WA1500 rules 1st Jan supported by SSI

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January 11th, 2011, 8:01 am #1

Hi all,

here are latest new features in Shoot'n Score It -- the free web based match and cup/league/... service for PPC, IPSC, USPSA, and Steel Challenge.


Latest PPC rules from 1st January 2011 fully supported
WA1500 released an updated rule book for PPC 1st of January and we have updated SSI to support all new
things here w.r.t. PPC.

Match Shop and registration fees

As organizer of a match you can now create various items to be offered to shooters/participants in your match and they can
order them from within SSI. For example this will allow you to offer match ammo, meal tickets, t-shirts (size), and registration fees.
When creating an item you can state for how long it will be offered, to whom, and more.

As a competitor you can order things when you register or simply go to the 'match shop' under a match and register your orders

As organizer you can always view the current orders from shooters and mark them as paid, delivered etc.

The actual payment is currently not handled within SSI but integration with PayPal or similar is in development roadmap.

Lots of layout features
Lots of improvments in the design and layout based on feedback from you users!! One highlight is that all listings are now
sortable on one or multiple columns really really easy...