Buying a car? READ this first

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At polo3 we want everyone to have a easy and successful transaction so here are some tips to help avoid disappointment. We try keep the bogus sellers and scammers away as much as we can but We take no responsibility for unsatisfied buyers.

General buying tips:

• Ask lots of questions, specific ones about things like cambelt / waterpump change. Ask about the clutch and head gasket. These items may not have been changed which isn't the end of the world. What YOU are looking for is evasive answers or deliberately vague answers
• Find out when and how often its been driven, a lot of cars spend months laid up before sale and are claimed to be daily runners
• Examine the pictures closely, are they all taken at the same time in the same place.
• Be wary of pictures take moments after a wash as this is often to hide paint / bodywork defects
• If the seller is reluctant to give you a home address or makes excuses for why you should meet somewhere just walk away, no good will ever some from the sale.
• Do your research on that model of car and find out common problems to look for

Looking the engine over:
• An hour before you are due to meet phone and tell them not to run the car YOU want to see the car start from cold and hear the engine before the oil is warm
• If possible have the cam cover off and view the belt, if there are cracks or ridges visible in the belt it will need changing soon.
• Look for custom loom repairs and non standard replacement parts
• Check the air filter, oil on the dipstick and coolent level, if all look brand new they may have done you a favour or be hiding something. A good way to tell is to put your finger in the coolent expansion tank and run it around the inner top lip, If head gasket failure has happened the 'mayo' will still be present here as people forget to clean it.
• If you see 'mayo' on the oil cap and dipstick in light form it can just be condensation from sitting. If it has any real thickness too it walk away
• Make sure all the gears can be selected fine and listen out for a whine from the thrust bearing

Above all do your research on the car before you go to view.