Atmospheric Science, Ph.D. Statistics)

"On two occasions I have been asked [by members of Parliament], "Pray, Mr. Babbage," if you put into the machine wrong figures, will the right "answers come out?" I am not able rightly to apprehend the kind of confusion of ideas that could provoke such a question." - Charles Babbage, Computer Pioneer, 1864

Climate Modeling Errors:
- Clouds
- Convection
- Cosmic Rays
- Eastern Boundary Regions of the Oceans
- El Nino
- Evaporation
- Macroturbulence
- Mountain Range Circulation
- Multi-Decadal Variability
- Near-Surface Temperatures at Night
- Precipitation
- Regional Climate Change
- Seasonal Variability
- Spatial Variations in Geothermal Heat
- Stratosphere Climate Change
- Transfer of Solar Radiation in the Atmosphere
- Tropical Troposphere Temperatures
- Upper Tropospheric Humidity

"...all of our models have errors which mean that they will inevitably fail to track reality within a few days irrespective of how well they are initialized." - James Annan, William Connolley,

"These codes are what they are - the result of 30 years and more effort by dozens of different scientists (note, not professional software engineers), around a dozen different software platforms and a transition from punch-cards of Fortran 66, to fortran 95 on massively parallel systems. [...] No complex code can ever be proven 'true' (let alone demonstrated to be bug free). Thus publications reporting GCM results can only be suggestive." - Gavin Schmidt,


"The debate on global warming is over." - Al Gore, 2006

NO 'Consensus' on "Man-Made" Global Warming (Popular Technology)

"Let's be clear: the work of science has nothing whatever to do with consensus. Consensus is the business of politics. Science, on the contrary, requires only one investigator who happens to be right, which means that he or she has results that are verifiable by reference to the real world. In science consensus is irrelevant. What is relevant is reproducible results. The greatest scientists in history are great precisely because they broke with the consensus..."
- Michael Crichton, A.B. Anthropology, M.D. Harvard

" 'Unequivocal' 'Consensus' on 'GlobalWarming' " (PDF) (Christopher Monckton)

31,487 Scientists Reject AGW Alarm (Petition Project)
- 32,000 deniers (National Post, Canada)
- Art Robinson Responds to Petition Slander (OISM)
- Art Robinson: A Scientist Finds Independence (American Spectator)
- Qualifications of Signers (Petition Project)
4000 Scientists sign 'The Heidelberg Appeal' (Science & Environmental Policy Project)
1500 Scholars, Policy Experts and Theologians sign the 'Cornwall Declaration on Environmental Stewardship' (Cornwall Allliance)
1100 Climate Realists sign 'The Manhattan Declaration on Climate Change' (ICSC)
1000 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims (CFACT)
700 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims (US Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works)
- Morano responds to attacks on 650 Scientist Report (PDF)
500 Scientists with Documented Doubts of Man-Made Global Warming Scares (The Heartland Institute)
400 Scientists Dispute Man-Made Global Warming Claims (US Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works)
170 Scientists, Economists and Theologians sign an open letter to the signers of 'Climate Change: An Evangelical Call to Action' (Cownwall Alliance)
116 Scientists Rebuke Obama as 'Simply Incorrect' on Global Warming (Cato Institute)
105 Scientists sign 'The Leipzig Declaration on Global Climate Change' (Science & Environmental Policy Project)
100 Scientists sign an 'Open Letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations' (National Post, Canada)
60 Scientists call on Harper to revisit the science of global warming (Financial Post, Canada)
47 Scientists sign the 'Statement by Atmospheric Scientists on Greenhouse Warming' (Science & Environmental Policy Project)
41 Scientists debunk global warming alert (The Daily Telegraph, UK)
35 Skeptical Scientists, 'The Deniers' (National Post, Canada)

Inconvenient Fact: ...only 51 individuals signed the IPCC Report released on February 2, 2007 (Institute for Canadian Values)

Scientific Consensus on Climate Change? (PDF) (Energy & Environment)
Scientific Consensus on Global Warming (PDF) (The Heartland Insitute)

Scientist Polls/Surveys:
89% of state climatologists said that current science is unable to prove man-made global warming (National Center for Policy Analysis)
80% of IPCC Scientists said that human activity is not the principal driver of climate change (PR Newswire)
85% of AMS Certified Weathercasters do not agree that most of the warming since 1950 is very likely human-induced (PDF) (Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society)
70% of Climate Scientists agree climate change will have beneficial effects (PDF) (The Heartland Institute)
68% of Alberta Earth Scientists and Engineers Do Not Believe the Science is Settled on Climate Change (Edmonton Journal)
65% of Climate Scientists do not agree that science can predict the future climate (PDF) (The Heartland Institute)
63% of AMS/NWS Meteorologists believe global warming is caused mostly by natural changes in the environment (PDF) (George Mason University)
56% of Climate Scientists do not agree that the scientific debate on climate change is over (PDF) (The Heartland Institute)
55% of Peer-Reviewed Papers Do Not Endorse Global Warming Theory (DailyTech)

Copenhagen Consensus 2004 (Copenhagen Consensus)
Copenhagen Consensus wrote:A panel of economic experts, comprising eight of the world’s most distinguished economists [...] looked at three proposals, including the Kyoto Protocol, for dealing with climate change by reducing emissions of carbon. The expert panel regarded all three proposals as having costs that were likely to exceed the benefits.
RE: "The scientific consensus on climate change" (Benny Peiser, Ph.D. Professor of Social Anthropology)
Benny Peiser wrote:Oreskes claims to have analysed 928 abstracts she found listed on the ISI database using the keywords "climate change". However, a search on the ISI database using the keywords "climate change" for the years 1993-2003 reveals that almost 12,000 papers were published during the decade in question. [...] ...she admitted that there was indeed a serious mistake in her Science essay. According to Oreskes, her study was not based on the keywords "climate change," but on "global climate change" [yet her paper is clearly titled: The scientific consensus on "climate change" not "global climate change"] Her use of three keywords instead of two reduced the list of peer reviewed publications by one order of magnitude (on the UK's ISI databank the keyword search "global climate change" comes up with 1247 documents) [...] The results of my analysis contradict Oreskes' findings and essentially falsify her study: Of all 1117 abstracts, only 13 (1%) explicitly endorse the 'consensus view'. [...] 34 abstracts reject or doubt the view that human activities are the main drivers of the "the observed warming over the last 50 years". 44 abstracts focus on natural factors of global climate change."
Benny Peiser's paper has NOT been refuted. Propaganda sites continue to intentionally distort Dr. Peiser's clear position on this:

"Naomi Oreskes claims to have analysed 928 abstracts she found listed on the ISI Web of Knowledge database (1993–2003) using the keywords "global climate change." However, this claim is incorrect: while the ISI database includes a total of 929 documents for the period in question, it lists only 905 abstracts. It is thus impossible that Oreskes analysed 928 abstracts. [...] I have stressed repeatedly, Oreskes entire argument is flawed as the whole ISI data set includes just 13 abstracts (less than 2%) that explicitly endorse what she has called the 'consensus view'. In fact, the vast majority of abstracts do not mention anthropogenic climate change." - Benny Peiser

The fact remains that Oreskes deliberately and deceptively called a paper "The scientific consensus on climate change" while using the search term "global climate change" (N. Oreskes (2005) Correction. Science, Vol. 307, Issue 5708, 355) thus leaving out 11,000 papers! Oreskes cleary cherry picked papers. This alone debunks her study. Even still as a direct criticism, every part of Peiser's study stands except that when you criticize only Oreskes' cherry picked papers (928 not 12,000) the 34 papers Peiser found doubting AGW may not have been included in Oreskes' paper. No kidding! So he withdrew only this as a direct criticism of her paper. The rest of his criticism remains such as only 13 (1%) explicitly endorse the 'consensus view'. Removing the 34 papers is irrelevant as Peiser's study cleary shows that no consensus exists and Oreskes was not looking at all the papers (928 out of 12,000). Conclusion: Oreske's paper is debunked and worthless.

Public Opinion Polls/Surveys:
2013 - 72% of Americans Do Not Believe Dealing With Global Warming (Ranked Dead Last) is a Top Priority (Pew Research)
2013 - 56% of Americans Do Not Believe Global Warming is Mostly Caused by Human Activity (Pew Research)
2013 - 56% of Americans Do Not Think Global Warming Due to Human Activity (Rasmussen Reports)
2013 - 62% of Germans Do Not Fear Global Warming (Der Spiegel)
2010 - 72% of Americans Do Not Consider Global Warming a Top Priority (Pew Research Center)
2009 - Climate no longer top policy issue with Australians (Reuters)
2009 - 70% of Americans do not believe Global Warming is a top priority (Pew Research Center)
2008 - 75% of Americans do not see Global Warming as an extremely important problem (Business & Media Institute)
2008 - 60% of Britons agreed that 'many scientific experts still question if humans are contributing to climate change' (The Guardian, UK)
2007 - 84% of Congressional Republicans do not believe in "Man-Made" Global Warming (National Journal)
2007 - 76% of Americans do not consider Al Gore a Global Warming Expert (Rasmussen Reports)
2007 - 71% think Global Warming has nothing to do with Man’s actions (Pocket Issue)
2007 - 67% of Evangelical Christians do not view Global Warming as a "major" problem (The Christian Post)

71% of Americans Say Creating Jobs More Important Than Stopping Global Warming (Rasmussen Reports)
67% of Americans say global warming will not affect them in their lifetimes (Gallup)
66% of Americans do not believe Global Warming can be stopped (Rasmussen Reports)
66% of Americans Do Not Blame Humans for Global Warming (Rasmussen Reports)
65% of Americans reject spending even a penny more for gasoline in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (NCPPR)
64% of Americans do not believe there is solid evidence the earth is warming because of human activity (Pew Research Center)
59% of Americans believe that some scientists have falsified research data to support their own theories and beliefs about global warming (Rasmussen Reports)
59% of Americans do not believe human activity is the cause of Global Warming (Pew Research Center)
59% of Britons do not accept as an established scientific fact that global warming is taking place and is largely man-made (The Times, UK)
59% of Americans Don't Believe Man Is Warming the Planet (Rasmussen Reports)
58% of Americans do not believe government action is needed on Global Warming (ABC News)
56% of Americans do not believe Global Warming is caused by human activities (Rasmussen Reports)
56% of Americans Don’t Want To Pay More To Fight Global Warming (Rasmussen Reports)
56% of Britons believe scientists are still questioning climate change (BBC)
54% of Americans Say Media Hype Global Warming Dangers (Rasmussen Reports)
52% of Americans think Terrorism is a More Serious Threat than Climate Change (FOX News)
50% of Americans Now Say Global Warming is Caused by Long-Term Planetary Trends (Rasmussen Reports)

Despite Awareness Of Global Warming Americans Concerned More About Local Environment (University of Missouri)
Increased Knowledge About Global Warming Leads To Apathy, Study Shows (Texas A&M University)

A Treaty Built on Hot Air, Not Scientific Consensus (S. Fred Singer, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Environmental Science, The Wall Street Journal)
Climate consensus and the end of science (National Post, Canada)
Consensus is Nonsensus in Scientific Matters (Michael R. Fox, Ph.D. Physical Chemistry)
Don't Believe the Hype - Al Gore is wrong. There's no "consensus" on global warming (Richard S. Lindzen, Ph.D. Professor of Atmospheric Science, MIT)
Global warming "consensus" continues to melt away (James Inhofe, B.A. Economics, Power Magazine)
Global Warming's Senseless Consensus (Steve Milloy, B.A. Natural Science, M.S. Health Science)
No consensus on IPCC's level of ignorance (John R. Christy, Ph.D. Professor of Atmospheric Science, BBC)
Proliferation of Climate Scepticism in Europe (TCSDaily)
Science is the pursuit of the truth, not consensus (Financial Times, UK)
The Dangers of Consensus Science (Benny Peiser, Ph.D. Professor of Social Anthropology)
The Myth of a Scientific Consensus on Climate Change (Benny Peiser, Ph.D. Professor of Social Anthropology)
They call this a consensus? (Financial Post, Canada)
You were saying something about a Global Warming Consensus? (American Thinker)

"Consensus"? What "Consensus"? Among Climate Scientists, The Debate Is Not Over (PDF) (Science & Public Policy Institute)
Global Warming: The Origin and Nature of the Alleged Scientific Consensus (Richard S. Lindzen, Ph.D. Professor of Atmospheric Science, MIT)
Scientific Consensus on Global Warming (The Heartland Insitute)

Other Non "Consensus" Scientists:
Copernicus, Darwin, Einstein, Faraday, Galileo, Newton, Pasteur

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Coral Reefs
Scientists 'crying wolf' over coral (The Australian)
Bikini Corals Recover From Atomic Blast (The University of Queensland, Australia)
Coral can recover from climate change damage (University of Exeter, UK)
Coral Reefs May Be More Resilient Than Expected (Florida Institute of Technology)
Coral Reefs May Be Protected By Natural Ocean Thermostat (National Center for Atmospheric Research)
Corals Can Reestablish Symbiosis With Algae From Their Environments After Bleaching (University at Buffalo)
Diversity of Corals, Algae in Warm Indian Ocean Suggests Resilience to Future Global Warming (Penn State)
Global warming good news for coral reefs (University of New South Wales, Australia)
Great Barrier Reef could adapt to climate change, scientists say (The Australian)
Rare Corals Breed Their Way Out Of Trouble (ARC Centre of Excellence in Coral Reef Studies)
Reef boom beats doom (ARC Centre of Excellence in Coral Reef Studies)
Scientists Discover New Reefs Teeming With Marine Life In Brazil (Conservation International)
Stanford scientists find heat-tolerant coral reefs that may resist climate change (Stanford University)
Study Says Bleaching Could Be A Hidden Strength For Corals (Wildlife Conservation Society)
'Super Reefs' Fend Off Climate Change (Wildlife Conservation Society)

The Great Barrier Reef is dying? ... Again? (Walter Starck, Ph.D. Marine Science, June 17, 2017) - [Archive]
1999: "Reefs around the West Indies in the Caribbean look as though they will be gone by 2020 while the Great Barrier Reef will probably last for just another three decades,"

CO2, Global Warming and Coral Reefs: Prospects for the Future (PDF) (Craig D. Idso, M.S. Agronomy, Ph.D. Geography)

Dead Zones
Brown Scientist Finds Coastal Dead Zones May Benefit Some Species (Brown University)
'Dead Zone' Area Shrinking, Texas A&M Prof Says (Texas A&M University)
Warmer climate not the cause of oxygen deficiency in the Baltic Sea (University of Gothenburg)

Greenhouse Gas Might Green Up The Desert (Weizmann Institute of Science)
Sahara Desert Greening Due to Climate Change? (National Geographic)

Ocean Acidification
"Acid Test: The Global Challenge of Ocean Acidification" – A New Propaganda Film by the National Resources Defense Council Fails the Acid Test of Real World Data (PDF) (Science & Public Policy Institute)
Effects of Ocean Acidification on Marine Ecosystems (PDF) (Craig D. Idso, M.S. Agronomy, Ph.D. Geography)

Here comes the "ocean acidification" scam, watch out! (I Love My Carbon Dioxide)
Not Enough CO2 in Fossil Fuels to Make Oceans Acidic (Ian R. Plimer, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Earth Sciences)
Ocean Acidification and Corals (Watts Up With That?)
Ocean acidification: Are oceans becoming more acidic and is this a threat to marine life? (J. Floor Anthoni, Ph.D. Director of the Seafriends Marine Conservation and Education Centre)
Study Sees an Advantage for Algae Species in Changing Oceans (The New York Times)
The Ocean Acidification Fiction (CO2 Science)

Pine Beetle
Pine Beetles Cause Vast Timber Loss (The New York Times, September 08, 1925)
Beetles Ravaging White Pine Trees; 200 Million Board Feet of Timber Lost Each Year (The New York Times, August 27, 1967)

Pine Beetles Not a Good Reason for Climate Change Legislation (Heritage Foundation, November 19, 2009)

Amazon Forest Shows Unexpected Resiliency During Drought (University of Arizona)
Amazon Rainforest Greens Up In The Dry Season (PDF) (University of Arizona)
Ancient rainforests resilient to climate change (University of Royal Holloway London, UK)
Impact From Rainforest Greenhouse Gasses May Not Be As Great As Thought, Study Shows (Michigan State University)
Nitrogen Pollution Boosts Plant Growth In Tropics By 20 Percent (University of California)
No Convincing Evidence For Decline In Tropical Forests (University of Leeds, UK)
Restoration Of A Tropical Rain Forest Ecosystem Successful (Cornell University)

