PPC gun for sale

PPC gun for sale

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Greetings all;
I have a PPC gun that I am selling due to the fact I just haven't had time to get out and shoot. I have two guns and since I can't get time to shoot one, the sale of this one could help fund another project.

It was built by SVI and is called their PPC Masterpiece. A 6" gun in 38 super with the 3 position Aristocrat rear sight, all stainless steel and just about all the options that can be put on this gun. The test target shows a 5 shot group at 50 yards that printed into .61". This gun will definately outshoot anything I can hold.

What I've done is copied the build sheet from SVI and posted it here. Changes are that I had submitted this sheet for a 9mm gun but this one is 38 super. This gun has had less than 250 rounds through it, all low power PPC type target loads, no IPSC "hot" loads of any kind.

Template Name: 1911 6in PPC Masterpiece - Single Stack
AET Barrel Option: AET
Barrel: Plain Barrel
Barrel Length: 6
Barrel Style: Non-Bushing Style (Cone/Bull Barrel)
Caliber: 9 x 19
Compensator: No Compensator
Dust Cover: Standard (all)
Dust Cover Fluting: None
Frame Material: Stainless Steel
Frame Style: Traditional (1911 single stack) Round Trigger Guard
Front Sight: 10mm x3.4mm for Aristocrat Rear
Front Slide Cut: None
Grip : Checkered Rosewood (Traditional frame only)
Grip Safety: Steel
Grip Surface / Finish: Checkered Frontstrap (Traditional)
Guide Rod: Stainless Steel
Gun type: Long Slide (6 inch)
Hammer: Square
Hammer Finish: Tool Steel
ITI Rail cut: No Rail Cut
Mag Well: No Magazine Well
Magazine Catch: Steel, 4-40 tap
Magazine Release Button: None
Mainspring Housing: CS Flat
Panel Cut: Yes
Pistol Finish: Stainless Finish
Radial Flute: None
Rear Lightening: No
Rear Sight: Aristocrat Tri-Set Rear sight
Rear Slide Cut: 20 lines per inch
Slide Lock Pin: Stainless Steel
Slide Material: Stainless Steel
Slide Profile: Three Sided
Slide Racker / Lightening: No
Stirrup Cut: Yes
Strut: Titanium
Thumb Safety: Stainless Steel
Thumb Safety Style: Ambidextrous Wide
Top Rib: 40 lines per inch
Trigger Base color: Silver
Trigger Bow: Titanium
Trigger Insert Color: Silver
Trigger Insert Style: Curved Medium

Sorry for making a long post but I figured this would be easier than trying to answer the same questions in emails to different people. However, I'll be glad to answer questions if anyone has any.

When I checked on having a 9mm version built in Dec. of 2006 the price quoted was $3028.00. That does not include the custom serial number that this gun has. Wait time for a new gun would normally be 4-6 months.

Included with this gun will be:
6 magazines (4 metal form, 1 Mec-Gar and one Wilson)
one extra front sight
Factory hard case
All paper work and wrenches

Price: $2650.00 which includes shipping. Ships only to lower 48 states on this price. Ships only to FFL of course.

Photos available on request. I tried to upload one here but didn't have much success.

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