Polo of the month rules

Polo3 Nut
Polo3 Nut
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August 13th, 2014, 6:27 pm #1

Some basic ground RULES for the Polo of the month competition.

1. Polo of the month will start at the beginning of each month and voting is in the last week or so,the most votes wins.

2. Only 1 picture can be entered per person,you can change your picture if you want,please try and make it your best quality picture.

3. You must own the polo you enter at the present time.

4. The picture itself must only be of your polo.

5. No Logo's/Watermarks and NO Photoshop pics.

6. Pictures must be a minimum of 800x600

7. There can be only 1 winner per month,if you Win,you cannot enter that polo again for 12 months.

Once the winner of that month is announced you will be pm'd to ask for the high res picture,as a bad quality picture will look bad in the calender.

Thanks all and have fun entering your polos into the Potm remember you have a chance to feature in the annual Potm Calender..