Myth: We Are Destroying Our Forests (ABC News)

- U.S. Forest land area increased from 747 million acres in 1997 to 749 in 2002 (U.S. Forest Service)
- Since the 1950s, timber growth has consistently exceeded harvest (U.S. Forest Service)
- Net Forest loss continues to decline globally and has been reversed in Asia (UN Food and Agriculture Organization)
- Net Deforestation in Brazil has fallen by two-thirds over the last four years (UN Food and Agriculture Organization)

Antarctic Plants And Animal Life Survived Ice Ages (Science Daily)
Arctic Plants Have Adjusted to Climate Changes (The New York Times)
Carbon dioxide helps some plants survive cold weather, study finds (Cornell University)
CO2 increase in the atmosphere augments tolerance of barley to salinity (University of the Basque Country, Spain)
Climate Change, Acid Rain Could Be Good For Forests (Michigan Technological University)
Climate Changes Creating Green And Flowering Mountains (Umeå University)
Climate change will boost farm output (Australian Farm Institute)
Duke Study Shows Carbon Dioxide Boosts Pine Tree Reproduction (Duke University)
Elevated Carbon Dioxide Changes Soil Microbe Mix Below Plants, May Help Plants Grow (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
High Carbon Dioxide Boosts Plant Respiration, Potentially Affecting Climate And Crops (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
High Carbon Dioxide Levels Spur Southern Pines To Grow More Needles (Duke University)
High On Carbon Dioxide, Crops Of Tomorrow May Yield More Grain (Science Daily)
Increasing Carbon Dioxide Relieves Drought Stress In Corn, Researchers Say (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
More Carbon Dioxide May Help Some Trees Weather Ice Storms (Duke University)

New Satellite Study Shows Vegetation Increases In U.S. (Colorado University)
Trees are growing faster and could buy time to halt global warming (The Daily Telegraph, UK)

Delay In Autumn Color Caused By Increased Carbon Dioxide Not Global Warming (Science Daily)
- Forests Could Benefit When Fall Color Comes Late (Science Daily)

Grasslands May Become Wetter As Temperatures Rise (Science Daily)

Elevated Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Increases Soil Carbon (Science Daily)
Agricultural Soil Erosion Not Contributing To Global Warming, Study Shows (Science Daily)
Damaged Land Can Restore Itself Through Spontaneous Revegetation (Science Daily)

Brown Argus Butterfly Sees Positive Effects Of Climate Change (Science Daily)
'Early Birds' Adapt To Climate Change (Science Daily)
Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean Dolphin Populations Improving (Science Daily)
Fish growth enhanced by climate change (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Australia)
Reindeer thrive in warmer world (The Times, UK)
Wildlife thrives as climate warms (BBC)
Winter Moth Proves Able To Adjust To Climate Change (Science Daily)

Bird's eye views earth's magnetic lines (University of California at Irvine)
Migrating birds may "see" Earth's magnetic field (Reuters)

Ice Sheets:

Sea Ice Ends Year (2008) at Same Level as 1979 (DailyTech)

"What If All the Ice Melts?" Myths and Realities (Wm. Robert Johnston, B.A. Astronomy, M.S. Ph.D. Physics)
Arctic Ocean pack ice = 0.01% Fraction of world ice - The melting of floating ice will not change sea level: the mass of this ice is equal to that of the water it displaces (watch the water level in a cup of floating ice cubes as they melt).
Based on what we know now, in the next 100 years a rise in sea level of 0.1 meters (4 inches) would not be surprising; those predicting changes of 0.5-2 meters (1.5-7 feet) are using flawed models.

Cold Hard Fact: Antarctic Sea Ice is at Record High (Energy Tribune, September 28, 2012)
ICESAT Data Shows Mass Gains of the Antarctic Ice Sheet Exceed Losses (WUWT, September 10, 2012)
Now there's more ice at South Pole than ever (So much for global warming thawing Antarctica!) (Daily Mail, UK, October 11, 2012)
Antarctic glacier 'melted JUST as fast LONG before human carbon emissions' (The Register, February 21, 2014)

Antarctic Temperatures Disagree With Climate Model Predictions (Ohio State University)
Ice Core 'Dipstick' Indicates West Antarctic Ice Has Thinned Less Than Believed (University of Washington)
No Major Changes Seen In Stability Of Antarctic Ice Sheet (Ohio State University)
Pine Island Glacier once thawed 8,000 years ago, geologists say (British Antarctic Survey)
Pondering A Climate Conundrum In Antarctica; Unique, Distinct Cooling Trend Discovered On Earth's Southernmost Continent (National Science Foundation)
Scientists Detect Thickening Of West Antarctic Ice Sheet (University Of California Santa Cruz)
Scientists Rule Out One Threat Of Antarctic Collapse (Rice University)
The Antarctic deep sea gets colder (Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research)
West Antarctic Ice Sheet May Not Be Losing Ice As Fast As Once Thought (The University of Texas at Austin)

"The Antarctic wintertime ice extent a rate of 0.6 percent per decade from 1979-2006" - Donald Cavalieri, Senior Research Scientist, NASA

Antarctic Ice Melt at Lowest Levels in Satellite Era (World Climate Report)
Antarctic sea ice increasing: study (ABC News, Australia)
Revealed: Antarctic ice growing, not shrinking (The Australian)
Satellites Show Overall Increases In Antarctic Sea Ice Cover (NASA)
Antarctic Sea Ice Reaches New Maximum Extent (NASA, October 11, 2012)

Antarctic ice sheet thickening, researcher says (Associated Press)
Antarctic Sea Ice at Record High (The Reference Frame)
Antarctic Sea Ice Sets Records in October 2007 (The Heartland Institute)
East Antarctica's surface slowly rising (The New York Times)
Ice cover 'increasing in east Antarctica' (ABC News, Australia)
Ice 'thickens' in West Antarctica (BBC)
Researchers: Antarctica Ice Sheet Stable (ABC News)
Researchers find Antarctic ice is thickening (USA Today)
Snowfall-Driven Growth in East Antarctic Ice Sheet Mitigates Recent Sea-Level Rise (Science)
Southern Hemisphere Sea Ice Reaches "Unprecedented" Levels (Climate Audit)
Study: Antarctic Ice Sheet Is Thickening, Not Thinning (ABC News)
Study: West Antarctic Melt a Slow Affair (The New York Times)
The Antarctic Ice Sheet is Growing Thicker (Not by Fire but by Ice)

Antarctic Fossils Paint Picture Of Much Warmer Continent (National Science Foundation)
Snapshot Of Past Climate Reveals No Ice In Antarctica Millions Of Years Ago (Cardiff University)
Unique fossil discovery shows Antarctic was once much warmer (University of Leicester, UK)

Ice Shelves:
Antarctic ice shelf collapse explained (Aberystwyth University, UK)
Antarctic Ice Shelf Retreats Happened Before (British Antarctic Survey)
Ice shelves stable over six years (The Australian)
Russian experts say collapse of ice shelf no cause for alarm (RIA Novosti)
The Wilkins Ice Shelf Con Job (Icecap)

Natural Causes:
Geologists Find That Tides Control Flow Of Antarctic Ice Streams (Science Daily)
Tidal Motion Influences Antarctic Ice Sheet (Science Daily)

Volcanic Activity:
2 Volcanoes Found in Antarctica (The New York Times)
First Evidence Of Under-ice Volcanic Eruption In Antarctica (British Antarctic Survey)
Map of Antarctic Volcanoes (ICECAP)
Protective Ice Flow in Antarctica Linked to Warmth of Volcanoes (The New York Times)
Scientists Discover Undersea Volcano Off Antarctica (National Science Foundation)
Scientists Find Active Volcano in Antarctica (The New York Times)
Active volcano found hidden beneath Antarctic ice sheet (CBS News, November 18, 2013)


AMSR-E Arctic Sea Ice: September 2009 to March 2010 (Video)

* 1979 was the first full year of satellite measurements. (Nasa)

2005 Arctic Winter Ice (NASA)

2008 Arctic Winter Ice (NASA)

Arctic Sea Ice Underestimated for Weeks Due to Faulty Sensor (Bloomberg)

Arctic Winter Ice 1979-2006 (Animation) (NASA)
Arctic Forecast: Nordic Sea Ice Expansion (World Climate Report)
Arctic ice refuses to melt as ordered (The Register, UK)
Arctic Sea Ice Re-Freezing at Record Pace (The Daily Green)
Arctic Sees Massive Gain in Ice Coverage (DailyTech)
'No concrete global warming proof in polar region' (The Local, Sweden)
North Pole Sea Ice twice as thick as expected (Canada Free Press)
Recent cold snap helping Arctic sea ice, scientists find (CBC News)
Scientist says Arctic getting colder (UPI)
The Top of the World: Is the North Pole Turning to Water? (John L. Daly, B.Sc. Economics)

Driftwood and ice – a sketchy history of Holocene multiyear sea ice in the Arctic Ocean (PDF)
(Arctic Palaeoclimate and its Extremes (APEX), pp. 27-28, 2009)
- Svend Funder, Kurt H. Kjær, Hans Linderson, Astrid Lyså, Jesper Olsen

Less Ice In Arctic Ocean 6000-7000 Years Ago (Norwegian Geological Survey)

"Recent mapping of a number of raised beach ridges on the north coast of Greenland suggests that the ice cover in the Arctic Ocean was greatly reduced some 6000-7000 years ago. The Arctic Ocean may have been periodically ice free."

Arctic Historical Data Cast Doubt on Climate Change Theory (Canadian Press)

"If you go back to the early 1700s you find that sea ice extent was about the same then as it is now" - Dr. Chad Dick, Norwegian Polar Institute

Explorers’ charts, logbooks offer new insight into climate (The Royal Society of New Zealand)
Charts open the book on Arctic climate riddle (Independent Online, February 23, 2003)

"With the charts and logbooks we can compare the ice edge as it was. ...but there has been a steady decrease of the ice starting long before the industrial age" - Dr. Terje Loyning, Norwegian Polar Institute


1987 - U.S. Navy

1922 - Arctic Ocean Getting Warm; Seals Vanish and Icebergs Melt (Monthly Weather Review, November 2, 1922)
1923 - Report the arctic is getting warmer (The New York Times, February 25, 1923)
1923 - Getting warmer in the arctic ocean (Chicago Tribune, March 1, 1923)
1932 - Soviet Ship Circles Franz Josef Land (The New York Times, December 5, 1932)
1935 - Warm Water Passage Is Found in Arctic (The New York Times, September 3, 1935)
1940 - Ice In Arctic Melting Rapidly (The Hartford Courant, October 13, 1940)
1958 - Ice at the North Pole in 1958 and 1959 - not so thick (Watts Up With That?)
1969 - Expert Says Arctic Ocean Will Soon Be an Open Sea (The New York Times, February 20th, 1969)

Bones Of Crocodile-Like Beasts Tell Tale Of Arctic Warming Millions of Years Ago (University Of Rochester)
Historical Ice Chart Archive (1553-2002) (ACSYS)
Historic Variation in Arctic Ice (Watts Up With That?)
Reports of Record Arctic Ice Melt Disgracefully Ignore History (NewsBusters)

Natural Causes:
A Warmer Arctic? Blame Mother Nature (National Post, Canada)
Arctic Ocean Circulation Does An About-Face (Science Daily)
North Atlantic Warming Tied To Natural Variability (Science Daily)

Northwest Passage:
1905 - Son of the Vikings Navigates the Northwest Passage (The New York Times, December 10, 1905)
1946 - Northwest Passage May Be Navigable for Ordinary Ships (Berkshire Eagle, October 16, 1946)
1954 - U.S. Ships Sail Northwest Passage (The New York Times, August 28, 1954)
1957 - U.S. Cutters Conquer Northwest Passage (The New York Times, September 25, 1957)
1969 - Northwest Passage Opened (The New York Times, September 15, 1969)
Media 're-open' North Eastern Passage (The Register)
Climate Craziness of the Week: NW Passage open “first time in history” and all that… (Watts Up With That)

Volcanic Activity:
Arctic Volcanoes Found Active at Unprecedented Depths (National Geographic)
Hydrothermal Vents Found in Arctic Ocean (National Geographic)
Hotbed of Volcanic Activity Found Beneath Arctic Ocean (National Geographic)
Scientists Find Northernmost Arctic Hydrothermal Field Venting Water at 570 Degrees F (University Of Washington)
Under Icy Arctic Waters, A Fiery, Unexpected Find (The New York Times)

Winds of Change Thinned The Arctic Ice (New Scientist, March 24, 1990)
Winds, Ice Motion Root Cause Of Decline In Sea Ice, Not Warmer Temperatures (University Of Washington, December 16, 2004)
Scary Arctic Ice Loss? Blame the Wind (PDF) (Science, January 14, 2005)
Arctic Sea ice loss - "it’s the wind" says NASA (WUWT, October 3, 2007)
Arctic winds and not global warming 'responsible for much of record loss of sea ice' (Daily Mail, UK, March 22, 2010)
Winds from Siberia reduce Arctic sea ice cover (The Research Council of Norway, April 27, 2010)
Cold wind makes Norwegian Sea warmer (The Research Council of Norway, October 10, 2012)
Ocean currents play a role in predicting extent of Arctic sea ice (MIT, November 21, 2012)


Various glaciers worldwide have been in retreat since the 1800s or the end of the little ice age and thus cannot be caused by man-made CO2. Glacial melting is also a good thing because it increase the available amount of fresh water.

Alaska glaciers grew this year, thanks to colder weather (McClatchy)
Alaskan Glaciers Grow for First Time in 250 years (DailyTech)
Glaciers in Norway Growing Again (DailyTech)
Global warming boost to glaciers (BBC)
Melting glacier 'false alarm' (The Daily Telegraph, UK)
Recent Glacier Advances in Norway and New Zealand (Physical Geography)
Science debunks Glacier Park warming alarm (The Heartland Institute)
Study: Glacier melting can be variable (Breitbart)
Study Says Glaciers Formed During a Very Warm Period (The New York Times)
Warming Climate Can Support Glacial Ice: It Did In Much Warmer Times (Science Daily)

Glacier National Park:
NBC Twists Facts, Again, About Glacier Park (Patrick J. Michaels, Ph.D. Climatology)
Receding Glacier Park Ice Not Due to Global Warming (The Heartland Institute)

230 Himalayan Glaciers Seem to Be Growing (Discovery News)
Himalayan glaciers growing despite global warming (Daily Telegraph, April 16, 2012)
Himalayan glaciers melting deadline 'a mistake' (BBC)
Himalayan Snow Job (Patrick J. Michaels, Ph.D. Climatology)
'No proof of Himalayan ice melting due to climate change' (The Times of India)
Some Himalayan glaciers actually growing, scientists find (Fox News, April 17, 2012)

Deforestation behind loss of Mt Kili snow (IPP Media)
Dutch: Gore Wrong on Snows of Kilimanjaro (Pajamas Media)
Global Warming and Mt. Kilimanjaro (Bjørn Lomborg, Ph.D. Professor of Environmental Economics))
Kilimanjaro, On Africa’s Roof, Still Crowned With Snow (The New York Times)
Kilimanjaro's ice set to linger (BBC)
Kilimanjaro's shrinking snow not sign of warming (Reuters)
Kilimanjaro's snows have been vanishing for a very long time (The Daily Telegraph, UK)
The Shrinking Glaciers of Kilimanjaro: Can Global Warming Be Blamed? (American Scientist)
The Woes Of Kilimanjaro: Don't Blame Global Warming (University of Washington)
Snow slowly building on Mount Kilimanjaro (eTurboNews, March 15, 2011)

