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Gladiators Explained

Q: What are Gladiators?
Gladiators can be seen sort of as Nacht's version of Gym Leaders. While there are no badges handed out upon defeating a gladiator, colosseum points and prizes are awarded for coming out victorious against one. Gladiators come from all walks of life, some affiliated openly (or not so openly) with the Kommandant, some faithful to the Menschen cause, while others may simply be of neutral allegiance. Regardless, the Krone have recognized these individuals as very skilled specialty trainers and thus have bestowed an honorable title upon their name that is recognized by everyone within the region. These gladiators serve as entertainment in the colosseum for both the Kommandant higher ups and general spectators to marvel at.

Water --- open
Grass --- Lyson Rune.
Fire --- open
Electric --- Leo Aldarich.
Ghost --- Rin Isolabella.
Psychic --- open
Dark --- Bianca Acton.
Flying --- open
Fighting --- open
Steel --- open

Q: How do you challenge one, and what happens?
Private message the account of the gladiator you wish to challenge to let them know you are interested in a battle. Gladiators are obligated to accept challenges from all trainers, so unless they recently finished a battle and are in a 1 week cool down period or someone else already asked before you, they have to accept your request. Once they respond with the 'OK', the gladiator is responsible for posting up the battle thread within a week of accepting the request. The battle commences as any other colosseum match would from that point on. Response leeway is increased from 5 days to 7 days, and the number of pokemon participating in the battle depends on the amount of pokemon the gladiator has in his/her type. If the opponent is challenging in hopes of stealing the title, the opponent may only use the pokemon in their PC that match the type. The winner receives a point on the leaderboard and a prize.

Q: Does the gladiator's type play a factor in the match's terrain?
Yes. Gladiators upon being promoted are expected to design a colosseum terrain that matches the theme of their type and is fair to both themselves and opponents. They should either private message you a detailed description of their terrain design, or include it in their opening post. The type's terrain also indicates which obstacles will be thrown in by the Kommandant at random which is something you should be prepared for.

Q: Why are there only ten gladiator types when there are 18 pokemon types in the world?
We fully plan on incorporating the rest of the types in the future once the member base grows further. Currently, 10 gladiators is a suitable number for the site.

Q: How do you become a Gladiator?
1. The role of gladiators is a competitive one. You see, their position is not secured in any way. If an opponent chooses to challenge them in the colosseum and beats the gladiator using the gladiator's own type, that trainer has the option of stealing the title, for they have shown themselves to be stronger than the current gladiator (so long as they have at least 3 of the type in their PC). Thus, gladiators always have to be wary and keep up with their training, lest someone come along and strip them of their rank.

2. In a case in which there is no existing gladiator filling the type desired, an existing trainer with at least 2 of the type in their PC may post in the GLADIATOR AUDITION THREAD. This post should consist of a well done, detailed IC example of how the character battles with their specialized pokemon. This post will be judged and scored by staff to decide whether or not you will be given the position, so give your absolute best effort. Please note that your activity level on the site will also be a factor in deciding if you will get the rank. If the audition is approved, you have permission to add a non-sanctuary pokemon of the type to your PC with 4 moves level 45 and under.

3. Alternatively, if you are creating a new character that you wish to hold a gladiator rank, your RP Sample will be used as your audition. The character may have an extra pokemon in the starter pokemon section of their application to make room for the third pokemon of their specialized type, as they need three of said type to qualify for gladiator.

Q: When can the third pokemon be used for plot purposes?
Although gladiators have access to a free non-sanc pokemon of their choosing (so long as it is in their specialized type), they cannot freely use this pokemon until the character has reached 50 posts. So, while they can use the pokemon in colosseum matches, catching/training threads, and the odd friendly battle, they cannot participate in plot related pokemon battles with the additional pokemon until 50 posts have been reached.

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