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Marsh Badge
Location Canada
Interests Hey, I'm Shows. I Play PTD1/2/3
Trainer ID: 5484116 (PTD2/3)
8090350 (PTD2 Shadows)

Fave Color: Blue ?
Artist / Gamer / Kind of a Graphic Artist / Kind of a Pixel Artist
Youtube (I make PTD videos) : ... Jmks9Z32eA
Creator of PTD3 Wikia

#1 Favorite Pokemon from each Generation:
1 - Articuno
2 - Togetic
3 - Altaria
4 - Honchkrow
5 - Whimsicott
6 - Phantump
7 - Decidueye

Art Programs:
-Paint.NET (Mostly used for Graphics and Editing)
-Paint Tool SAI (Mostly used for Drawing)
-GIMP (Barely use it)
-Clip Studio Paint (Only use it once in a while just to experiment)
-Adobe Photoshop (Barely use it, Paint.NET is my better program)

-If you want me to do some kind of art for you, I'd love to do so in my free time.
Referred By Izuku
Favourite Pokemon Decidueye
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Pokemon Version Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
PTD Version PTD1
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