Growing - 50 Glaciers reverse the trend and grow in south New Zealand (Taipei Times)
Growing - Bolam Glacier, Mount Shasta Glaciers Defy Global Warming, Grow (FOX News)
Growing - Briksdal Glacier, Norway's glaciers growing at record pace (Agence-France Presse)
Growing - Dôme du Goûter Glacier, Permanent Ice Fields Are Resisting Global Warming (Science Daily)
Growing - Fox Glacier has been advancing since 1985 (Alpine Guides)
Growing - Franz Josef Glacier, A Glacier Grows, Undeterred by Heated Kyoto Debate (CNSNews)
Growing - Guyot Glacier, Icy Bay Glaciers get up and go (SitNews)
Growing - Himalayan Glaciers Are Growing ... and Confounding Global Warming Alarmists (The Heartland Institute)
Growing - Hotlum Glacier, Mount Shasta Glaciers Defy Global Warming, Grow (FOX News)
Growing - Hubbard Glacier, Alaska: Growing and Advancing in Spite of Global Climate Change (USGS)
Growing - Johns Hopkins Glacier is advancing and moving 3000 feet per year (Glacier Bay National Park)
Growing - Jostedalsbreen Glacier, Norway's glaciers growing at record pace (Agence-France Presse)
Growing - Kolka Glacier is growing again (NTV, Russia)
Growing - Konwakiton Glacier, Mount Shasta Glaciers Defy Global Warming, Grow (FOX News)
Growing - McGinnis Glacier, Alaska Range Glacier Surges (Science Daily)
Growing - Meares Glacier, an advancing glacier tearing up trees and rocks in its path as it grows (Alaska Tours)
Growing - Mont Blanc Glacier, Global warming makes Mont Blanc grow (The Daily Telegraph, UK)
Growing - Mount St. Helens Glacier, Glacier Grows in Mount St. Helens' Crater (FOX News)
Growing - Glacier resumes growing in Mount St. Helens crater (The Seattle Times)
Growing - Mud Creek Glacier, Mount Shasta Glaciers Defy Global Warming, Grow (FOX News)
Growing - Nigardsbreen Glacier is growing by 25 to 50 meters per year (Jostedal Glacier National Park)
Growing - Perito Moreno Glacier, Defiant Argentine Glacier Thrives Despite Warming (Reuters)
Growing - Pio XI Glacier, The biggest glacier in South America keeps growing every year (Visit Chile)
Growing - Rockies: Colorado: 100 More Glaciers Are Discovered (The New York Times)
Growing - Siachen Glacier, No need for glacier alarm, Siachen is growing (Daily News & Analysis, India)
Growing - Trinity Glaciers, Small Glaciers In Northern California Buck Global Warming Trend (Science Daily)
Growing - Tsaa Glacier, Icy Bay Glaciers get up and go (SitNews)
Growing - Watkins Glacier, Mount Shasta Glaciers Defy Global Warming, Grow (FOX News)
Growing - Whitney Glacier, Mount Shasta Glaciers Defy Global Warming, Grow (FOX News)
Growing - Wintun Glacier, Mount Shasta Glaciers Defy Global Warming, Grow (FOX News)
Growing - Yahtze Glacier, Icy Bay Glaciers get up and go (SitNews)

O-10 **** General
O-10 **** General
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5:08 PM - May 30, 2007 #4


An accurate picture of ice loss in Greenland (Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands)
Greenland lost an average of 195 cubic kilometres of ice per year between 2003 and 2008, which is enough to cause an annual increase in the global sea level of half a millimetre, or 5 cm (1.96 in) over the course of the next century
Current Melting of Greenland's Ice Mimics 1920s-1940s Event (Ohio State University)
ERS Altimeter Survey Shows Growth of Greenland Ice Sheet Interior (European Space Agency)
Fossil DNA Proves Greenland Once Had Lush Forests; Ice Sheet Is Surprisingly Stable (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)
Greenland's Glaciers Have Been Receding for 100 Years (University of Aarhus, Denmark)
Greenland Ice Sheet Changes Are Normal; No Evidence Of Long-Term Climate Changes (University Of Missouri-Columbia)
Greenland perhaps not headed down too slippery a slope (University of Washington)
Intensified Ice Sheet Movements Do Not Affect Rising Sea Levels (Utrecht University, The Netherlands)
Recent cooling in coastal southern Greenland and relation with the North Atlantic Oscillation (American Geophysical Union)

2008 - Deep Freeze in Western Greenland (Sermitsiaq, Greenland)
1817 - Dramatic Ice loss in the Greenland seas (A History of the Royal Society Archive)

Greenland’s Glaciers Take a Breather (The New York Times)
Greenland Temperatures Coldest in 60 Years (The Heartland Institute)
Is Greenland really melting? (Patrick J. Michaels, Ph.D. Ecological Climatology)
Latest Scientific Studies Refute Fears of Greenland Melt (US Senate Environment & Public Works Committee)
Letter to the Editor: Greenland Ice Gain Since World War II (The Heartland Institute)
So Much For Flooded Cities: Greenland Ice Melt Not Increasing (DailyTech)
Study Shows Greenland’s Ice Growing (CO2 Science)
The Cold Truth about Greenland (Patrick J. Michaels, Ph.D. Ecological Climatology)
The Ice in Greenland is Growing (Joseph D’Aleo, M.S. Meteorology, CCM, AMS Fellow)

Greenland Volcanic Activity:
Heat From Earth's Magma Contributing To Melting Of Greenland Ice (Ohio State University)

Gulf Stream

Gulf Stream safe if wind blows and Earth turns (Nature, 428 (601), April 8, 2004)
False Alarm: Atlantic Conveyor Belt Hasn't Slowed Down After All (Science, Volume 314, Number 5802, p. 1064, November 2006)
Is the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation slowing down? (PDF) (Petr Chylek, Ph.D. Professor of Atmospheric Science)


Reports of More Icebergs Are Misleading (S. Fred Singer, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Environmental Science)
Better Detection, Not Global Warming, Behind Increase In Large Antarctic Icebergs (Science Daily)


Warming 'not spreading malaria' (BBC)

Climate Change and Mosquito-Borne Disease: Causal Link or Green Alarmism? (AEI)
Ecologists question effects of climate change on infectious diseases (Ecological Society of America)
First Global Malaria Map In Decades Shows Reduced Risk (Science Daily)
Global Warming Won’t Spread Malaria (PDF) (Paul Reiter, Professor of Medical Entomology, Pasteur Institute)
Link between climate and malaria broken (Nature)
Malaria Deaths Dropped To One Quarter Previous Level In Zanzibar, Tanzania (Science Daily)

Oceans: (Missing Heat)

NASA Study Finds Earth's Ocean Abyss Has Not Warmed (NASA, October 6, 2014)

"The cold waters of Earth's deep ocean have not warmed measurably since 2005, according to a new NASA study, leaving unsolved the mystery of why global warming appears to have slowed in recent years."

Ozone Hole:

Five scientific questions on the CFC-Ozone Issue (S. Fred Singer, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Environmental Science)
Freon Superstitions (The Washington Times)
Ozone: The Hole Truth (The Heritage Foundation)
The Case of Assessing Ozone Depletion Risk (S. Fred Singer, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Environmental Science)

Banning Chemicals To Protect Ozone May Aggravate Global Warming, Atmospheric Scientist Says (Science Daily)
Chemists poke holes in ozone theory (Nature)
Ozone Pollution: Not Always Caused By Humans (Science Daily)

Huge 2004 Stratospheric Ozone Loss Tied To Solar Storms, Arctic Winds (University of Colorado at Boulder)
"Raining" Electrons Contribute To Ozone Destruction (PDF) (NASA)
Solar Storms, Arctic Winds Swirl In A Double Dip Cone Of Ozone Loss (NASA)
Solar Storms Destroy Ozone, Study Reconfirms (NASA)
Strong Winds Trigger Increases In Ozone Destroying Gases In Upper Stratosphere (University of Colorado at Boulder)

Future Volcanic Eruptions May Cause Ozone Hole Over Arctic (NASA)
Volcanic Aerosol Clouds And Gases Lead To Ozone Destruction (Science Daily)


"No credible peer-reviewed scientist in the world disagrees any longer that the globe is warming and that humans are causing it." - Laurie David, Producer 'An Inconvenient Truth'

900+ Peer-Reviewed Papers Supporting Skepticism of "Man-Made" Global Warming (Popular Technology)

A Climatology Conspiracy? (David H. Douglass, Ph.D. Professor of Physics; John R. Christy, Ph.D. Professor of Atmospheric Science)
Circling the Bandwagons: My Adventures Correcting the IPCC (PDF) (Ross McKitrick, Ph.D. Professor of Environmental Economics)
The Double Standard in Environmental Science (PDF) (Stanley W. Trimble, Ph.D. Professor of Geography)

Peer Review and Scientific Consensus (Nature, September 17, 2007)
Peer Review, Publication in Top Journals, Scientific Consensus, and So Forth (Robert Higgs, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Economics)

A peer review reality check (PDF) (Ross McKitrick, Ph.D. Professor of Environmental Economics)
Check the Numbers: The Case for Due Diligence in Policy Formation (PDF) (Ross McKitrick, Ph.D. Professor of Environmental Economics)

British scientists exclude 'maverick' colleagues, says report (Cardiff University)

"The peer review process assumes honesty and so was not designed to spot fraud" - Nature

Scientific fraud found at Bell Labs (Jan-Hendrik Schon: Nature, Science) (Seattle Post-Intelligencer, September 25, 2002)
MIT Fires Professor Van Parijs for Using Fake Data in Papers (Luk Van Parijs: Nature, Science) (The Tech, MIT, October 28, 2005)
For Science's Gatekeepers, a Credibility Gap (Hwang Woo Suk: Science) (The New York Times, May 2, 2006)

Science research called 'dysfunctional' (UPI, March 27, 2012)
In cancer science, many "discoveries" don't hold up (Reuters, March 28, 2012)
A New Record for Retractions? (ScienceInsider, April 11, 2012)

In Peer Review, Experts Often Skip Over Directions (The New York Times)
Free speech, peer review, and scientific scandals (Reason Magazine)
Many Scientists Admit to Misconduct (The Washington Post)
Mere Magazines (The Wall Street Journal)
Scandals Point to Weakness in Review Process (The New York Times)
Trial by peers comes up short (The Guardian)
When Peer Review Produces Unsound Science (The New York Times)


Antarctic Penguins Thrive In Ocean 'Oases' (Science Daily)
Of Antarctica and Penguins (World Climate Report)
[url=http://Penguins and Climate Change (PDF) (Science & Public Policy Institute)
Penguins Seen Thriving Despite Rise in Sea Ice (L.A. Times)


Are Siberian swamps a global threat? (RIA Novosti)
Arctic Permafrost May Not Hasten Global Warming, Study Says (Bloomberg)
Cooling the Permafrost Scare (World Climate Report)
Oldest ice in North America 'more resistant to climate change than thought' (The Daily Telegraph, UK)
Permafrost May Survive Global Climate Change, New Evidence Suggests (The New York Times)

Polar Bears: (Ursus maritimus) "Maritime Bear" (definition) "Of the Sea"

"it is just silly to predict the demise of polar bears in 25 years based on media-assisted hysteria."
- Mitchell Taylor, Ph.D. Polar Bear Biologist, 2006

- There are 19 Subpopulations of Polar Bears (Paetkau et al. 1999)
- There were and estimated 8,000 Polar Bears Worldwide in 1965 (IUCN/SSC PBSG 1965)
- There is an estimated 25,000 Polar Bears Today (Paetkau et al. 1999)

Polar bear expert barred by global warmists (The Daily Telegraph, UK, June 27, 2009)
New Nunavut survey shows “abundant and healthy” polar bear population in western Hudson Bay: NTI (Nunatsiaq News, April 3, 2012)
Healthy polar bear count confounds doomsayers (Globe and Mail, April 4, 2012)
Should polar bears lose endangered species status? (The Enterprise Blog, April 5, 2012)

Polar Bears & Global Warming (Video) (10min) (Mitchell Taylor, Ph.D. Polar Bear Biologist)
Polar Bear Scare (Video) (5min)
Polar Bear Politics (Video) (3min)

Polar Bear Kills and Eats A Baby Seal (Video) (2min)
Polar Bear Attacks and Eats a Ring Seal (Video) (1min)

FACT: Polar Bears eat Baby Seals

The moment cannibal polar bear eats baby cub (Daily Mail, UK)
Polar bear attacks woman at Berlin Zoo
Woman Mauled by a Polar Bear Berlin Zoo (Video) (2min)

FACT: Polar Bears have been around for over 100,000 years
Ancient 110,000-130,000 Year Old Polar Bear Jawbone Found (BBC)

Federal Polar Bear Research Critically Flawed, Argue Forecasting Experts (The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences)
Goose Eggs May Help Polar Bears Weather Climate Change (American Museum of Natural History)

A false mascot for climate change (National Post, Canada)
Are Polar Bears Really an Endangered Species? (The American)
Australian TV Exposes 'Stranded Polar Bear' Global Warming Hoax (NewsBusters)
- "Global Warming" Polar Bear Photo Hoax (Video) (3:43)
Beaufort polar bears booming (Nunatsaiq News)
Bear litigation a ploy, say Inuit groups (Nunatsaiq News)
Bearing Up (The New York Times)
Bjorn Lomborg: Save polar bears by not shooting them (The Daily Telegraph, UK)
Examining Threats and Protections for the Polar Bear (Ted Stevens, Senator Alaska)
Fears about Polar Bear Populations Are Refuted by Scientific Forecasting (Heartland Institute)
'GMA': It's All about Saving the Global Warming Mascot - The Polar Bears (Business & Media Institute)
Global warming won’t hurt polar bears, GN says (Nunatsaiq News)
On thin ice? Well it looks OK from here... Polar bear stands to attention for camera (Daily Mail, UK)
Polar Bear die-off unlikely: GN official (Nunatsaiq News)
Nunatsaiq News wrote:Fears that two-thirds of the world's polar bears will die off in the next 50 years are overblown, says Mitchell ­Taylor, the Government of Nunavut's director of wildlife research. [...] While he agrees that seals are essential food for bears as they fatten up during the spring and summer months - seal blubber makes up half of the bears' energy intake - he also suspects bears will be able to supplement their diet with other foods, such as walrus. During the summer months polar bears may also forage on berries, sedges and other plants, as well as bird eggs, to supplement their diet. And Taylor also points out female polar bears go nine months without eating at all during pregnancy. Besides, Taylor says he and numerous Inuit hunters have seen bears catch seal without the presence of sea ice. Bears sometimes find a place on shore to pounce on seals swimming by. Or they may catch seals caught in tidal pools, or sneak up on their prey at night. Taylor even suggests polar bears may float still on the water to fool seals into thinking they are hunks of sea ice.
Polar Bear makes longest recorded swim (62 miles in 24hr) (World Wildlife Fund)
Polar Bear Melodrama (The Wall Street Journal)
Polar Bear Meltdown? (Steve Milloy, B.A. Natural Science, M.S. Health Science)
Polar Bear not threatened, Canadian panel finds (National Post, Canada)
Polar Bear numbers rising, Inuit elders tell wildlife board (CBC)
Polar Bear numbers up, but rescue continues (National Post, Canada)
Polar Bear Plunge (San Diego Zoo)
Polar Bear Pushback (Hugh Hewitt, Townhall)
Polar Bear Scare on Thin Ice (The Heartland Institute)
Polar bear threat “hysterical” Netser tells U.S. last week (Nunatsaiq News)
Polar Bear worries unproven, expert says (CBC News, Canada)
Polar Bears in danger? Is this some kind of joke? (The Times, UK)
Polar Bears: More Journalistic Malpractice (National Review Online)
Polar Bears not threatened: Nunavut (CBC News, Canada)
'Polars Bears on the brink? Don't you believe it' (Daily Mail, UK)
Polar Bears on Thin Ice, Not Really! (National Center for Policy Analysis)
Polar Bears 'thriving as the Arctic warms up' (The Daily Telegraph, UK)
Role of Climate in Polar Bears' Fate Under Dispute (CNSNews)
Study shows polar bear increase in Davis Strait (Northern News Services)
The Good News Bears (The New York Times)
The polar bears are doing just fine (Financial Post, Canada)
Where Are All The Drowning Polar Bears? (World Climate Report)

U.S.: Drilling won't hurt polar bears (USA Today)

Demographic and Ecological Perspectives on the Status of Polar Bears (PDF) (Mitchell Taylor, Ph.D. Polar Bear Biologist)
Polar Bear Politics: Underestimating the survival capacity of one popular bear (PDF) (Jennifer Marohasy, Ph.D. Biology)
Polar Bear Population Forecasts: A Public-Policy Forecasting Audit (PDF) (J. Scott Armstrong Ph.D., Kesten C. Green Ph.D., Willie Soon Ph.D.)

