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Is the S&W 686 Competitior allowed for Distinguished Revolver in PPC? I saw a shooter shooting one at NPSC. I did not think it was allowed but perhaps it is OK if you remove the trigger stop adjustment screw? Clarification would help all.

I emailed Marc Lipp and have not gotten a repose yet.

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Just an opinion, but with the weighted bbl and external modification to the trigger would dq it. Should be ok for the open match.

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The rules do not say anything about weighted bad\rrels. Just weighted gaps Does mention trigger stop but what if you took that off? BTW not interested in Open gun rules here just Distinguished.

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Although this is specific to semi auto distinguished, I think it also bears true for revolvers.

ISSUE: Trigger Stops are prohibited on pistols used in Police Pistol Combat
Distinguished Semi-Automatic Matches. On a pistol equipped with
a Trigger Stop from the factory that is otherwise eligible, can the
Trigger Stop simply be removed to make the pistol eligible ? An
example is the Tanfoglio Gold Match pistol made by Fratelli
Tanfoglio of Italy and maketed worldwide.
FINDING: Since the Trigger Stop is part of the standard factory catalog item
features for the pistol, removing it from the trigger would be making
an External Modification. External Modifications are prohibited by
Rule Section 3.1 that states that “Any external modifications, except
those allowed within each rule.” is prohibited. Section 3.7, covering
Distinguished Semi-Automatic Pistols, makes no such exception.
However, Section 3.7 does allow “Any accessories, parts, and
components which are manufactured to duplicate, in materials
and dimensions, the original as offered by the manufacturer.” If
Tanfoglio, or another company, makes the same trigger without
the Trigger Stop and mounting hole and it is “manufactured to
duplicate, in materials and dimensions, the original as offered by
the manufacturer” the original trigger with the Trigger Stop could
be replaced with the non-Trigger Stop version trigger.
APPLICABLE RULE: Rule 3.1 governing ALL firearms, and Rule 3.7 governing
Distinguished Semi-Automatic Pistols, of the 2011 Edition of the
NRA Police Pistol Combat Rule Book.
3.1 All Firearms: With respect to Sections 3.2 through 3.9 and in addition to the firearm specific
regulations below, the following features are either allowed or prohibited on all of the firearms
1. Sight blackening.
2. Fixed or adjustable sights.
3. Action work to make a crisper and/or smoother trigger pull.
4. Stocks may be modified or changed because of the size of a competitor’s hand or to facilitate
Number 11-4
Rule 3.7 & 3.1

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November 5th, 2016, 7:24 pm #5

I got an email from Marc Lipp. He basically said the same as above. If you changed out the trigger for a like one without a trigger stop then it would be OK. I expect to see a lot of these on the line in the coming years. (Unless they change the rules Cheers!