PPC match fees using PayPal online

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Receive Payments using PayPal for match fee and other
If you usehttp://shootnscoreit.com (SSI) for arranging / scoring / ... your PPC / USPSA / IPSC / Steel / IDPA match you can now allow all competitors to pay their match fee and any orders directly to you PayPal account online using their credit card/PayPal account. All this is fully integrated with your match shop in SSI (i.e. orders are marked as paid immediately and automatically when you have receive payment). For all details on how to configure this and use it read the SSI reference manual.

This will save lots and lots of time when you arrange a match and make it much easier and faster for shooters to pay their registration fees and other stuff they order from you.

EzWinScore for USPSA fully supported
SSI is now fully interoperable with EzWinScore - the official scoring software of USPSA. This means you can at any time export your USPSA match to EzWinScore from SSI as needed. You can perhaps only use SSI for easy match registration from the web, you can perhaps even define the complete match and stages in SSI or even do all scoring here - then you simply export all match info to EWS and use the features of this (perhaps import to USPSA.org for stats). This integration has been done in tight cooperation between the developers of EzWinScore and SSI and they are now both 1:1 scoring compatible. This means that if you have an existing installation of EWS and perhaps the Palm Pilot SW you can use this together with SSI.

Have a great new shooting year !

/ Jens