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Location Where am I? Now that's a very trivial question. Geographically, I'm in Asia. Politically, I'm in Britian. Nationally, I belong to Canada. Spiritually, I'm in PARADISE!
Favourite Pokemon Volcarona
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Volcarona... and Proud

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First thing I ever made
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Upbeat, quickening your defeat
My Volcarona
Mounts a million feats!

Tears are too shallow
Water, too hollow
My Volcarona's got the Stardom you'd follow!

Regret-less retreat,
A sight you can't conceive
Go as fast, my Volcarona forbids relief!

Quiver dancing all the way
Defeating Pokemon in every play,
My Volcarona's your heaving nightmare!

Majestic when he sounds
Silent as a hound
You've met your match, bet a pound!

Unless you've lost your count...


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