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Olympus University
Where Ancient and New Age meet.

Nova Roma is nestled in the Brazilian Amazon, having been cut off from the rest of the world for an incredibly long time. The now burgeoning country began as a place where exiled Greeks and Romans were left as punishment, but their cultures began to meld together over time as they united to form their own society, which is why they are still heavily influenced by the lore of the ancients. Having expanded their humble colony recently, they began a port business and began exporting herbal medicines and rare botanical and herbal byproducts to begin acclimating themselves into the world of today. In order to help this budding epicenter that has exploded as a marketplace for both old ideals and innovative expansion in various fields, Joy Incorporated and Mart Industries has opened a laboratory that soon blossomed into a school once the younger heirs to each respective company saw much more potential in the new beginnings of the prospering country.

The new college, named Olympus University out of respect for the Nova Romans' culture, is quickly gaining attention for its budding programs. Whether you're drawn to the raw strength and power associated with training, the intrigue of creative artistry bestowed upon coordinators or the very strong emotional bonds thought to be shared between Pokémon and breeders, there is undoubtedly something in Nova Roma for you to experience. This collegiate environment boasts a very competitive and fun backdrop that many find refreshing, that allows people from all walks of life to come together and learn new things about themselves in ways never imagined.

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We Offer:
  • Friendly and helpful members.
  • We usually have a lot of promos.
  • Nearly all pokemon are available for capture in game.
  • Mature, realistic setting to immerse all of your characters in.
  • College backdrop with three majors to choose from. [Trainer, Breeder, Coordinator]

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