FACT: Polar Bears are NOT Endangered

"Our best estimate of the current size of the population does not show a statistically significant decline" - USGS, 2006

Are Polar Bears Dying? (The Heartland Institute)
According to the World Wildlife Fund, about 20 distinct polar bear populations currently exist, accounting for approximately 22,000 polar bears worldwide. Of those distinct populations only two, representing about 16.4 percent of the total population, are decreasing. At the same time, 10 populations representing approximately 45.4 percent of the total population are stable, and 2 populations representing about 13.6 percent of the total number of polar bears are increasing. The status of the remaining populations is unknown.
ESA Listing Not Needed for Polar Bears (The Heartland Institute)
The Heartland Institute wrote:Since the 1970s, while much of the world was warming, polar bear numbers increased dramatically, from roughly 5,000 to 25,000 bears, a higher polar bear population than has existed at any time in the twentieth century.
Polar Bear - Population & Distribution (World Wildlife Fund)
World Wildlife Fund wrote:There are believed to be at least 22,000 polar bears worldwide ... The general status of polar bears is currently stable,
Canada - Last stand of our wild polar bears (Mitchell Taylor, Ph.D. Polar Bear Biologist)
Dr. Mitchell Taylor wrote:Of the 13 populations of polar bears in Canada, 11 are stable or increasing in number. They are not going extinct, or even appear to be affected at present.
Canada - Conservation of Polar Bears in Canada (Environment Canada)
For most subpopulations, population counts over time suggest a slight increase in the last 10-25 years.

"CO2 for different people has different attractions. After all, what is it? - it’s not a pollutant, it’s a product of every living creature’s breathing, it’s the product of all plant respiration, it is essential for plant life and photosynthesis, it’s a product of all industrial burning, it’s a product of driving – I mean, if you ever wanted a leverage point to control everything from exhalation to driving, this would be a dream. So it has a kind of fundamental attractiveness to bureaucratic mentality." - Richard S. Lindzen, Ph.D. Professor of Atmospheric Science, MIT

"Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant but a naturally occurring, beneficial trace gas in the atmosphere. For the past few million years, the Earth has existed in a state of relative carbon dioxide starvation compared with earlier periods. There is no empirical evidence that levels double or even triple those of today will be harmful, climatically or otherwise. As a vital element in plant photosynthesis, carbon dioxide is the basis of the planetary food chain - literally the staff of life. Its increase in the atmosphere leads mainly to the greening of the planet. To label carbon dioxide a "pollutant" is an abuse of language, logic and science." - Robert M. Carter, Ph.D. Professor of Environmental and Earth Science

- Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a natural part of Earth's Atmosphere (NASA)
- Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels in the atmosphere have risen only from 280 ppm (0.028%) to 380 ppm (0.038%) over the past 100 years (IPCC)
- Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is not toxic until 50,000 ppm (5%) concentration (Source)
- Any detrimental effects of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) including chronic exposure to 30,000 ppm (3%) are reversible (Source)
- NOISH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) exposure limits are 5,000 ppm (0.5%) for Carbon Dioxide (CO2) (OSHA)
- OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) exposure limits are 5,000 ppm (0.5%) for Carbon Dioxide (CO2) (OSHA)

The Kyoto Protocol is a treaty to regulate 'Greenhouse Gases' only:
- Carbon dioxide (CO2)
- Methane (CH4)
- Nitrous oxide (N2O) (Laughing Gas, Nitrous, NOS)
- Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs)
- Perfluorocarbons (PFCs)
- Sulphur hexafluoride (SF6)

Car Exhaust consists of:
- Carbon dioxide (CO2)
- Nitrogen (N2)
- Water vapor (H2O)
Some Pollutants:
- Carbon monoxide (CO) *
- Hydrocarbons or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) *
- Nitric oxide (NO) *
- Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) *
- Particulate matter (PM-10) *
- Sulfur dioxide (SO2) *

* Your car's Catalytic Converter removes about 95% of these pollutants by converting them to harmless Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Nitrogen (N2), Oxygen (O2) and Water (H20)

Smog consists of:
- Ozone (O3) * (formed from the photochemical reaction of Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) + Hydrocarbons)
- Particulate matter (PM-10) *
- Sulfur dioxide (SO2) *

* Air Pollution is already regulated in the: 1970 Clean Air Act (Amended: 1977, 1990)

Air Quality in America (American Enterprise Institute)

- The United States has sharply reduced air pollution levels, despite large increases in nominally "polluting" activities
- Areas in the United States with the highest pollution levels have improved the most
- Air quality in the United States will continue to improve
- Regulators and environmental activists exaggerate air pollution levels and obscure positive trends in the United States
- Air pollution affects far fewer people, far less often, and with far less severity than is commonly believed.

Index of Leading Environmental Indicators: 2009 Report (Pacific Research Institute)

- Growing evidence that the tropical rainforests may now be expanding faster than they are being cut down.
- The world's most severe environmental problems, are overwhelmingly problems of poverty in developing nations.
- No American or Western European city ranks among the top 50 cities in the world for air pollution in a World Bank ranking.
- Air pollution levels are falling in the 10 most polluted cities in the United States, by as much as 27 percent over the last decade in the case of fine particulates in Los Angeles.
- Recent ice core studies have found that levels of heavy metals in the atmosphere declined substantially during the 20th century.
- Stratospheric ozone -- the good kind of ozone, akin to good cholesterol in blood -- appears to have reversed its long-term decline and is now increasing over the U.S. The level of ozone-destroying chemical compounds in the atmosphere declined 12 percent from 1995 through 2006.
- The U.S. Geological Survey sampling of drinking water drawn from surface waters in 17 areas around the continental United States found very low (non-hazardous) or no presence of 258 different man-made chemicals.
- The health of U.S. ocean fisheries has improved substantially over the last few years, according to the U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service’s “Fish Stock Sustainability Index.”

Index of Leading Environmental Indicators: 2008 Report (Pacific Research Institute)

- The UN’s State of the Future report notes that “People around the world are becoming healthier, wealthier, better educated, more peaceful, and increasingly connected and they are living longer,” and expects this positive trend to continue.
- Net forest loss continues to decline globally and has been reversed in Asia.
- Net deforestation in Brazil has fallen by two-thirds over the last four years.
- In the eastern United States, recent EPA data show a 60-percent reduction in sulfur-dioxide levels since the year 2000, and a decline in emissions of nitrogen oxides (an ozone precursor) of more than 50 percent.
- In Los Angeles, air-quality regulators reported a significant decline in health risk from air pollution.
- The United States is now gaining wetlands.
- Rare fish species have been observed returning to the Detroit River for the first time in nearly a century.
- Russia reported significant progress in remediating the Aral Sea, site of one of the world’s greatest ecological disasters. Russia is slowly restoring the lake’s natural water level, and reintroducing native fish and wildlife species.
- U.S. greenhouse gas emissions fell by 1.5 percent in 2006.

Give a Hoot, Don't (Call It) "Pollute" (Robert C. Balling Jr., Ph.D. Professor of Climatology)
Arctic Atmosphere Very Clean This Year (2007) (Science Daily)
Coastal Waters Show Decline In Contaminants Over 20-Year Period (Science Daily)
Pesticide Concentrations Decreasing (Science Daily)
U.S. Carbon Dioxide Emissions From Fossil Fuels Declined By 1.3% In 2006 (Science Daily)
Worsening Urban Air Pollution Won't Increase Global Temperature Over Next 100 Years (Science Daily)

- Water Pollution is already regulated in the Federal Water Pollution Control Act (Amended: - Clean Water Act of 1977, Water Quality Act of 1987)
- The Clear Skies Act of 2003 - Failed to Pass the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works (Source)

Acid Rain:

The Acid Rain Myth (U.S. Senate)
The Acid Rain Myth, Part 2 (U.S. Senate)

Sea Level:

- Global mean sea level has risen only about 6 inches in the last 100 years. (Based on tidal gauge data) (IPCC)
- Global mean sea level rise is in the range of 1.0 to 2.0 mm/yr. (Based on tidal gauge data) (IPCC)
- No significant acceleration in the rate of sea level rise during the 20th century has been detected. (IPCC)
- "Computer Models" project a sea level rise of only 7-23 inches (0.18-0.59m) in the next 100 years. (IPCC)

The Great Sea-Level Humbug: There Is No Alarming Sea Level Rise! (Nils-Axel Morner, Ph.D. Emeritus Professor of Paleogeophysics & Geodynamics)
Doomsday predictions on sea level rises are 'false alarm' - levels always fluctuate, says expert as climate change row heats up (Daily Mail, UK, December 1, 2011)
The truth about sea levels? They’re always fluctuating (Nils-Axel Morner, The Spectator, UK, December 3, 2011)
Claim That Sea Level Is Rising Is a Total Fraud (PDF) (Nils-Axel Morner, Ph.D. Emeritus Professor of Paleogeophysics & Geodynamics)
Sea-level Expert: It's Not Rising! (PDF) (Nils-Axel Morner, Ph.D. Emeritus Professor of Paleogeophysics & Geodynamics)
Would CO2 Emission Cuts Save Arctic Ice and Reduce Sea-Level Rise? (PDF) (Science and Public Policy Institute)

The Past Half-Century of Sea Level Rise (Video) (3mn) (CO2Science)

Correlation of sunspots and sea level (The Reference Frame)
Incredible Sea Level Rise Is - Not Credible (Canada Free Press)
Mark of hot dispute (BBC)
- The 'Isle of the Dead' Revisited Part 1 (John L. Daly, B.Sc. Economics)
- The 'Isle of the Dead' Revisited Part 2 (John L. Daly, B.Sc. Economics)
'No acceleration' in Pacific sea rise (BBC)
Rise of sea levels is 'the greatest lie ever told' (The Daily Telegraph, UK)
Sea Level Has Not Risen for Three Years (Science and Public Policy Institute)

Global Sea-Rise Levels By 2100 May Be Lower Than Some Predict (University of Colorado at Boulder)
Snowfall-Driven Growth in East Antarctic Ice Sheet Mitigates Recent Sea-Level Rise (Science)
TOPEX/Poseidon Satellite Finds Global Sea Level Change During El Nino (The University of Texas at Austin)
West Antarctic Ice Sheet May Be A Smaller Source Of Current Sea-Level Rise (NASA)

Arctic dips as global waters rise (BBC)
Falling sea level upsets theory of global warming (The Daily Telegraph, UK)
Global Warming Can Make Sea Level Plunge (BBC)
Global Warming Will Lower Sea Levels (S. Fred Singer, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Environmental Science)
Oceans to fall, not rise, over millions of years (Reuters)
Sea Levels Are Falling Over the Long Term Because of Lower Basins (The New York Times)

Bangladesh gaining land, not losing: scientists (AFP, July 29, 2008)
Global Warming as Seen From Bangladesh (Bjørn Lomborg, Ph.D. Professor of Environmental Economics)

Despite popular opinion and calls to action, the Maldives are not being overrun by sea level rise (Anthony Watts, Meteorologist)

New Jersey:
Future Sea Level Rise and the New Jersey Coast (PDF) (Princeton University)
Averaging the mean values from the tide-gauges provides an approximate 20th Century relative sea level rise trend of 3.53 mm/year, which is double the global-mean. This implies a local component of approximately 2 mm/year for the New Jersey coast which can be partially attributed to land subsidence and sediment compaction.
Apparent Sea-Level Rise Caused by Sediment Compaction (Geological Society of America)
Geological Society of America wrote:A tide gage embedded above compacting sediment loses elevation, producing a water level record that indicates apparent sea-level rise equal to the loss in gage elevation. The USGS monitors subsidence in the marsh behind Atlantic City using an extensometer that penetrates 320m of section. Between 1980 and 2000, this extensometer measured 29mm of vertical compaction (1.5mm/yr) at this site. The Atlantic City tide gage rests above the same sedimentary section, plus surface sands deposited in historic time. The compaction of buried and surficial clastic sediment is an explanation for high apparent rates of sea-level rise (about 4.0mm/yr) at Atlantic City, Sandy Hook, and Hampton. On the Atlantic side of Florida, apparent rates of sea-level rise are generally lower than those from the mid-Atlantic coast, probably because historically recent calcium carbonate deposition in clastic pore space strengthens the Florida sediment, reducing compaction.
Thermal Expansion
Thermal expansion of sea water associated with global warming (National Center for Atmospheric Research)
National Center for Atmospheric Research wrote:Our projections of greenhouse-gas induced sea-level rise due to thermal expansion between 1985 and 2025 are also relatively small, 4-8 cm
The Truth - Tuvalu is not sinking (The New Zealand Climate Science Coalition)
Tuvalu floods, but it's not sinking (Chris de Freitas, Ph.D. Professor of Environmental Science)


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Species Extinction:

Bullshit! - Endangered Species (Video) (29min)

Extinction Turns Out to Be a Slow, Slow Process (The New York Times, October 24, 2000)
Markets Key to Saving Our Endangered Species (Randy T. Simmons, Ph.D. Professor of Economics)
The Myth Behind the Endangered Species Act (PERC)

Fixing the Endangered Species Act (PDF) (Randy T. Simmons, Ph.D. Professor of Economics)
The Endangered Species Act: Who’s Saving What? (PDF) (Randy T. Simmons, Ph.D. Professor of Economics)
The Specter of Species Extinction: Will Global Warming Decimate Earth's Biosphere? (PDF) (The Marshall Institute)
Where are all the Extinct Species? (PDF) (The Marshall Institute)

Not Extinct - Angola Giant Sable: Rare African antelope 'rediscovered' (BBC)
Not Extinct - Bavarian Short-eared Mouse: Back from the dead, not seen for 40 years (The Guardian, UK)
Not Extinct - Beck's Petrel: Flies Back From Presumed Extinction (Science Daily)
Not Extinct - Bhutan Bengal Tiger: Lost tiger population discovered in Bhutan mountains (BBC)
Not Extinct - Cape Lion: 'Extinct' lions surface in Siberia (BBC)
Not Extinct - Capricorn Beetle: 'Extinct' beetle comes out of the woodwork (The Daily Telegraph)
Not Extinct - Canterbury Knobbed Weevils: 'Extinct' bug found alive and well in high-country reserve (The New Zealand Herald)
Not Extinct - Cantor Giant Soft-Shell Turtle: Rare giant turtle found in Mekong (BBC)
Not Extinct - Cobble Elimia, Nodulose Coosa and Cahaba Pebble Snails: Thought extinct found in Alabama (Associated Press)
Not Extinct - Cozumel Thrasher: 'Extinct' Bird Rediscovered In Mexico (Science Daily)
Not Extinct - Cuban Solenodon: Mammal thought extinct found in Cuba (The Age, Australia)
Not Extinct - Dwarf Cloud Rat: Rediscovered After 112 Years (Science Daily)
Not Extinct - Giant Palouse Earthworm: Idaho Researcher Finds Rare Earthworm (Science Daily)
Not Extinct - Gilbert's Potoroo: Thought extinct for over 100 years, found in Western Australia (Associated Press)
Not Extinct - Glass Sponges: Once thought extinct, now found nearby (UWeek)
Not Extinct - Greater Bamboo Lemur: Held Extinct Found on Madagascar (The New York Times)
Not Extinct - Greater Mouse-eared Bat: 'Extinct' - bounces back (BBC)
Not Extinct - Harlequin Frog (Carrikeri): Rediscovered In Remote Region Of Colombia (Science Daily)
Not Extinct - Harlequin Frog (Painted Frog): Believed Extinct Found Alive (Science Daily)
Not Extinct - Harlequin Frog (San Lorenzo): Rediscovery Of Endangered Colombian Frogs (Science Daily)
Not Extinct - Harlequin Frog (Santa Marta): Rediscovery Of Endangered Colombian Frogs (Science Daily)
Not Extinct - Indian Owl: Considered Extinct, Is Captured on Film by Americans (The New York Times)
Not Extinct - Long Thought Extinct, Ivory-Billed Woodpecker Rediscovered In Big Woods Of Arkansas (Science Daily)
- Cornell Researchers Say Double Knocks May Be 'Soundprints' Of Ivory-Bills (Science Daily)
- Video Analysis Adds Evidence For Ivory-Billed Woodpecker (Science Daily)
- Ivory-billed Woodpecker Sighted and Recorded (Science Daily)
Not Extinct - Jaguar Spotted In Central Mexico For First Time In 100 Years (Science Daily)
Not Extinct - Javan Elephant: Presumed Extinct, May Have Been Found Again - In Borneo (Science Daily)
Not Extinct - Javan Rhinoceros: Thought Extinct, a Few Are Seen in Vietnam (The New York Times)
Not Extinct - Kouprey Oxen: 'Extinct' oxen are seen (The New York Times)
Not Extinct - La Palma Giant Lizard: Scientists find 'extinct' giant lizards (BBC)
Not Extinct - Leatherback Turtles: Not extinct in Malaysia (The Hindu)
Not Extinct - Laotian Rock Rat: Retired professor tracks down rodent thought to be extinct (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
Not Extinct - Long-beaked Echidna: New hope over 'extinct' echidna (BBC)
Not Extinct - Michigan Cougars: Not Extinct, Animal Droppings Indicate (Live Science)
Not Extinct - Mount Diablo Buckwheat Wildflower: Thought Extinct Rediscovered in California (NPR)
Not Extinct - Mountain Yellow-Legged Frog: Nearly Extinct, Population Discovered (Science Daily)
Not Extinct - New York Moose: Once Extinct in the state, return to New York (The New York Times)
Not Extinct - Opal Allotoca: 'Extinct' Fish Found (The New York Times)
Not Extinct - Palos Verdes Blue Butterfly: Flutters Back to Life (The New York Times)
Not Extinct - Pygmy Hippos: Caught on film (BBC)
Not Extinct - Pygmy Tarsiers: Long-lost 'Furby-like' Primate Discovered In Indonesia (Science Daily)
Not Extinct - Rat-squirrel: Not extinct after all (USA Today)
Not Extinct - Red Colobus Monkey: Thought Extinct Still Exists (Science Daily)
Not Extinct - Red-Crested Tree Rat: Cute rodent species surfaces after 113 years (USA Today)
Not Extinct - Robust Redhorse Sucker Fish: Thought Extinct Found Again in Georgia (The Georgia Aquarium)
Not Extinct - Ryukyu Spiny Rat: Not Extinct (Japan Probe)
Not Extinct - Siamese Crocodile: Once Thought Extinct, Is Photographed In Thailand (Science Daily)
Not Extinct - Sierra Nevada Red Fox: Rare fox pops up in Stanislaus National Forest (Sacramento Bee)
Not Extinct - Sheepnose Mussel: Thought extinct surfaces in Mississippi (Delta Farm Press)
Not Extinct - Short-necked Oil Beetle: Re-emerges after 60 years (BBC)
Not Extinct - Storm Petrel: Flies back from extinction after 150 years (The Daily Telegraph, UK)
Not Extinct - Sumatran Ground Cuckoo: Lost Cuckoo Breaks Its Silence (Science Daily)
Not Extinct - Swinhoe's Soft-Shell Turtle: Discovered Living In Wild In Northern Vietnam (Science Daily)
Not Extinct - Tibet Red Deer: Hunch Leads to Discovery of Herd Thought to Be Extinct (The New York Times)
Not Extinct - U.S. Jaguar: Gone for Decades, Jaguars Steal Back to the Southwest (The New York Times)
Not Extinct - Warbler: Fiji's 'extinct' bird flies anew (BBC)
Not Extinct - Woolly Flying Squirrel: Long Thought Extinct, Shows Up in Pakistan (The New York Times)
Not Extinct - Yangtze (Baiji) River Dolphin: Previously Thought Extinct Spotted In The Yangtze River (Science Daily)

