Fred Schmidt short cylinder revolver

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In the mid 80s, Fred Schmidt built a gun for me for the Steel Challenge that year. It was built on an L-Frame, not a K-Frame and included his scope rail instead of an Aristocrat sight. Of course, it included his shortened cylinder

I competed mostly in Steel and Bianchi competitions back then, where it was my second or third gun after the Challenge. I haven't used it in over 25 (?) years and it may be the first gun I sell. Some bulls eye guys are coming into town this week end and one is interested in this gun. So, I'm wondering about it's value.

The specific question I have is are the Fred Schmidt short cylinder revolvers of interest to collectors because of their quality and fairly unique design?

Because the gun is well worn, but not at all worn out, I'd expect it would be worth a certain amount less than what I paid for the gun delivered from Fred's shop. If it has collectible value, that could be more.

We all like to get good bargains on the guns we buy. I just hope not to end up on the short end of the stick because I didn't take the time to become informed.