S&W PPC Revolvers for sale

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December 2nd, 2011, 3:35 pm #1

Hello all;
It's been while since I have been here.
One reason I am posting, is a customer of mine came to the shop last week with two S&W PPC revolvers that he would like to sale.
One is an average quality standard configuration S&W K-frame. I do not know who built this revolver, but he used it to make master class..
It is a $500. gun if any one is interested. It would make an excellent starter or back up gun.
The second revolver is collector quality, in that it was built by Fred Schmidt, of short cylinder fame. The owner has never fired this revolver, although it has been fired by the previous owner, but very very little.
What makes this revolver unique, is that it is stamped Pat. Pending serial# 007 Fred Patented the short cylinder process and manufactured over 200 of these revolvers. This is one that he built prior to receiving his patent.
The owner would like $1200. for this piece.
I have pictures of both if anyone is interested..
My contact info.
Jerry Keefer
Engineered Revolvers & Automatics
2330 Goodluck Road
Maidens, Va. 23102