12 new frog species spotted in India (The Hindu)
Over 1,000 Species Discovered In The Greater Mekong In Past Decade (Science Daily)
Global Warming Link To Amphibian Declines In Doubt (Penn State)
Global warming NOT killing frogs (just like we told you) (World Climate Report)
Study: Cute Endangered Species Get More Attention Than Ugly Ones (FOX News)
Ten New Amphibian Species Discovered In Colombia (Reuters)

Mass Extinctions:
Ancient volcanic eruptions caused global mass extinction (University of Leeds)
Hydrogen Sulfide, Not Carbon Dioxide, May Have Caused Largest Mass Extinction (Penn State)
Large Asteroid Breakup May Have Caused Mass Extinction On Earth 65 Million Years Ago (Southwest Research Institute)
University Of Cincinnati Geologist Finds Survival Benefit To Evolving After Mass Extinctions (Science Daily)
Permian Extraterrestrial Impact Caused Largest Mass Extinction On Earth (Geological Society Of America)
Prehistoric Explosions Wiped Out Ocean Life (University of Alberta)
Scientist Finds Asteroid Fossil That May Have Caused Global Dinosaur Extinction (Science Daily)
Sun's Movement Through Milky Way Regularly Sends Comets Hurtling, Coinciding With Mass Life Extinctions (Science Daily)
Study Links Extinction Cycles to Changes in Earth's Orbit and Tilt (The New York Times)
Yucatan Crater Linked To Mass Extinctions Of Dinosaurs (Science Daily)


"The planet has a fever" - Al Gore, 2007

Is the U.S. Surface Temperature Record Reliable? (PDF) (Anthony Watts, AMS Certified Meteorologist)
- How not to measure temperature (Anthony Watts, AMS Certified Meteorologist)
- Odd USHCN Weather Stations (Surface Stations)
- Comments On The NCDC Talking Point Response To The Report “Is The U.S. Surface Temperature Record Reliable?” By Anthony Watts (Roger Pielke Sr. Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Atmospheric Science)
- The Talking Points Memo (Climate Audit)

Fabricating Temperatures on the DEW Line (Anthony Watts, AMS Certified Meteorologist)
Snow job in Antarctica - digging out the data (Climate Audit)

The Graph of Temperature vs. Number of Stations (Ross McKitrick, Ph.D. Professor of Environmental Economics)
- GHCN Air Temperature Station Locations 1950-1996 (Animation) (University of Delaware)
- Historical Station Distribution (Climate Audit)

An Interesting Source of Man-Made Global Warming (Coyote Blog)
NASA GISS: adjustments galore, rewriting U.S. climate history (Watts Up With That?)



CO2 Lags Temperatures:
Ancient ice shows warming ahead of CO2 (UPI)
CO2 & temperature: ice core correlations (Luboš Motl, Ph.D. Theoretical Physicist)
Luboš Motl wrote:The temperatures and carbon dioxide concentrations have been correlated but we know for sure that the temperature was the cause and the concentration was its consequence, not the other way around. If you look carefully at the graphs, you will see that the carbon dioxide concentrations lag behind the temperature by 800 years.

CO2, Temperatures, and Ice Ages (Frank Lansner, Civil Engineer, Biotechnology)
The inconvenient truth about the Ice core Carbon Dioxide Temperature Correlations (Nir J. Shaviv, Ph.D. Professor of Physics)

Cold Weather Deaths:
95,000 Excess U.S. Deaths during the Cold Months Each Year (Indur M. Goklany, Ph.D. Science and Policy Analyst, U.S. Department of the Interior)
Cold weather may raise blood pressure in elderly (Reuters)
How cold turns up the heat on health (BBC)
The Deadliest U.S. Natural Hazard: Extreme Cold (Cato Institute)
Thousands of elderly people die of cold each winter in a 'national scandal' (The Daily Telegraph, UK)
Winter kills: Excess Deaths in the Winter Months (Indur M. Goklany, Ph.D. Science and Policy Analyst, U.S. Department of the Interior)

1998 no longer the hottest year on record in USA (Anthony Watts, AMS Certified Meteorologist)

Ten Hottest Years (U.S.):
1. 1934
2. 1998
3. 1921
4. 2006
5. 1931
6. 1999
7. 1953
8. 1990
9. 1938
10. 1939

State high temperature records (USA Today)

Little Ice Age:
Gulf Stream slowed 10 pct in Little Ice Age-study (Reuters)
Little Ice Age caused by dimmer sun, experts say (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)
Little Ice Age is still with us (National Post, Canada)
'Little Ice Age' hastened fall of Aztecs, Incas (MSNBC)
Marshes Tell Story Of Medieval Drought, Little Ice Age, And European Settlers Near NYC (NASA)
Medieval Warm Period, Little Ice Age and 20th Century Temperature Variability from Chesapeake Bay (USGS)
The Little Ice Age and Scotland (BBC)
The Sun's Chilly Impact on Earth (NASA)
Weather Eye: the days of the Little Ice Age (The Times, UK)
UK researchers show Little Ice Age was global, with implications for current Global Warming (University of Gloucestershire, November 20, 2014)

Medieval Warming Period:

Medieval Warm Period Project (CO2 Science)

The Medieval Warm Period project is meant to be a database of MWP studies not a multiproxy reconstruction. A quantitative and qualitative analysis of the studies was done and found that the peak warmth of the MWP was typically greater than the peak warmth of the current warm period (CWP). And that earlier period of greater warmth occurred at a time when the atmosphere's CO2 concentration was fully 100 ppm less than it is today, indicative of the fact that the earth has experienced equivalent or warmer temperatures than those of the present when there was much less CO2 in the air, which suggests that whatever was responsible for the greater warmth of the MWP could easily be responsible for the lesser warmth of the CWP.

20th Century Climate Not So Hot (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
Greenland's Ice Yields Further Clues About Climate Change (Science Daily)
Marshes Tell Story Of Medieval Drought, Little Ice Age, And European Settlers Near NYC (NASA)
Middle Ages Were Warmer Than Today, Say Scientists (The Daily Telegraph, UK)
Medieval Warm Period, Little Ice Age and 20th Century Temperature Variability from Chesapeake Bay (USGS)
Tree Ring Evidence For A Medieval Warm Period In Columbia Bay, Alaska (The Geological Society of America)
Tree Rings Show a Period of Widespread Warming in Medieval Age (The New York Times)
Tree Rings show Earth was warm 800 years ago (USA Today)
Warmer Periods In Alaskan Area Not Confined To Modern Times (Science Daily)

Missing Data:
Global Warming ate my data (The Register, UK)
Ross McKitrick: Defects in key climate data are uncovered (National Post, Canada)
The Dog Ate Global Warming (Patrick J. Michaels, Ph.D. Ecological Climatology)
Treemometers: A new scientific scandal (The Register, UK)
We Lost the Original Data (Roger Pielke Jr., Ph.D. Professor of Environmental Studies)

"Data storage availability in the 1980s meant that we were not able to keep the multiple sources for some sites, only the station series after adjustment for homogeneity issues. We, therefore, do not hold the original raw data but only the value-added (i.e. quality controlled and homogenized) data." - CRU

Antarctic Dinosaur Find Evidences A Warmer Past (The New York Times)
Antarctic dinosaurs come out of the cold (The Times, UK)
Antarctica had a warmer past (USA Today)
Ethiopia 27 million years ago had higher rainfall, warmer soil (Southern Methodist University)
Fossil DNA Proves Greenland Once Had Lush Forests; Ice Sheet Is Surprisingly Stable (Science Daily)
Fossils Point To Warmer UK Past (BBC)
Summers 9,500 years ago were warmer than today (The Daily Telegraph, UK)
Unique Fossil Discovery Shows Antarctic Was Once Much Warmer (Science Daily)

Statistical Significance:
"There has been no warming since 1997 and no statistically significant warming since 1995." - Richard S. Lindzen, Ph.D. Professor of Atmospheric Science, MIT

"According to satellite data, global warming stopped about 10 years ago and there's no way to know whether it's happening now." - Roy W. Spencer, Ph.D. Meteorology, Former Senior Scientist for Climate Studies, NASA

A note from Richard Lindzen on statistically significant warming (Watts Up With That?)
No statistically significant warming since 1995 (The Reference Frame)
No Statistically Significant Warming Since 2000 (The Blackboard)
No Warming for Fifteen Years? (The Air Vent)

Temperature Records:
"Global Warming" at a glance (Junk Science)
BEST (Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature)
- Best Confirms Global Temperature Standstill (GWPF, October 29, 2011)
- Scientist who said climate change sceptics had been proved wrong accused of hiding truth by colleague (Daily Mail, UK, October 30, 2011)
- Closing Thoughts on BEST (Climate Audit, November 1, 2011)
- A Considered Critique of Berkeley Temperature Series (Watts Up With That?, November 3, 2011)
- BEST Data "Quality" (Climate Audit, November 6, 2011)
- Why BEST Will Not Settle the Climate Debate (S. Fred Singer, American Thinker, November 17, 2011)
CRU (Climatic Research Unit)
GISTEMP (NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies)
HADCRUT (Met Office Hadley Centre)
NCDC - Climate Summary (NOAA)
RSS MSU (Remote Sensing Systems)
UAH MSU (University of Alabama in Huntsville)
- Accurate "Thermometers" in Space - The State of Climate Measurement Science (NASA)
Wood for Trees: Climate Data

Urban Heat Island:
Urban Heat Island (Berkeley National Laboratory)
Urban Heat Islands Make Cities Greener (NASA)

The Day After Tomorrow:

"Climatologists will criticize the faulty science on which the film is based..." - Nature Scientific Journal, 2004

Big-Budget Hollywood Movie Is a Science Travest (Sallie Baliunas, Ph.D. Astrophysics)
'Day After Tomorrow': A lot of hot air (Patrick J. Michaels, Ph.D. Ecological Climatology, USA Today)
Disaster Flick Exaggerates Speed Of Ice Age (Duke University)
Hollywood's fake take on global warming (The Boston Globe)

Merchants of Doubt:

Merchants of Smear (National Review Online, March 6, 2015)
Merchants of 'smear' movie slanders eminent Physicist Dr. Fred Singer – Singer Fires Back! (Climate Depot, March 6, 2015)
Merchants of Doubt a Huge Flop at the Box Office (The Heartland Institute, March 12, 2015)
Merchants of Doubt: A Climate Change Dud (American Thinker, May 23, 2015)

The Denial Machine:

Part 1: CBC’s continuing denial of the climate science debate (Tim F. Ball, Ph.D. Climatology, Canada Free Press)
Part 2: CBC’s denial of the climate science debate (Tim F. Ball, Ph.D. Climatology, Canada Free Press)
Part 3: The Denial Machine negates Fifth Estate’s claim to investigative reporting excellence (Tim F. Ball, Ph.D. Climatology, Canada Free Press)
Part 4: From basic statistics mistakes to subliminal language tricks, The Denial Machine disgraces the CBC (Tim F. Ball, Ph.D. Climatology, Canada Free Press)
Part 5: Viewer’s guide to rooting out propaganda in future CBC climate coverage (Tim F. Ball, Ph.D. Climatology, Canada Free Press)
Who is James Hoggan? (Financial Post, Canada)

The Planets:

Top Global Warming Advocate: Jupiter & Saturn Closer To Sun Than Earth (Prison Planet)

- Carbon Dioxide is 95.3% of the atmosphere of Mars (NASA)
- Average Temperature on Mars is -80°F (NASA)

- Carbon Dioxide is 0.038% of the atmosphere of Earth (NASA)
- Average Temperature on Earth is 57°F (NASA)

Jupiter - New Storm on Jupiter Hints at Climate Change (
Jupiter - Researcher Predicts Global Climate Change On Jupiter As Planet's Spots Disappear (Science Daily)
Jupiter - Turbulent Storms May Be Sign Of Global Climate Change (Science Daily)
Mars - Climate Change Hits Mars (The Times, UK)
Mars - Evidence Of Climate Change, Icy Region Observed On Mars (Science Daily)
Mars - Evidence for Recent Climate Change on Mars (Malin Space Science Systems)
Mars - Global Warming Hits Mars Too (Mars Daily)
Mars - Mars Melt Hints at Solar, Not Human, Cause for Warming, Scientist Says (National Geographic)
Mars - NASA's Global Surveyor Sees Possible Climate Change On Mars (Science Daily)
Neptune - Suggestive correlations between the brightness of Neptune, solar variability, and Earth's temperature (AGU)
Neptune Moon Triton - MIT researcher finds evidence of global warming on Neptune's largest moon (MIT)
Pluto - Global Warming on Pluto Puzzles Scientists (
Saturn - Hot shot of Saturn's 'hot spot' (BBC)
Saturn Moon Enceladus - Saturn moon delights and baffles (BBC)
Uranus - Hubble Discovers Dark Cloud In The Atmosphere Of Uranus (Science Daily)
Uranus - Planet Uranus rings the changes (BBC)


United States Using Less Water Than 35 Years Ago (U.S. Department of the Interior)

Could Nuclear Power Be The Answer To Fresh Water? (Science Daily)
Desalination Can Boost US Water Supplies (Science Daily)

