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August 11th, 2016, 1:20 am #1

IT'S time to register for 2016 NPSC.IF you early register by August 18 you will save 35.00. Attendance this year is especially important to support the many changes back toward the great Championships we enjoyed for decades. Also be sure to attend the Competitors meeting to voice your concerns about NPSC. I know attendance has declined over the past few years due to numerous issues, but this is our chance to right the sinking ship. If you have ever considered attending the National PPC Championships this year should be on your bucket list. You can meet and personally Thank those responsible for representing PPC competitors around the world. Like our upcoming election, if you don't get involved don't complain about the outcome! Lets have a large increase in attendance this year and begin to make this the premier shooting event it was meant to be. JPE