Not a competitor but I appreciate the revolver. Seeking more info.

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Purely on a lark, I just bought a PPC revolver because I thought it might make a nice range gun and it might give me a good way to use up the many, many boxes of 50 or 60-year old .38 wadcutter factory ammo I was bequeathed by an uncle a few years ago.

I just took delivery and am gobsmacked at how accurate and easy to shoot this revolver is. It's a M10-6 with a 3-inch barrel stamped "Sage Undercover". The left side of the frame below the cylinder is stamped "IHP". It has a Bomar sight rib and the cylinder is machined for moon clips. It has about the nicest action I've ever experienced.

The seller says it was built by "Sage Custom". I can't find anything about "Sage Custom" online. Does anybody know who Sage Custom is and how I can contact them? I have at least three revolvers I'd love to put into the hands of whoever built this one.

Alternatively, via the forum search function, I've found BC Armory, John C. Blauvelt, Jr., Clark Custom, and George F. Long. However, as a shot in the dark, I thought I'd ask if anyone knows of anyone in or near Houston, Texas, who can do similar work. It's a personality quirk of mine, I suppose, but I really like to be able to talk to someone in person before I hand over my guns for work.

TIA for any help or thoughts,

Ben in Spring, TX