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The long curly hairstyle in the han style of pure and fresh maiden, tie-in dress modelling of han tie, whole body look feel oneself in South Korea's street walk have? The following is a few han type of long scroll modelling passes numerous goddess personally demonstration, popularity is enduring! Even the shadow is a beautiful Korean style long scroll, girls quick to accept! Milky Way Hair Wholesale

1. The long scroll in Korean style

A female hairstyle that accentuates a woman's flavour, the han style hair style that divides bangs in the middle, fluffy bang and hair tip come out, highlight mature temperament can also repair facial thin face.

2. The long scroll in the Korean style

Look, in fact, the baby is fat! A partial han style long curly hairstyle, create a light ripe female fan, this hairstyle is the emphasis of the hair radian of the micro scroll.

3. The long scroll of qi liu haihan style

The main point of this hairstyle is to want to make a light and fluffy bang, hair silk to be pressed into the shape of micro-volume, let you look fresh and elegant, very suitable for daily life style hairstyle.

4. Wavy, wavy, wavy hair

Han liu star Yin eun has tried a style of curly hair, the big wave and the inner buckle of bangs make the face look small and small, and the dress of the girl is more the taste of Korean MM.

How does the long curly hair stay fluffy
Fluffy and curly hair is the key to this style. How can you meet people once your hair becomes less fluffy? The head can break, the blood can flow, the hairstyle is not disorderly! In order to keep the shaggy and long curly hair down, here are some tips you should be able to do!

1. Blow the wind and blow the hair

Use your hands to curl your hair after you wash your hair, and then use a hairdryer to curl your hair, which will keep your hair curly.

2. Blow the dryer

Pour the hair over the top of your head with a hair dryer, and then use your hands to comb your hair back in a normal direction. Use a comb that can damage curly hair, use the hand gently back to take care of it, this will let the curl more natural and fluffy.

Brush your fingers and brush your hair

Don't comb your hair with a comb. Don't press hard with your hands. Just use your fingers in the back of the comb, grab your hair with your hands, and mop up your hair with your hands.