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July 19th, 2015, 2:30 pm #1

These are in addition to those set out by zetaboards

1) This is a political forum so heated discussion is expected. Any series of back & forth insults will be hidden after one shot each at each other, pages & pages of back & forth insults are not allowed.
2) No abbreviation of handles if the subject objects. If they do not then it is OK
3) Anyone using a full name or a business run by a poster in a post without the express permission of the subject, will be suspended automatically for 30 days and banned upon the next offense.
4) Mods can X out any expletives. Excessive use of them may result in suspension
5) References & links to other boards are allowed
6) Abusive comments towards anyones family are prohibited and will result in an automatic suspension.
7) No criticisms of mods or moderation on the open forum are permitted, take beefs up with admin. Post will be hidden, the perpetrator warned once, then suspended or ultimately banned.
8) Excessive whining & spamming of the Report system, may result in your being prevented from using it.

All rules except #3, #6 are suspended for the Abusive Discussion Forum with one added: You are not allowed to take any comments personally in that forum. Use it to let off steam.