Pistol Team?

Keith Parknow
Keith Parknow

October 28th, 2004, 3:35 pm #1

Hello everyone.
I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask my questions or not. Since i'm not sure where else to go, I guess i'll start here. I'm not really a "gun nut." I do however enjoy shooting and love any competition. I have never been in a real pistol tournament. I have had inter-department competitions in the Marines, and two different police departments, in addition to, the competition at the conclusion of firearms instructor schools. I think a pistol team will help build camraderie, and be good for the departments PR (provided that we do well).

I'm interested in finding information about police departments that have a pistol team. I would like to start a pistol team at my department but would like to have all of my ducks in row before i bring up the idea.

Some of the questions I have are:

The service weapon we use is the Sig P220 45cal. Is this a gun that can be comptetive?
What kind of Policies do departments have in place governing the pistol team?
What is the cost associated with the average competition per team /individual?
Do other departments allow for team training time?
Do other departments supply ammo for the competitions and training?
Do other departments pay for the competitions or is that left to the officers on the team to pay for themselves?
How many competitons are available in the Richmond, VA area.
What would it take to host a competition.

I know I have a lot of questions and answering them all on the message board would be at least difficult. I have provided an email address in case somebody could at least point me in the right direction. email: kparknow@comcast.net
Thanks for your time.


October 30th, 2004, 4:57 am #2

You do have a lot of questions, but I'm glad you do. Having a pistol team is great PR for your department. The department will have to pay for this PR, but it will be easier to get funding as your chief's office wall begins to fill with plaques and trophies. You asked for an opinion, I hope mine helps. I would suggest Police Pistol Combat(PPC) matches, because you can compete with stock guns and not be at a huge disadvantage. Most all shooters start with a stock 6" revolver(s&w mod. 14 or 686). This gun will serve you well for many years. Your department should pay for ammo, matches, travel and provide training time. Sometimes Chiefs don't accept ideas unless they think the idea was theirs in the first place. You may have to ease into getting approval to attend matches then gradually work your way into full support. I am sure there are regular matches in your area. Contact Amanda McCullough of the NRA and she will be very helpful. You can also go to the NRA website and get a list of registered and sanctioned PPC matches with contact persons listed for your convenience.