F/S S&W Model 19-6 6" barrel, orignal grip, box etc Texas

F/S S&W Model 19-6 6" barrel, orignal grip, box etc Texas

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April 20th, 2008, 2:24 am #1

I've unfortunetly run into a point in my life where my ambition to shoot PPC with wheel gun isn't going to happen right now. As such I'm letting go of this gun, which I'd planned to build into a PPC revolver.

I have in my possesion a S&W 19-6 with original stocks, box, papers, cleaning supplies, etc. If it came in the box it's still here.

Patridge front. Plain target rear. Target stocks. STD hammer and trigger. Original owner won it at a PPC match around 1990. Inside box is marked “MASTER” designating prize gun in master class. Pre lock. Not P&R

The pistol has exactly 962 rounds down the pipe (I acquired it unfired). It's in very good condition, with almost perfect finish.

The one blemish is someone messed up a sideplate screw and there are three small scratch marks on the side plate it self near the screw. Other wise the finish is basically factory new as far as I can see.

I'll be happy to send higher res pictures, and additional info via email. You can contact me at: jenrick at gmail dot com.

I would prefer FTF in the Austin or Central Texas area, and I'm willing to do a bit of driving (San Antonio and to Waco are no problem) for a sale.

Asking is $500 or best reasonable offer. For transactions requiring shipping buyer pays actual shipping cost.

Also I found a holster I had for it. It's a leather basketweave, breakfront holster. I also have probably about 60 rounds of .357 Mag including some Gold Dot rounds that I'll through in for free.

I'll keep shooting PPC with my auto for the moment, and one of these days get a chance to build a wheel gun for it