sdw light fab s/s exhaust system

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Had this made a few years ago by a then local engineering firm (AWS Light Fabrications) who specialised in making parts for F1, world touring cars, rally cars and GTs. They moved a few years ago and their website is no longer active, so perhaps they have shut shop? Anyhow, I have sold my g40 and I don't think I will be back behind the whell of one any time soon.

This was custom made on my g40 so the pipework fits very well, far better than any off the shelf item. It is one whole piece from the cat back, single silencer, but not hugely loud as I used the car daily.

The silencer is a fuly stainless steel item that I supplied to the fabricators and they made up the pipework to fit.

The pipework I think is 2 1/2" give or take (I had the exhaust made years ago and my memory isn't great) All bends are mandrel bent, so maintain the same internal diameter. It won't be restrictive up to around 200 bhp, possibly more, so there is pleanty of headroom.

tailpipe is oval

You could fit it to any mk2f coupe, you might need a reducer for smaller engines, but I have a feeling they all have the same dia. pipework from the cat, so perhaps not. (you'll have to do some research)

not the best pic, but does give some idea of how it looks fitted

collection only due to size

located in hook norton oxfordshire (good access from the m40, so easy to get to)

Price: £150 (basically a bargain for a cat back stainless)

can be contacted on 07841481156 (calls only, no texts)