Cheap, Clean Drinking Water Purified Through Nanotechnology (Science Daily)
Converting Sewage Into Drinking Water: Wave Of The Future? (Science Daily)
Fresh Water For The World's Poorest (Science Daily)
New Desalination Technology Taps Waste Heat From Power Plants (Science Daily)
New Water Filtration Materials Help Assure Safe Drinking Water (Science Daily)
Possible New Approach To Purifying Drinking Water, Thanks To Genetic Tool (Science Daily)
Scrap Tires Can Be Used To Filter Wastewater (Science Daily)
Windmill With A Twist Can Provide Fresh Water From Seawater Directly (Science Daily)

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Weather Trend Charts (Climate Skeptic)

Alarmists use weather to promote global warming hoax (Tim F. Ball, Ph.D. Climatology)
Weather Channel Founder: Global Warming 'Greatest Scam in History' (ICECAP)
- Glen Beck interviews Weather Channel Founder: John Coleman (Video) (5min)

Wealth and Safety: The Amazing Decline in Deaths from Extreme Weather in an Era of Global Warming, 1900–2010 (PDF) (Indur M. Goklany, Ph.D. U.S. Department of the Interior, 2011)

Australia's drought natural, researcher says (Reuters)
Drought 'natural process, not emissions' (The Age, Australia)
Global Warming Causing Fewer Droughts, Scientists Conclude (The Heartland Institute)
Scientists Link '88 Drought to Natural Cycle in Tropical Pacific (The New York Times)
Scientists Show That Vegetation Conditions Drive The North Africa Drought (Science Daily)
Sun's Magnetic Field May Impact Weather And Climate: Sun Cycle Can Predict Rainfall Fluctuations (Science Daily)

Droughts Historic:
Colorado River Streamflow History Reveals Megadrought Before 1490 (University of Arizona)
Droughts Like the Great Dust Bowl of the 1930s May Have Been Unexceptional in Prehistoric Times, New Study Suggests (Duke University)
Extreme Droughts Played Major Role In Tragedies At Jamestown, "Lost Colony" (College Of William And Mary)
Not To Worry - Geographer Says Heat, Drought Are Par For The Climatological Course (University At Buffalo)
Lessons Learned From Drought Deaths 40,000 Years Ago (Science Daily)
Marshes Tell Story Of Medieval Drought, Little Ice Age, And European Settlers Near NYC (Science Daily)
Past Droughts Geographically Widespread In The West, According To Tree-ring Data (University of Arizona)
Researchers Find Evidence Of 16th Century Epic Drought Over North America (University Of Arkansas)
Tree-ring Data Reveals Multiyear Droughts Unlike Any In Recent Memory (University of Washington)

NASA Explains “Dust Bowl” Drought (NASA)

Number of Earthquakes by Year (Wm. Robert Johnston, B.A. Astronomy, M.S. Ph.D. Physics)

El Niño:
El Niños are not caused by global warming (NOAA, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)
El Niño, Global Warming Link Questioned (Texas A&M University)

Experts Reject Notion that Global Warming Is Causing More Floods (The Heartland Institute)
Environmental Regulations Blamed for California Floods (The Heartland Institute)
Floods Ain't What They Used To Be; Study Shows Wing Dams Have Made Them Worse (Science Daily)
Floods in 2007 'not due to global warming' (The Daily Telegraph, UK)
Lewis And Clark Data Show Narrower, More Flood-prone River (Science Daily)
Midwest Floods and Unjustified Climate Change Fear Mongering (Anthony Watts, Meteorologist)
No Connection Between Global Warming and North Dakota Floods (The Heartland Institute)
Spring Flooding In Mid-Western US Forecast, But People Still Build On Floodplains (Science Daily)
Why the current floods are not all caused by global warming (The Guardian, UK)

Global Warming Increases Wind Shear, Reduces Hurricanes, Climate Model Shows (Science Daily)
Global Warming Will Do Little To Change Hurricane Activity, According To New Model (Science Daily)
Increased Hurricane Losses Due To More People, Wealth Along Coastlines, Not Stronger Storms (Science Daily)
Monster Hurricanes: Study Questions Linkage Between Severe Hurricanes And Global Warming (Science Daily)
Natural Climate Changes Can Intensify Hurricanes More Efficiently Than Global Warming (Science Daily)
New Findings Blame Jump In Hurricane Toll On Coastal Growth, Not Climate Change (Science Daily)
Warmer Ocean Could Reduce Number Of Atlantic Hurricane Landfalls (Science Daily)

"A consensus of 125 of the world’s leading tropical cyclone researchers and forecasters says that no firm link can yet be drawn between ...climate change and variations in the intensity and frequency of tropical cyclones." - (WMO)

Global and Northern Hemisphere Tropical Cyclone Activity [still] lowest in 30-years (Florida State University)
Tropical cyclone activity at 30-year low in N. Hemisphere (USA Today)
2006 - What Hurricane Season? (FOX News)
2007 - Light Hurricane Season (American Thinker)
2008 - Hurricane History Lessons (World Climate Report)

Calmer Weather: The Spin on Greenhouse Hurricanes (Robert C. Balling Jr., Ph.D. Professor of Climatology)
Global warming 'not linked' to typhoons (The Daily Telegraph, UK)
Hurricanes and Hot Air (William M. Gray, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Atmospheric Science)
Hurricane Center: Global Warming Equals Fewer Storms (NewsMax)
Hurricane expert: Global warming not behind storms (USA Today)
Hurricane Hysteria (Patrick J. Michaels, Ph.D. Ecological Climatology)
Record year for hurricanes part of a natural cycle (USA Today)
Recent Hurricanes Not Caused by Warming, Scientists Conclude (The Heartland Institute)
Scientist doubts warming-hurricane link (United Press International)
Scientists: Early Tropical Storm Not Due to Global Warming (FOX News)
Warming not behind hurricane activity: forecaster (Reuters)

Hurricane Katrina:
Hurricane Katrina Not Caused by Global Warming (Video) (3min)
Experts: Global Warming Didn't Cause Katrina (NewsMax, August 31, 2005)
What led to Katrina? Jury still out on global warming (USA Today, September 6, 2005)
Katrina was Category 3, not 4 (CNN, December 21, 2005)
Katrina devastation not unrivaled, analysis finds (Houston Chronicle, July 11, 2007)

Hurricane Sandy:
Hurricane Sandy transforms into a post-tropical cyclone (Star-Ledger, October 29, 2012)
Normal Weather Caused Hurricane Sandy (Newsmax, October 29, 2012)
Leave It To The Global Warming Alarmists To "Make Fake Lemonade" Out Of Hurricane Sandy (Forbes, October 31, 2012)
Scientists dispute politicians’ claims that global warming grew Sandy (Fox News, October 31, 2012)
Don’t blame Sandy on Global Warming (The New York Post, November 2, 2012)
Next time somebody tries to tell you hurricane Sandy was an “unprecedented” East Coast hurricane, show them this (WUWT, November 2, 2012)
Sandy and Climate Change (National Review Online, November 3, 2012)
Climate expert reveals cause of Hurricane Sandy (WND, November 4, 2012)
HuffPo Blames Sandy on Global Warming, Meteorologist Responds (Breitbart, November 14, 2012)
Hurricane Sandy: Not the Global Warming Bombshell It’s Cracked Up to Be (The Foundry, December 4, 2012)

" call Sandy a harbinger of a "new normal," in which unprecedented weather events cause unprecedented destruction, would be wrong." - Roger Pielke Jr., Ph.D. Professor of Environmental Studies

"Hurricane Sandy - which was, technically, not a hurricane by the time it buzzed into the Jersey Shore - was a terribly destructive cyclone. But blaming it on global warming, scientifically ludicrous." - Patrick J. Michaels, Ph.D. Climatology

"In this case [Hurricane Sandy], the immediate cause is most likely little more that the coincidental alignment of a tropical storm with an extratropical storm. [...] Neither the frequency of tropical or extratropical cyclones over the North Atlantic are projected to appreciably change due to climate change, nor have there been indications of a change in their statistical behavior over this region in recent decade." - Martin P. Hoerling, Ph.D. Meteorologist, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

"...the overall storm [Hurricane Sandy] is difficult to attribute to global warming." - Andrew J. Weaver, Ph.D. Climate Scientist, University of Victoria

"You can't take one rogue event like this [Hurricane Sandy] and start ascribing anything but the current three phasing conditions that are leading to it," - David A. Robinson, Ph.D. New Jersey State Climatologist.

"Amazingly the scientists disputing links between global warming & Sandy are the experts - who've published a lot of papers - Ryan Maue, Ph.D, Meteorology

"The idea that the devastation from Sandy was caused by global warming is wrong for many reasons. Those pushing this agenda are ignoring meteorological history, or purposefully leaving it out of the discussion. ...we have seen much stronger storms hit these areas before with more frequency, [...] Hurricane Sandy generated record flooding in NYC and NJ because the storm's track was optimal for generating storm surge in those areas, not because of global warming. [...] Was it global warming in the 1950's when the East Coast was consistently devastated by hurricanes more powerful than Sandy?" - Joe Bastardi, Meteorologist, WeatherBell Analytics

Hurricane Papers:
Counting Atlantic Tropical Cyclones Back to 1900 (PDF) (Christopher W. Landsea Ph.D. Atmospheric Science, National Hurricane Center)
Christopher W. Landsee wrote:Researchers cannot assume that the Atlantic tropical cyclone database presents a complete depiction of frequency of events before the advent of satellite imagery in the mid-1960s. Moreover, newly available advanced tools and techniques are also contributing toward monitoring about one additional Atlantic tropical cyclone per year since 2002. Thus large, long-term ‘trends’ in tropical cyclone frequency are primarily manifestations of increased monitoring capabilities and likely not related to any real change in the climate in which they develop.
Global Warming and Hurricanes (PDF) (William M. Gray, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Atmospheric Science)
Global hurricane frequency and/or intensity has not been observed to undergo any significant trends as a result of the global warming of the last 30 years for frequency and for the last 20 years for intensity
Hurricanes and Climate Change: Assessing the Linkages Following the 2006 Season (PDF) (William M. Gray, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Atmospheric Science)
The Deadliest, Costliest and Most Intense United States Tropical Cyclones From 1851 to 2006 (PDF) (Christopher W. Landsea Ph.D. Atmospheric Science, National Hurricane Center)
Tropical Cyclone Data Tape For the North Atlantic Basin, 1886-1983 (PDF) (NOAA)
NOAA wrote:...until organized reconnaissance began in 1944, the two major sources of information on tropical cyclones were land stations and ships at sea. Undoubtedly, during this early period some storms went undetected.

Tornadoes not a sign of global warming (Tim F. Ball, Ph.D. Climatology)
Global warming 'not to blame' for Tornadoes (The Daily Telegraph, UK)
Increasing tornadoes or better information gathering? (Anthony Watts, AMS Certified Meteorologist)
Tornadoes not Linked to Global Warming (Eugene Tackle, Ph.D. Professor of Atmospheric Science)
Senator Kerry Misinformed on Tennessee Storms (Science and Public Policy Institute)
Spinning the Tornado Story (Patrick J. Michaels, Ph.D. Ecological Climatology)
The 25 Deadliest Tornadoes in the United States (infoplease)
2005 - Tornado numbers far below normal in '05 (USA Today, June 1, 2005)
2005 - NOAA Reports No Tornado Fatalities Since March, A Record (Science Daily, July 11, 2005)
2011 - NOAA Scientist Rejects Global Warming Link to Tornadoes (Fox News, April 28, 2011)
2011 - Tornadoes whipped up by wind, not climate: officials (AFP, April 28, 2011)
2011 - No link between tornadoes and climate change: US (AFP, May 22, 2011)
2012 - Global warming heats up tornado debate (Harold Brooks, New Scientist, May 7, 2012)

2005 - Researcher: Global Warming Not To Blame For Tsunami (Arizona State University, January 21, 2005)

California Fire Smokescreen (Steve Milloy, B.A. Natural Science, M.S. Health Science)
Forest Fires May Lead To Cooling Of Northern Climate (Science Daily)
Historic Wildfires (U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)
Slow But Sure - Burned Forest Lands Regenerate Naturally (Science Daily)
Wildfires: Homes Fuel The Fires More Than Forests (Science Daily)

Weather Channel:
"The Weather Channel" Mess (James Spann, AMS Certified Meteorologist)
Glen Beck interviews James Spann (Video) (6min)
James Spann wrote:Well, well. Some “climate expert” on “The Weather Channel” wants to take away AMS certification from those of us who believe the recent “global warming” is a natural process. So much for “tolerance”, huh? I have been in operational meteorology since 1978, and I know dozens and dozens of broadcast meteorologists all over the country. Our big job: look at a large volume of raw data and come up with a public weather forecast for the next seven days. I do not know of a single TV meteorologist who buys into the man-made global warming hype. I know there must be a few out there, but I can’t find them.


Killer whales 'decimating harbour seal population' (The Independent, UK)
Japan Not Catching Endangered Whales (Scoop, New Zealand)
Save the Whalers (The Wall Street Journal)
Whale ban 'is cultural imperialism' (The Times, UK)

O-10 **** General
O-10 **** General
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Seven Theories of Climate Change (PDF)

Astronomical Theory:

Milankovitch Cycles and the Ice Ages (NASA)

Milankovitch Cycles (Video) (3min)

Ancient Climate Excursion Linked To A Rare Anomaly In Earth's Orbit (University of California)
Antarctic Seafloor Core Suggests Earth's Orbital Oscillations May Be The Key To What Controlled Ice Ages (Ohio State University)
Astronomical theory offers new explanation for ice ages (University of California, Berkeley)
Earth's Orbit Creates More Than A Leap Year: Orbital Behaviors Also Drive Climate Changes, Ice Ages (Washington State University)
Long debate ended over cause, demise of ice ages – may also help predict future (Oregon State University)
New UNC-CH study explains variations in onset of ice ages (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Astronomical Influences Affect Climate More Than CO2, Say Experts (CNSNews)
Changes In Earth's Tilt Control When Glacial Cycles End (Space Daily)
Changing Orbit Explains Ice Ages, Scientist Says (
Global wobbling may melt the ice (New Scientist)
Ice age wobbles shaped climate (NewsScientist)
Longterm Climate Change Due to Astronomical Cycles (The Daily Californian)
Other Planets Influence Earth's Climate, University Of Toronto Scientist Says (Science Daily)

Galaxy 'may cause ice ages' (BBC)

Wobbles may have shaped evolution (The San Francisco Chronicle)
Study Links Extinction Cycles to Changes in Earth's Orbit and Tilt (The New York Times)

Mars, Like Earth, Has Cyclical Ice Ages, Study Says (National Geographic)
Martian 'wobbles' shift climate (BBC)
Climate Model For Earth Also Describes Changes On Mars (Science Daily)

1500-Year Climate Cycle:

The Physical Evidence of Earth's Unstoppable 1,500-Year Climate Cycle (PDF) (S. Fred Singer, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Environmental Science; Dennis T. Avery, M.S. Agricultural Economics)

Carbon Dioxide Did Not End The Last Ice Age, Study Says (Science Daily)
Earth Cools In Persistent, 1,500-Year Rhythm, Say Columbia Scientists, Working From Sea Cores (Science Daily)
Global Warming Natural, May End Within 20 Years, Says Ohio State University Researcher (Science Daily)
Natural Climate Change May Be Larger Than Commonly Thought (Science Daily)
North Atlantic Warming Tied To Natural Variability (Science Daily)
Pacific Ocean Temperature Changes Point To Natural Climate Variability (Science Daily)
Solar cycle drives ocean temperatures, study says (USA Today)


"Irregular motion of a dynamical system that is deterministic, sensitive to initial conditions, and impossible to predict in the long term with anything less than an infinite and perfect representation of analog values"

Reponse to a November 4, 2005 post "Chaos and Climate" on RealClimate (Roger A. Pielke Sr., Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Atmospheric Science)
Weather and Climatology: Mandelbrot's View (Climate Audit)
Weather, Chaos, and Climate Change (Roy W. Spencer, Ph.D. Meteorology, Former Senior Scientist for Climate Studies, NASA)
What is the Butterfly Effect? (Roger A. Pielke Sr., Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Atmospheric Science)
More on the Butterfly Effect (Roger A. Pielke Sr., Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Atmospheric Science)
The Real Butterfly Effect (Roger A. Pielke Sr., Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Atmospheric Science)

Gore Effect:

