Mosquito Bullets

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November 23rd, 2017, 6:58 pm #1

Hi Guys
A dealer is considering importing some of these to Ireland, I think these are the ones Roly uses.

I'm interested in accuracy of other Hi-tek coated bullets by the same company and the groups possible from
these bullets.

Does the company make any other bullets that are good for 50m use in 9mm?

thanks for any feedback and I'd be happy to have any thoughs in private on or forum


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Hello Irish

If your serious about bringing some Mosquitos into your country I'll put you in contact with Etienne. He is the owner of the company. As for a 50 yard 9mm bullet I'd suggest using the same bullet. I've done some preliminary testing of these in 9mm and they have shown some serious potential. Etienne can offer them sized to .356 if you need.

They also offer a .45 200 SWC. I used them last season and you saw the results of that!


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Irish, since reading some of the posts by Roly(who I have corresponded with and has been kind enough to try and help me)I cannot get these to shoot out of "my" PPC revolver as directed with seating the bullets 3&4 mm below flush(.38's). However, in "experimenting" and trying different loads found out they do perform quite well seated "out" of case to and crimped in cannelure(my gun). It just goes to prove that the guns, bbls are all going to be different. There is definitely potential with them and you have to seek it out. I have also tried using "other"100, 105 grainers that are not PC and they seem to do quite well seated out. Experimenting and trying different loads is what makes it fun, especially if you do come up with something good. Others can tell you what works good for them, but not work the same for you.
All I could ever get to shoot good (x-sub x-ring) from my gun was the Remington HBWC bullets and the "old "Star" pills. Of course out of the hand, then depends on the capability of the shooter. The machine rest takes human error out of the equation and does give you an idea of the quality of the product.
If you have a difficult time getting the bullet imported into your area,you might consider getting a mold to your specs from Magna Engineering and cast your own, which I am considering now. Getting the materials to cast can be a problem "sometimes" also.
At my age, cant take too much longer to decide on what I will do. LOL-When it is no longer fun I will quit.
Again Roly has been quite helpful and courteous, so listen to his suggestions.