Black GT Coupe

Black GT Coupe

Polo3 Nut
Polo3 Nut
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April 18th, 2015, 7:40 pm #1

Model/Engine: GT 3F standard

Year/Reg: J reg

Mileage: 150k ish

MOT: none

Tax: none

Good points:
• factory std car
• mint interior
• factory sliding sun roof
• overall solid shell with some welding needed
• runs nicely
• slim fan fitted
• new radiator - not fitted
• new cambelt
• new waterpump
• new starter motor
• new earth straps
• new ht leads
• teardrop alloys

Bad points:
• poor paint, dents & scratches
• sills need rapairs - 3 holes. 2 spare sills supplied but not needed really
• boot floor needs a patch welded
• surface rust on slam panel and other places.
• was standing for a few years before I got it
• battery tray needs repairing

Location: West Sussex


Price: £700

Contact details: pm