Selling smoething? READ this first

Polo3 Nut
Polo3 Nut
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December 28th, 2014, 8:15 pm #1

Before you submit your post please include the following...

• Description: Give as much detail as possible

• Pictures: These do most of the selling!

• Location: Must be stated and collection offered - No matter how small the item!

• Price: Please list a price, any ads listed without one will be pm'd and asked to add one. please do not ask for highest bids, posts like that will be deleted.

• Postage costs: if you are willing to post please supply a postage cost

• Contact number: Does help.

Please add *SOLD* to your thread title once whatever you're selling has gone. Saves others time wink.gif

Ebay items - Only post these if you are the seller.

Paypal - If the buyer is paying by Paypal you CANNOT ask them to send the money as a gift, you must either accept the fees, include them in your price or come to a 50/50 agreement with the buyer

If you dont have time to post something, dont sell it. its not acceptable to sell an item, get paid for it and then not post it for weeks.

If your add fails to meet these requirements you will get a reply asking you to rectify your advert, 24hrs later it will be deleted if not put right

Please note: Although we do our best to keep scammers & idiots away, anything sold/bought here is responsibility of buyer/seller. does not take responsibility of any "failed" transactions. Thank you.