Gore decries 'global warming' in bitterly cold NYC (WorldNetDaily, January 15, 2004)
Al Gore flies in to warn about global warming and Victoria gets snow in November (Herald Sun, Australia, November 17, 2006)
Global Warming Expedition to North Pole Cancelled Due to Cold and Frostbite (NewsBusters, March 12, 2007)
Group braves snow to raise awareness for environment (The Nashua Telegraph, March 17, 2007)
Skiers Protest Global Warming Hours Before Record Snowstorm Arrives (NewsBusters, April 14, 2007)
House hearing on 'warming of the planet' canceled after snow/ice storm (The Drudge Report, February 13, 2007)
British Yachtsman Who Counted On Global Warming to Cross Arctic Now Trapped by Ice (NewsBusters, September 4, 2007)
Global Warming Vote on Snowy Day in Washington (Business & Media Institute, December 5, 2007)
Global warming protest frosted with snow (The Baltimore Sun, January 17, 2008)
Arctic Sea Ice Traps Climate Tour Icebreaker (Watts Up With That, May 5, 2008)
AGW activists stuck in Arctic ice (The Reference Frame, September 3, 2008)
Gore effect comes to Harvard University (The Reference Frame, October 22, 2008)
Snow blankets London for Global Warming debate (The Register, UK, October 29, 2008)
Global Warming Protest cancelled due to Cold Summer Weather (The Daily Telegraph, Australia, November 23, 2008)
Gore Effect in Italy (Skeptics Global Warming, December 16, 2008)
How Al Gore Saved Christmas (Climate Audit, December 25th, 2008)
Obama Talks Global Warming to Shivering Crowd (American Thinker, January 17, 2009)
Gore to Turn Up Heat as Snow, Ice Hit Washington (Business & Media Institute, January 27, 2009)
Pelosi Snowed-Out of Global Warming Rally (CNS News, March 2, 2009)
Out With A Shiver: Global Warming Protest Frozen Out by Massive Snowfall (FOX News, March 2, 2009)
Explorers On Global Warming Expedition Stranded in North Pole by Cold Weather (FOX News, March 18, 2009)
Eco-sailors rescued by oil tanker (May 5, 2009)
Blizzard Dumps Snow on Copenhagen as Leaders Battle Warming (Bloomberg, December 17, 2009)
D.C. Blizzard Makes for a Rotten Time for U.S. Climate Attendees in Denmark (The New York Times, December 21, 2009)
Snowstorm squelches climate change protest (The Salt Lake Tribune, December 30, 2009)

Greenhouse Theory:

Cold Facts on Global Warming (Image Analysis and Measurement Lab)
IAML wrote:What is the contribution of anthropogenic carbon dioxide to global warming? This question has been the subject of many heated arguments, and a great deal of hysteria. ...we will consider a simple calculation, based on well-accepted facts, that shows that the expected global temperature increase caused by doubling atmospheric carbon dioxide levels is bounded by an upper limit of 1.4-2.7 degrees centigrade. This result contrasts with the results of the IPCC's climate models, whose projections are shown to be unrealistically high. [...] At the current rate of increase, CO2 will not double its current level until 2255.
Dynamics of greenhouse effect (Luboš Motl, Ph.D. Theoretical Physicist)
Greenhouse Gas Facts and Fantasies (Tom Kondis, Retired Chemist)
Greenhouse molecules, their spectra and function in the atmosphere (PDF) (Energy & Environment, Volume 16, Number 6)
Some facts about greenhouse and global warming (Steve Milloy, B.A. Natural Science, M.S. Health Science)

50 Years of CO2: Time for a Vision Test (Roy W. Spencer, Ph.D. Meteorology, Former Senior Scientist for Climate Studies, NASA)

Evidence of variability of atmospheric CO2 concentration during the 20th century (PDF) (Ernst-Georg Beck, M.Sc. Biology)
50 Years of Continuous Measurement of CO2 on Mauna Loa (PDF) (Ernst-Georg Beck, M.Sc. Biology)
180 Years of atmospheric CO2 Gas Analysis by Chemical Methods (PDF) (Ernst-Georg Beck, M.Sc. Biology)
Accurate estimation of CO2 background level from near ground measurements at non-mixed environments (PDF) (Ernst-Georg Beck, M.Sc. Biology)

Carbon Dioxide:
Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Greater 1.4 Billion Years Ago (Virginia Tech)
Carbon Dioxide Did Not End The Last Ice Age (University of Southern California)
Carbon dioxide not to blame in ice age mystery (ScienceNews)
Climate Change: Incorrect information on pre-industrial CO2 (Zbigniew Jaworowski, M.D. Ph.D. D.Sc. Natural Sciences)
Ice Core Data Show No Carbon Dioxide Increase (PDF) (Zbigniew Jaworowski, M.D. Ph.D. D.Sc. Natural Sciences)
CO2 Fairytales in Global Warming (Gregory Young, Ph.D. Experimental Physicist)
Measurement of Pre-Industrial CO2 Levels (PDF) (Tim F. Ball, Ph.D. Climatology)
Pre-industrial CO2 levels were about the same as today. How and why we are told otherwise? (Tim F. Ball, Ph.D. Climatology)
The Amount of Non-Fossil-Fuel CO2 in the Atmosphere (Tom V. Segalstad, Ph.D. Professor of Environmental Geology)
U.S. Carbon Dioxide Emissions From Fossil Fuels Declined By 1.3 Percent In 2006 (Science Daily)

C02 Climate Sensitivity:
Climate CO2 sensitivity (Luboš Motl, Ph.D. Theoretical Physicist)
Climate Sensitivity Reconsidered (Christopher Monckton, Mathematician)
Limits on CO2 Climate Forcing from Recent Temperature Data of Earth (PDF) (David H. Douglass, Ph.D. Professor of Physics; John R. Christy, Ph.D. Professor of Atmospheric Science)
On Climate Sensitivity and why it is probably small (Nir J. Shaviv, Ph.D. Professor of Physics)
The Likely Range of Climate Sensitivity (PDF) (S. H. Lam, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Engineering, Princeton University)

CO2 Forcing Logarithmic:

Estimation of the Radiative Forcing for CO2 Doubling (Peter Dietze, M.S. Electrical Engineering)
Logarithmic Response and Climate Sensitivity of Atmospheric CO2 (PDF) (S. H. Lam, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Engineering, Princeton University)
The Logarithmic Effect of Carbon Dioxide (David Archibald, B.Sc. Geology)
Why is the greenhouse effect logarithmic? (Luboš Motl, Ph.D. Theoretical Physicist)
Where's the beef?
IPCC WG1 AR4 Page 140 wrote:The formula used for the CO2 RF calculation in this chapter is the IPCC (1990) expression as revised in the TAR. Note that for CO2, RF increases logarithmically with mixing ratio.
C02 Residence Times:

Carbon cycle modelling and the residence time of natural and anthropogenic atmospheric CO2 (PDF) (Tom V. Segalstad, Ph.D. Professor of Environmental Geology)
Residence Time of Atmospheric CO2 (PDF) (S. H. Lam, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Engineering, Princeton University)

Cirrus Disappearance: Warming Might Thin Heat-trapping Clouds (Science Daily)
Has Global Warming Research Misinterpreted Cloud Behavior? (Science Daily)
Natural "Heat Vent" in Pacific cloud cover could diminish greenhouse warming (NASA)

'Big Burps' of Seafloor Methane Probably Had Little to do with Large Methane Concentration Increases During Abrupt Climate Change (Scripps Institution of Oceanography)
Global Halt To Major Greenhouse Gas Growth (CSIRO, Australia)
Level Of Important Greenhouse Gas Has Stopped Growing (University of California, Irvine)
Frozen methane chunks not responsible for abrupt increases in atmospheric methane (Penn State)
Greenland’s ‘good news’ methane finding (CSIRO Australia)
Analysis of Greenland ice led by Scripps researchers could allay fears about methane ‘burp’ accelerating current global warming trend (Scripps Institution of Oceanography)
Scientists Find Good News About Methane Bubbling Up From the Ocean Floor (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Study Rules Out Ancient ‘Bursts’ of Methane From Seafloor Deposits (Oregon State University)

Al Gore and Venus Envy (FOX News)

Water Vapor:
Is the atmosphere holding more water vapor? (Steve Milloy, B.A. Natural Science, M.S. Health Science)
Satellite Finds Warming "Relative" To Humidity (NASA)
The climatic effects of water vapour (Physics World)
The Greenhouse Effect - It's Mostly About Water (NASA)
Water Vapor Rules the Greenhouse System (Monte Hieb, P.E.)

Greenhouse Warming? What Greenhouse Warming? (Science and Public Policy Institute)
Increasing Atmospheric CO2: Manmade…or Natural? (Roy W. Spencer, Ph.D. Meteorology, Former Senior Scientist for Climate Studies, NASA)
More Trees, Less Global Warming, Right? -- Not Exactly (Scientific American)
Researcher: Basic Greenhouse Equations "Totally Wrong" (DailyTech)
Russian academic says CO2 not to blame for global warming (RIA Novosti)
The Acquittal of Carbon Dioxide (Jeffrey A. Glassman, Ph.D. Physics)
Tropical Trends Stir Warming Debate (World Climate Report)
U.S. Greenhouse Emissions Fell 1.5% in 2006 (USA Today)

The Sun:

"The sun is a nuclear reactor the size of a million Earths and burns 600 million tons of hydrogen a second"

Some Planetary Perspective (Anthony Watts, Meteorologist)
Sun Goes Longer Than Normal Without Producing Sunspots (Montana State University)
How Low Can It Go? Sun Plunges Into The Quietest Solar Minimum In A Century (NASA)
Sun entering weakest cycle since 1928 (Science News)

Unstoppable Solar Cycles (Video) (10min)

Reply to Lockwood and Fröhlich - The persistent role of the Sun in climate forcing (PDF) (Danish National Space Center)

Over the past 20 years the solar cycle remains fully apparent in variations both of tropospheric air temperature and of ocean subsurface water temperature. [...]

When the response of the climate system to the solar cycle is apparent in the troposphere and ocean, but not in the global surface temperature, one can only wonder about the quality of the surface temperature record. For whatever reason, it is a poor guide to Sun-driven physical processes that are still plainly persistent in the climate system. [...] cannot distinguish between the effects of anthropogenic gases such as carbon dioxide and of natural greenhouse gases. For example, increased evaporation means that infrared radiation from water vapor, by far the most important greenhouse gas, will tend to provide positive feedback for any global warming, ... In any case, the most recent global temperature trend is close to zero. [...]

The continuing rapid increase in carbon dioxide concentrations during the past 10-15 years has apparently been unable to overrule the °attening of the temperature trend as a result of the Sun settling at a high, but no longer increasing, level of magnetic activity. Contrary to the argument of Lockwood and FrÄohlich, the Sun still appears to be the main forcing agent in global climate change.
A Critique on the Lockwood/Frochlich Paper in the Royal Society Proceedings (PDF) (Science and Public Policy Institute)
Shining More Light on the Solar Factor (PDF) (Joseph D’Aleo, M.S. Meteorology, CCM, AMS Fellow)
The Sun Defines The Climate (PDF) (Habibullo Abdussamatov, D.Sc. Head of the Space Research Laboratory of the Pulkovo Observatory, Russia)
The "unruly sunne" cannot be ruled out as a cause of recent climate variation (PDF) (Science and Public Policy Institute)

100,000-Year Climate Pattern Linked To Sun's Magnetic Cycles (Dartmouth College)
Breathing Cycles in Earth's Upper Atmosphere Linked to Solar Wind Disturbances (University of Colorado at Boulder)
Changes in Net Flow of Ocean Heat Correlate with Past Climate Anomalies (University of Rochester)
Changes In Sun’s Intensity Tied To Recurrent Droughts In Maya Region (University of Florida)
Evidence For Sun-climate Link Reported By UMaine Scientists (University of Maine)
Flares From Sun's Far Side May Affect Space Weather Of Inner Planets (Swedish Institute of Space Physics)
Greater Solar Activity May Bring United States More Gray Days (NASA)
Holes In Sun's Corona Linked To Atmospheric Temperature Changes On Earth (Long Island University)
NASA Finds Sun-Climate Connection in Old Nile Records (NASA)
NASA Study Finds Increasing Solar Trend That Can Change Climate (NASA)
New Analysis Shows Earth's Lower Stratosphere In Synch With Solar Cycle (National Center for Atmospheric Research)
Northern Climate, Ecosystems Driven By Cycles Of Changing Sunlight (University Of Illinois)
Quiet Sun Means Cooling of Earth’s Upper Atmosphere (NASA)
Regional Variation In Warming From Sun During Solar Cycle Shown By Satellite (University of Colorado)
Scientists Determine Biological And Ecosystem Changes In Polar Regions Linked To Solar Variability (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
Scientists discover surprise in Earth's upper atmosphere (UCLA)
Small Fluctuations In Solar Activity, Large Influence On Climate (National Center for Atmospheric Research)
Solar Cycle Linked to Global Climate (National Science Foundation)
Sun's Direct Role In Global Warming May Be Underestimated, Duke Physicists Report (Duke University)
Sun's Magnetic Field May Impact Weather And Climate: Sun Cycle Can Predict Rainfall Fluctuations (University of New England, Australia)
Sun's Past Strength Took Toll On Tropical Glaciers, Worsens Today's Outlook (University of Alberta, Canada)
Surface Warming And The Solar Cycle (University of Washington)
The Sun's Chilly Impact On Earth (NASA)
The Sun Is More Active Now Than Over The Last 8000 Years (Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research)

Read the sunspots (R. Tim Patterson, Ph.D. Professor of Earth Science)
Solar Variability and Climate Change (Willie Soon, Ph.D. Astrophysicist)
The Sun Also Warms (Sallie Baliunas, Ph.D. Astrophysics, Willie Soon Ph.D. Astrophysicist)
Why So Hot? Don't Blame Man, Blame the Sun (Sallie Baliunas, Ph.D. Astrophysics)

Climate History and the Sun (PDF) (Sallie Baliunas Ph.D. Astrophysics, Willie Soon Ph.D. Astrophysicist)
Influence of Solar Activity Cycles on Earth’s Climate (PDF) (Danish National Space Center)
Solar Cycles, Not CO2, Determine Climate (PDF) (Zbigniew Jaworowski, M.D. Ph.D. D.Sc. Natural Sciences)
The Varying Sun & Climate Change (PDF) (Sallie Baliunas, Ph.D. Astrophysics, Willie Soon Ph.D. Astrophysicist)

Another Possible Climate Culprit: the Sun (The New York Times)
Army: Sun, Not Man, Is Causing Climate Change (Wired)
Basic physics supports solar activity as cause of global warming (The Guardian, UK)
Bright sun, warm Earth. Coincidence? (National Post, Canada)
Brightening Sun is Warming Earth (Harvard University Gazette)
Calm Sun, Cold Earth (Canada Free Press)
Canadian Climatologist Says Sun Causing Global Warming (Dennis Avery, M.S. Agricultural Economics)
Evidence of a Lunisolar Influence on Decadal and Bidecadal Oscillations In Globally Averaged Temperature Trends (Anthony Watts, Meteorologist)
Evidence of a Significant Solar Imprint in Annual Globally Averaged Temperature Trends - Part 1 (Anthony Watts, Meteorologist)
Evidence of a Significant Solar Imprint in Annual Globally Averaged Temperature Trends - Part 2 (Anthony Watts, Meteorologist)
Evidence of sunspot involvement in climate change compelling (Engineering News)
First Eurocongress on the Solar Cycle and Terrestrial Climate (Willie Soon, Sallie Baliunas, Kirill Ya. Kondratyev, Sherwood B. Idso, Eric S. Posmentier)
Flickering sun switched climate (Nature)
Fluctuations in the Sun may be changing climate (The Times, UK)
Exploding Stars Influence Climate Of Earth (Space Daily)
Ice cores show sun, not humans, controlling Earth's climate (Dennis Avery, M.S. Agricultural Economics)
It's the Sun, Stupid (Steve Milloy, B.A. Natural Science, M.S. Health Science)
NASA Study Acknowledges Solar Cycle, Not Man, Responsible for Past Warming (Daily Tech)
Scientists blame sun for global warming (BBC)
Solar Activity: A Dominant Factor in Climate Dynamics (Dr. Theodor Landscheidt, Schroeter Institute for Research in Cycles of Solar Activity)
Solar blow to low cloud could be warming planet (Nature News)
Solar Changes and the Climate (Science & Public Policy Institute)
Solar cycle drives ocean temperatures, study says (USA Today)
Solar Wind Warming up Earth (RIA Novosti)
Sun more active than for a millennium (New Scientist)
Sun, Not Man, Main Cause of Climate Change, New Study Says (CNSNews)
Sun still main force in climate change (WorldNetDaily)
Sun to Blame for Global Warming (National Center for Public Policy Research)
Sun's Activity Increased in Past Century, Study Confirms (
Sun's fickle heart may leave us cold (New Scientist)
Sun's Output Increasing in Possible Trend Fueling Global Warming (
Sun's protective 'bubble' is shrinking (The Daily Telegraph, UK)
Sun's warming influence 'under-estimated' (BBC)
Sunspots: correlations with temperature (Luboš Motl, Ph.D. Theoretical Physicist)
The Deniers: Our spotless sun (Financial Post, Canada)
The Sun and Global Warming (NASA)
The truth is, we can't ignore the sun (The Daily Telegraph, UK)
The Solar to Global Warming Connection (Jim Goodridge, Retired State Climatologist)
The truth about global warming - it's the Sun that's to blame (The Daily Telegraph, UK)
Variations in CO2 Growth Rate Associated with Solar Activity (Dr. Theodor Landscheidt, Schroeter Institute for Research in Cycles of Solar Activity)
Viewpoint: The Sun and climate change (BBC)
Warming points sunward (The Washington Times)
Water Experts Find Earth's Warming, Rainfall Linked to Sun (Dennis Avery, M.S. Agricultural Economics)

