Bill Davis Custom 10-5 with Custom Machined Barrel Weight

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August 28th, 2011, 1:07 am #1

I've decided to sell my Bill Davis Custom S&W 10-5. It shoots superbly, but I have another PPC revolver I use as my main open class gun and I don't need this one. I'm selling it to put towards a custom 1911 build.

I had a coworker, who is an excellent machinist, make a barrel weight for me. It is radiused and contoured to fit the underlug and barrel perfectly. The holes in the weight were placed exactly the same as the ones in the underlug, so all that was needed was to get longer screws to attach the weight and underlug to the barrel in one unit. Barrel weight is 1.5" in diameter and 3" long.

Has smooth trigger and correct timing. Full Aristocrat rib with quicky adjustable front sight as well as adjustable rear sight.

Bluing is a little worn as you can see, but the function of the revolver is excellent. 7 yard line postition is dead on. 50 yard line position is dead on for a tight neck hold.

$600 shipped to your FFL.

Feel free to email questions to: lvalenta at hotmail dot com