PPC ken
PPC ken

November 10th, 2006, 8:52 pm #1

Just read Ken Smith's post about not using this cite enough, and he is right! So for my first post - I am a PPC shooter from the Kansas City area. Out here the Pioneer Gun Club has two matches a month (April through September)where almost all of our shooters are civilians. We usually have about 20-25 shooters at a match, with almost no LE shooters. BUT, I would like to shoot with others and at different locations. I have been to the Rocky Mountain Nationals at the Whittington Center the past couple of years and they actively invite civilians to join them (if you have not done this, give it a look. Five days of PPC shooting and a lot of fun!!). Are there any PPC matches within a "reasonable" driving distance of Kansas City that let civilians join in the fun? Thanks, and hoping for some responses.