Cosmic Rays
Cosmoclimatology: A new theory emerges (PDF) (Danish National Space Center)
Cosmic Rays and Climate (Nir J. Shaviv, Ph.D. Professor of Physics)
Cosmic Rays and Earth's Climate (Junk Science)

The Cosmic Climate Connection (Video) (1min)
The Cloud Mystery (Video) (52min)

Cosmic Rays detected deep underground reveal secrets of the upper atmosphere (National Centre for Atmospheric Science)
Cosmic Rays Linked To Global Warming (American Geophysical Union)
New Experiment To Investigate Effect Of Galactic Cosmic Rays On Clouds And Climate (CERN)
Study shows CFCs, cosmic rays major culprits for global warming (University of Waterloo, Canada)

Sun's magnetic flip affects cosmic ray penetration (USA Today, April 10, 2001)
Report: Cosmic rays influence climate change (CNN, July 31, 2002)
Cosmic Rays 'Linked to Clouds' (BBC, October 19, 2002)
Global warming? It's in the stars, says scientist (WorldNetDaily, March 18, 2006)
Cosmic Rays Blamed for Global Warming (The Daily Telegraph, UK, October 4, 2006)
Cosmic Rays may solve global warming problem (The Daily Telegraph, UK, October 4, 2006)
Cosmic Rays Linked to Global Warming (FOX News, October 24, 2006)
Cosmic rays blamed for global warming (The Daily Telegraph, UK, February 11, 2007)
Cosmic rays may cause global warming (The Australian, February 12, 2007)
Correlation demonstrated between cosmic rays and temperature of the stratosphere (Watts Up With That? January 22, 2009)
Galactic Cosmic Rays May Be Responsible For The Antarctic Ozone Hole (Watts Up With That? March 26, 2009)

Various Theories:

If "global warming" is real, what could be causing it? (Steve Milloy, B.A. Natural Science, M.S. Health Science)

Cosmic Dust:
Cosmic dust may change climate (ABC, Australia)
Interplanetary Dust May Cause Climate Change, Gradual Extinction (Science Daily)

Land Cover Changes:
Land Cover Changes May Rival Greenhouse Gases As Cause Of Climate Change (Science Daily)
Land Cover Changes Affect U.S. Summer Climate (Science Daily)
NASA Research Shows Wetland Changes Affect Florida Freezes (Science Daily)

Chaos Theory:
Climate Change: Could It Be Random? (Science Daily)
Synchronized Chaos: Mechanisms For Major Climate Shifts (Science Daily)

Tunguska Meteorite:
Greenhouse Theory Challenged by Biggest Stone (University of Leicester, UK)

Changes In Winds Could Have Been Cause Of Abrupt Glacial Climatic Change (Science Daily)

Bad Ideas:

Carbon Capture:
Burn and Bury? The stupidities of carbon geo-sequestration (Canada Free Press)
Carbon Dioxide Capture And Storage: Grasping At Straws In The Climate Debate? (Linköping University, Sweden)
Carbon Disaster (Financial Post, Canada)

Geoengineering To Mitigate Global Warming May Cause Other Environmental Harm (Science Daily)

Iron Fertilizations:
Iron Fertilization To Capture Carbon Dioxide Dealt A Blow: Plankton Stores Much Less Carbon Dioxide Than Estimated (Science Daily)
Ocean Fertilization 'Fix' For Global Warming Discredited By New Research (Science Daily)

Stratospheric Injections:
Stratospheric Injections To Counter Global Warming Could Damage Ozone Layer (National Center for Atmospheric Research)

End Theories

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Hockey Stick: (MBH98/99, Mann et al. 2008)

"I never liked it that the 2001 IPCC report pictured Mann's without showing alternates. [...] It now seems clear from looking at all the different analyses that Mann is an outlier" - Curtis Covey, Research Scientist, Program for Climate Model Diagnosis and Intercomparison, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

"Simulations with red noise do lead to hockey sticks. McIntyre and McKitrick’s criticism on the hockey stick from 1998 is entirely valid on this particular point." - Hans von Storch, Ph.D. Climate Statistics Specialist

"It therefore seems crazy that the MBH hockey stick has been given such prominence and that a group of influential climate scientists have doggedly defended a piece of dubious statistics." - Ian Jolliffe, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Statistics

Red Noise (Defined) - "meaningless random data or a form of trendless random numbers"

What is the 'Hockey Stick' Debate About? (PDF) (Ross McKitrick, Ph.D. Professor of Environmental Economics, April 4, 2005)
Caspar and the Jesus paper (PDF) (Andrew W. Montford, B.Sc. Chemistry, August 11, 2008)
Auditing Temperature Reconstructions of the Past 1000 Years (PDF) (Stephen McIntyre, B.Sc. Mathematics, August 20, 2008)

The Hockey Stick Graph appeared:

1. Prominently throughout the 2001 IPCC Third Assessment Report
2. Al Gore's movie: 'An Inconvenient Truth'

Hockey Stick - What is Normal? (Video) (8min)

NAS Report:
Surface Temperature Reconstructions for the Last 2,000 Years (PDF) (National Academy of Sciences, 2006)
National Academy of Sciences wrote:Less confidence can be placed in large-scale surface temperature reconstructions for the period A.D. 900 to 1600. ...The uncertainties increase substantially backward in time through this period and are not yet fully quantified. [...]

Even less confidence can be placed in the original conclusions by Mann et al. (1999) that "the 1990s are likely the warmest decade, and 1998 the warmest year, in at least a millennium" [...]

Prior to about 1600, ...periods of medieval warmth are seen in a number of diverse records, including historical information from Europe and Asia; cave deposits; marine and lake sediments; and ice cores from Greenland, Ellesmere Island, Tibet, and the equatorial Andes. [...]

Using proxies sensitive to hydrologic variables (including moisture-sensitive trees...) to take advantage of observed correlations with surface temperature could lead to problems [...]

For tree ring chronologies, the process of removing biological trends from ringwidth data potentially obscures information on long-term changes in climate. [...]

Large-scale surface temperature reconstructions yield a generally consistent picture of temperature trends during the preceding millennium, including relatively warm conditions centered around A.D. 1000 (identified by some as the “Medieval Warm Period”) and a relatively cold period (or “Little Ice Age”) centered around 1700. The existence and extent of a Little Ice Age from roughly 1500 to 1850 is supported by a wide variety of evidence including ice cores, tree rings, borehole temperatures, glacier length records, and historical documents.
FACT: All the NAS study concluded was that recent temperatures are warmer than the Little Ice Age. No kidding!

Von Storch, Zorita and Gonzalez-Raucen statement on the NAS Panel Report (Climate Audit, June 22, 2006)
We share the assessment of the NRC committee that the evidence for unprecedented warming of a single decade or even a single year in times prior to 1500, or so, is stretching the scientific evidence too far. However, this was the key claim made in the contested 1998-nature and 1999-GRL-papers by Mann et al.

With respect to methods, the committee is showing reservations concerning the methodology of Mann et al.. The committee notes explicitly on pages 91 and 111 that the method has no validation (CE) skill significantly different from zero. In the past, however, it has always been claimed that the method has a significant nonzero validation skill. Methods without a validation skill are usually considered useless. [...]

Thus, the public perception that the hockeystick as truthfully describing the temperature history was definitely false.

We find it disappointing that the method of Mann et al. was not sufficiently described in the original publication, and thus not peer-reviewed prior to publication, and that no serious efforts were made to allow independent researchers to check the performance of the methods and of the data used.
Panel Study Fails To Settle Debate On Past Climates (The Wall Street Journal, June 23, 2006)
Breaking the 'hockey stick' (The Washington Times, June 26, 2006)
Spin can’t hide the facts concerning the hockey stick (PDF) (Stephen McIntyre, B.Sc. Mathematics, Ross McKitrick, Ph.D. Professor of Environmental Economics, July 26, 2006)

Wegman Report:
Ad Hoc Committee Report on the 'Hockey Stick' Global Climate Reconstruction (PDF) (Wegman Report, July 14th, 2006)
- Response of Dr. Edward Wegman to Questions Posed by the Honorable Mr. Bart Stupak in Connection with Testimony to the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations (PDF)
Statisticians blast Hockey Stick (PDF) (Stephen McIntyre, Ross McKitrick, Financial Post, Canada, August 23, 2006)
Climategate Documents Confirm Wegman’s Hypothesis (Climate Audit, May 23, 2011)

The case against the hockey stick (Prospect Magazine, March 10, 2010)
The Hockey Stick scam that heightened global warming hysteria (Tim F. Ball, Canada Free Press, May 12, 2008)
The decay of the hockey stick (Hans von Storch, Eduardo Zorita, Climate Feedback, Nature, May 03, 2007)
Congressional Hearings Break 'Hockey Stick' (H. Sterling Burnett, The Heartland Institute, October 1, 2006)
Hockey sticks and hatchets (Financial Post, August 23, 2006)
Hockey Stick Hokum (The Wall Street Journal, July 14, 2006)
See the Truth on climate history (Financial Post, Canada, July 12, 2006)
Misled again: The Hockey Stick climate (Stephen McIntyre, Ross McKitrick, Financial Post, Canada, July 12, 2006)
Does the hockey stick "matter"? (Stephen McIntyre, Prometheus, November 14, 2005)
Why Does the Hockey Stick Debate Matter? (Ross McKitrick, Prometheus, November 14, 2005)
Re-visiting the Stick (Stephen McIntyre, National Post, June 17th, 2005)
Hockey Stick, 1998-2005, R.I.P. (World Climate Report, March 3, 2005)
Bring the Proxies Up to Date!! (Stephen McIntyre, February 20th, 2005)
In Climate Debate, The 'Hockey Stick' Leads to a Face-Off (The Wall Street Journal, February 20th, 2005)
Hockey Stick on Ice (The Wall Street Journal, February 18th, 2005)
Some Thoughts on Disclosure and Due Diligence in Climate Science (Stephen McIntyre, National Post, Canada, February 15th, 2005)
Global Warming Bombshell (MIT Technology Review, October 15, 2004)
Nature Admits Widely Cited Global Warming Graph Was Erroneous (The Hearland Institute, September 1, 2004)
The Broken Stick (Financial Post, Canada, July 13, 2004)
Breaking the "Hockey Stick" (David R. Legates, NCPA, July 12, 2004)
High-sticking the Senate (Patrick J. Michaels, The Heartland Institute, August 1, 2000)

Check the Numbers: The Hockey Stick Graph (PDF) (Ross McKitrick, Ph.D. Professor of Environmental Economics, February 2010)
Hockey Stick? What Hockey Stick? (PDF) (Christopher Monckton, Mathematician, September 12, 2008)
The Revival of the Hockeystick Graph - a new Low in Climate Science (PDF) (Ernst-Georg Beck, M.Sc. Biology, September 4th, 2008)
How do we “know” that 1998 was the warmest year of the millennium? (PDF) (Stephen McIntyre, B.Sc. Mathematics, May 16, 2008)
Presentation to the National Academy of Sciences Expert Panel, "Surface Temperature Reconstructions for the Past 1,000-2,000 Years." (PDF) (Stephen McIntyre, B.Sc. Mathematics, Ross McKitrick, Ph.D. Professor of Environmental Economics, March 2, 2006)
- Supplementary Presentations to the National Academy of Sciences Panel (PDF) (April 3, 2006)
Reconstruction of past climate using series with red noise (PDF) (David R.B. Stockwell, AIG News, Number 83, March 2006)
Huybers' and von Storch-Zorita Comments, and Our Replies (PDF) (Stephen McIntyre, B.Sc. Mathematics, Ross McKitrick, Ph.D. Professor of Environmental Economics, November 2005)
More on Hockey Sticks: the Case of Jones et al (1998) (PDF) (Stephen McIntyre, B.Sc. Mathematics, Nov 14, 2005)
The Mann et al. Northern Hemisphere "Hockey Stick" Climate Index: A Tale of Due Diligence (PDF) (Ross McKitrick, Ph.D. Professor of Environmental Economics, May 2, 2005)
Is Climate Really Changing Adnormally? (PDF) (Ross McKitrick, Ph.D. Professor of Environmental Economics, April 1, 2005)
Kyoto Protocol Based On Flawed Statistics - Proof That Mankind Causes Global Warming Is Refuted (PDF) (Natuurwetenschap & Techniek, The Netherlands, February 2005)
Backgrounder for McIntyre and McKitrick "Hockey Stick Project" (PDF) (Stephen McIntyre, B.Sc. Mathematics, Ross McKitrick, Ph.D. Professor of Environmental Economics, January 27 2005)
Breaking the "Hockey Stick" (PDF) (David R. Legates, Ph.D. Professor of Climatology, July 12, 2004)
The IPCC, the "Hockey Stick" Curve, and the Illusion of Experience (PDF) (Stephen McIntyre, B.Sc. Mathematics, Ross McKitrick, Ph.D. Professor of Environmental Economics, November 18, 2003)
Lessons & Limits of Climate History: Was the 20th Century Climate Unusual? (PDF) (Sallie Baliunas, Ph.D. Astrophysics, Willie Soon, Ph.D., April 2003)
The 'Hockey Stick': A New Low in Climate Science (John L. Daly, B.Sc. Economics, November 12, 2000)

Climate Audit, Hockey Stick Studies
Ross McKitrick, Annotated Index to My Publications and Papers
The M&M Project: Replication Analysis of the Mann et al. Hockey Stick

Briffa, Yamal
Defects in key climate data are uncovered (National Post, Canada)
The Yamal implosion (Bishop Hill)
The Impact of Yamal on the Spaghetti Graph (Climate Audit, September 29, 2009)
Response to Briffa on Yamal Impact (Climate Audit, October 28, 2009)

Amman and Wahl 2007 - "The importance of the geophysical context in statistical evaluations of climate reconstruction procedures "
Ammann and Wahl – July 2005 Review (Climate Audit, March 9, 2005)
Wahl and Amman: More (Climate Audit, May 15, 2005)
Wahl and Ammann: Some Verification Statistics (Climate Audit, May 17, 2005)
Verification r2 Revealed!!! (Climate Audit, March 6, 2006)

Mann et al. 2008 - "Proxy-based reconstructions of hemispheric and global surface temperature variations over the past two millennia"
Upside Down Tiljander in Japan (Climate Audit, February 26, 2009)
More Upside-Down Mann (Climate Audit, April 15, 2009)
Kaufman and Upside-Down Mann (Climate Audit, September 3, 2009)
Upside-Side Down Mann and the "peerreviewedliterature" (Climate Audit, October 14, 2009)
Connolley Endorses Upside Down Mann (Climate Audit, October 29, 2009)
Another Correction from Upside Down Mann (Climate Audit, November 7, 2009)

Mann et al. 2009 - "Global Signatures and Dynamical Origins of the Little Ice Age and Medieval Climate Anomaly
Yet another Upside Down Mann out (Climate Audit, November 27, 2009)

Tamino and the Magic Flute (Climate Audit, March 26, 2008)
The Team Defends Paleo-Phrenology (Climate Audit, July 25, 2010)
Tamino’s Trick: Mann Bites Dog (Climate Audit, July 27, 2010)

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